Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem – Documentation Continues!

Before we can allow our dearest to commence communicating via Zoom (and other technologies) we have need to ‘update’ our dearest with information not, as yet, given.

Yes, indeed, Dear Hearts; we do this to our dearest often. We advise her of a condition and then that condition changes.

Only this morning, whilst conversing with The Daughter, our dearest mentioned one aspect of our teaching methodology; the method of confusing. Yes, Dear Ones, we have used this method many, many times throughout the teachings within ABC of Spirit Talk. This method has the advantage of causing the brain angst. Not betrayal, as some report. No, Dear Hearts, we massage the brain with a type of teaching that guarantees a deeper thought level than would be the case without this aspect of teaching.

Yes, Dear Ones, we advised our dearest that the documentation was complete some time past. We now say, Dear Hearts, the documentation will keep abreast of experience. That is; as experience warrants greater understanding, so understanding will be given. Yes, indeed, Dear Ones, the documentation will never be complete; for, the experience will, like the ever upward spiral, continue ad infinitum.

Therefore, we will now document the next phase of the experience.

Our dearest and The Daughter have been questioning the role of the Light Worker of the Negative. Our Light Worker Keith, the Light Worker of the Negative has, as we have documented, fulfilled his role; yes, indeed.  And now – “where to from here?” asks our dearest. We shall advise.

Our Negative Light Worker extraordinaire, our Dear One Keith has, to date, not enjoyed his role. This is true, Dear Hearts; yes, this is true. The role of being of a negative vibe is not enjoyable; no indeed. However, for some time now his role has been defunct; yes, indeed. As our dearest Carolyn overcame the negativity he was propelled to emit toward her, his reason/his purpose diminished, so to speak, and he became quite despondent.

However, as he ventured through this transitory route and overcame the negative structures involved within, he has been now raised. And to what has he been raised?

He has been raised to viewing life through a new lens. And what is that lens? The lens he now views life through consists of backwards aging and all the wonders that come from freeing himself of the limitations of the negative structure under which he allowed himself to live.

We say ‘alllowed’, Dear Ones, though more the point, enjoyed. A contradiction, yes? No, Dear Hearts, not a contradiction.

To the consciousness, who chooses the role of the negative, is just as much an enjoyable experience as is the role of the positive, to those who so choose this experience.

However, it is only once the Light Worker of the Negative has achieved his/her goal (that of being a successful  catalyst for the Light Worker of the Positive to attain freedom from fear), can the Negative Light Worker forge ahead with the goal of achieving freedom from fear, with all the rewards that come from this experience.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Image – A Pixabay thought bubble with Carolyn’s thoughts within


  1. That makes total sense for Keith! How exciting things are becoming. I am joy filled for all of you.

    And I love CC’s way of teaching. Very clever and effective!!


    1. It does, Ren; indeed it does.

      I had been somewhat heartbroken of late watching K despondent. However, I began to see a ‘change’ in his demeanour and I mentioned to The Daughter that I was positive his skin and general appearance looked more youthful. So, this was wonderful to receive. I ‘will’ have my man in a fashion that we can ‘match’ each other!

      The C.C.’s teaching methods get me every time. I do ‘tell them off’ though, Ren – whenever this occurs! hahah

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