Working Past Retirement Age

Once more, Dear Ones, we ask not for our dearest to allow comments. Our writings are an offering of continuation of our previous post; and subject to securing information given to our dearest this day. A confirmation for her, you understand; and an adjunct to round out, so to speak, the previous writing.


Working Past Retirement Age

Our Dear Heart Keith is of the opinion that life was not meant to get easier as he aged, and yet, Dear Ones, this is precisely what is happening for him. However, he also did not expect to be working past retirement age, and yet this is precisely what is happening.

Albeit a welcome condition, our Dear Heart does not like the prospect of study. For you see, Dear Ones, our Dear Heart Keith represents a working environment that challenges, indeed it does. It not only holds constant challenges it also requires our Dear Heart to remain updated with the latest information. Herein lies yet another challenge.

Who likes study?  Some raise their hands, whilst others moan under the weight.

Our Dear Heart Keith is one who moans, indeed it is so. However, this will change as he ventures forward into the realm of study once again. He will be successful. And why will he be successful?

He will be successful, Dear Hearts, because this is the guarantee we offer.

Should you be desirous of backwards aging, which will offer more years of life, then you must have the financial backing, as we have stated in our previous writing, to support yourself.

Yes, Dear Ones, we guarantee the future finances of support if you are desirous of ridding yourself of the fears that restrict you to aging, ill health and a premature death, indeed.

Whatever means are necessary will be offered to you inspirationally, so to speak. Whatever means of employment, work, capacity of involvement in gainfully supporting yourself will be offered to you inspirationally.

Do not fear the consequences, but, open yourself to the opportunities that will present. They are, and will be appropriate for you.

Many Blessings to All

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