Having a Little Break!

Yes, my Dear Friends, I am going to have a little break from WP.

Keith and I are currently hard at work creating dance routines for the Standard Dances, new arm lines for our New Vogue Dances, and working to increase our fitness levels. This ‘work’ (should one think of it as work) is leaving very little energy and time for all else! The answer is:

We are accepting our humanness, and the limitations so imposed!

However, when we have something to offer, by way of pics and videos, we shall return with gusto and joy.

Until then,

Many Blessings to All

Carolyn xoxoxo

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Gorgeous photos! And I’m so happy you two are dancing again 😊 Enjoy your time, and we will see you back here when you are ready ~ No rush or pressure 💗

    1. Hahah…. Thank You, Lulu! 💕
      We are both realising just how much ‘work’ we have before us… Eeeeek
      But, we both truly love being on a (any) dance floor so we are happy to put in the hours and effort..
      Lots o’ Love’

  2. Beautiful pictures of you dancing, I am afraid I missed all that, not that there were no dances, just not the kind you can only enjoy on the old romantic style, and dressed for the occasion, on old dance halls, unfortunately Rock, and Roll got on the way, and what else come after.
    I would have loved to do that.

    1. Oh, that is sad…
      I started ‘ballroom’ dancing with my partner, Keith, back in 2006. I was fifty six back then. We started dancing at competitions the next year! We both absolutely fell in love with ‘the old style dancing’, the ‘dress ups’, the people, the music. In fact, everything about ‘ballroom’ fitted us both to a tee – and so it continues.
      I know you are a ‘romantic’ at heart. 💕 You would have enjoyed the ‘ballroom’ for sure…

      1. You bet dear, unfortunately on my dancing days I was not at the right places, for that, such is life.
        But I am glad you did.😉

  3. Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you so much for sharing great post with beautiful photos.
    I’m very happy for you two are dancing again
    Have a very nice day

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