#Rocky Horror – Oh, They Are Naughty!

Veronica (the daughter) and her husband Michael recently travelled to Sydney to see a performance of the ‘Rocky Horror Show’.

Could they just go as themselves? Of course not… They both love dressing up!

Veronica, a pre-school teacher, has almost as many dress-up costumes as she does work gear. Why? Well, at her school are enjoyed many days of dressing up. The children love it, as do the thirty something staff.

With the almost limitless amount of popular cartoon and animated personalities that enrich our lives, there is a plethora of characters to choose from.

I have been with Vron on numerous occasions when she has seen yet another costume; and into her vast collection it goes!

As for Michael – Well he just enjoys a party! And dressing up is a party he loves to attend. No matter the costume he always looks absolutely fabulous… as he does here!

Not on their own; many of their friends enjoy dressing up too, and did so recently when they saw the – Rocky Horror Show.

Here are just a few of the images taken.

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    1. Hahah,.,,, I’ve never seen it, though I know, from what I’ve heard, it ‘must’ be lots of fun, Dorothy!
      Vron told me about the audience singing along, with many voicing the lines along with the actors – so interactive!
      They thoroughly enjoyed themselves… 🙂

    1. Hi Michele
      “It must be experienced!”
      So I’m told, Michele. 😂 Fun, fun and more fun is what Veronica & Michael (plus everyone) had. An experience not to be forgotten, for sure!
      Perhaps Keith and I will catch it next time it comes around… as it, no doubt, will… 🙂

  1. Lulu: “Let’s do the time warp agaaaaiiiinnnn!”
    Chaplin: “Fun fact: Our Mama saw Rocky Horror at a midnight show in college and even threw bread at the screen and all that. Our Dada, on the other hand, big fan of campy stuff and horror and Tim Curry …. HAS NEVER SEEN IT AT ALL.”

    1. Chaplin: Vron mentioned that, long ago, the audience would get up to all sorts of mischief like throwing ‘things’ on to the stage.. Hahah… That must have been so much fun!
      However, they weren’t allowed to do that at this production. That didn’t stop them though. The audience had a whoop of a time joining in singing, etc. I’m kinda envious of Mama… 😂

      I know all about that too… I’m a big fan of campy stuff and horror and although I’m not familiar with Tim Curry in Rocky Horror, I know he must have been fabulous!

      This stage play, great as it is, will keep coming back over and over again, I’m sure…. So there’s still time for K and me and Dada to have fun, fun, fun….
      🐾 x 🐾 x 🐾

    1. Hahah… 😂 Yes, Vron & Michael look to be really having great fun… I’ve seen lots of their images from their exciting outings (they are party animals). However, I believe they must have had sore face muscles from all the laughing and smiling!!!
      Hahah… 😂 I must ask!!!

    1. Hahah…. They are so naughty, for sure!
      When in costume both V & M truly embrace whatever role their character plays… as you can see….
      What a saucy wench Michael became in drag! And the woman who did his make-up did a great job!
      As for Vron – well she downright enjoys being in costume – any costume…
      Such fun… 😂

    1. Oh Michael, what can I say? 😂
      V & M do have a great deal of fun. They both work hard in their respective jobs/careers. However, they also play just as hard.
      Roller skating is a great part of their fun, and is great exercise. However, fun is definitely the key.

  2. Hahah these photos are fabulous!! I’ve been to see the Rocky Horror Show before in the UK, years ago, with a few folks I knew back then and it was sooooo much fun. I regret not having dressed up now though! Very glad V & hubby had such a good time x

    1. Hi Caz,
      They are great images, for sure!
      As I mentioned in the post, Vron is a pre-school teacher and as such dresses up many times throughout the year as various cartoon characters (and the like). We were chatting a few weeks past and she mentioned she had one large container of ‘dress-up costumes’ a couple of years back. Now she has three! Hahah… needless to say this is a major part of her life and work.
      What great fun…

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