Episode 45 – Play By Your Own Rules – Update

Our dearest has asked for an update regarding the ‘Play by Your Own Rules’ post we published during January 2019.

In this article we spoke of the varying roles our dearest and our Dear Hearts, Keith and Veronica, were playing.

We advised our dearest, much to her chagrin, of the differences between our Light Workers.

It was advised that our Dear Heart Keith, at the time deeply embedded within the role of the ‘Light Worker of the Negative’, agreed to backwards age. However, his soul’s intent was to backwards age physically, though not quite at the same extent as our dearest Carolyn.

The daughter, Veronica, agreed to backwards age though, once again, her intention was far removed from the intention of our dearest Carolyn. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, no two Light Workers will have the same intent. Our Dear Heart Veronica’s intention was to backwards age in order to pursue the many physical advantages that are obtained with a more youthful body.

Our dearest Carolyn’s intention was to backwards age in accordance to the ‘work’ produced. That is, Dear Ones:

As a reward for ridding herself of fear, backwards ageing would be, and is, one of the benefits.

We also revealed that the only stipulation for the Light Workers of the World to obtain the reward of backwards ageing was, and continues to be determined by the work of ridding oneself of fear.

And now, Dear Ones, some few years later, our dearest wishes to have more light shed upon any possible changes. Namely, Dear Ones; because of the change our dearest has earned by overcoming her Light Worker of the Negative, and the change of status for our Dear Heart Keith to that of more unto a Light Worker of the Positive; our dearest Carolyn wonders if indeed our Dear Heart Keith’s status, in regard backwards ageing, has changed.

And why would our dearest ask this question?

Our dearest ponders this issue due to the almost tangible difference in regard our Dear Heart Keith’s approach to life. In other words:  He is becoming more like the Light Worker of the Positive. And what does this look like?

Our Dear Heart Keith’s attitude is sweeter, with love and kindness obvious. This is one of the many attitudinal differences the Light Worker of the Negative will exhibit when he/she no longer is prompted by his/her soul to enact the attitude and behaviours needed in that role.

Yes, my Dear Ones: Once the Light Worker of the Negative has been overcome by their partner of the Light they no longer are prompted to be mean – we keep this simple!

Now that we have settled the premise we shall now answer our dearest’s question:

Indeed, dearest, our Dear Heart Keith is experiencing great energy in his comings and goings. This increased energy will be the natural response and reward for his work of being your partner of the Negative; a role much sought after by many wishing to have a similar experience.

We will remind you of the fact that both roles; i.e., the role of the Light Worker of the Positive and the Light Worker of the Negative are both coveted by many souls; there being equality of experience, you understand.

Our dearest asks whether or not his appearance will now also backwards age?

You see changes, dearest?

Yes I do. Sometimes he looks his chronological age, but more and more I see him as a much younger man.

Positivity will do this. Will it not?

Put that way I would have to say that yes – positive thinkers are generally younger looking.

And there is your answer, dearest.

Many Blessings.  Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I do believe, Dorothy, from my own experience, that we can create a positive and cheerful outlook by simply having a mindset that refuses to be affected by the negatives. I have had to do this in order to remain stable within myself.
      I do recall when I was unable to watch the news, for example, because of the negativity it caused within me. I had to make a choice! It was either be anxious about the world in general, or put me first and take care of my self. I chose me.
      That scenario, I have found, can be transferred to any situation in life.
      Will I allow myself to suffer because of something outside of me over which I have no control? Or will I not?
      This is not a ‘head in the sand’ attitude. It truly means being cognizant with all that is occurring, but, refusing to allow ‘it’ to harm ‘me’…
      This attitude has taken time to achieve. However, I am proof that, with effort, it can be done…
      I wish this for anyone suffering the ills of the world… particularly the young! 🌹

      1. I agree totally. I read the headlines in the newspaper and if I think I need to know more, I find my own source. I cannot watch the television news, it is all too orchestrated to create anxiety., which none of us needs. Life is better like this, and I agree that it is not putting ones head in the sand, it is self-protection from what has become a ratings circus and not the news we need to know.

        1. “a ratings circus” absolutely agree…
          It can also be the (so-called) ‘little’ things in our lives that can become all too overpowering as well. Our relationships, study, going shopping, not having sufficient income to cover our needs, illness, etc., – all conditions that can cause negativity. And it is here, in our personal lives, where we need to be extra vigilant. The ‘news’ can be downright manipulated to cause drama and angst. However, our personal lives, if we allow, can do just as much damage!
          I have, over the years, had a little mantra –
          ‘I refuse to allow negativity to affect me.’
          I only occasionally now need to remind myself of that. It’s taken years, but, I do know it’s been worthwhile. It has taken time. However, as the saying goes:
          If you do it how old will you be in five years?
          If you don’t do it how old will you be in five years?

          1. I think this is one of the keys to the wisdom we acquire as we age, the ability to sift out the things that are harmful, to know that if you can’t change it, you can’t let it change you.
            Of course, my dear, if we are aging backwards, does that mean we’ll have to learn these things over again? 😉

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