Episode 46 – Dance, and the Opportunities it Will Present

Our dearest is currently within a transitional period. And what is the transitional period in which she is in? The transitional period in which our dearest finds herself is in-between two worlds, so to speak.

Our dearest knows she is a consciousness having an Earthly experience. She is aware that her physical form is made up from the thought processes of many within consciousness, and portrays physical matter – sight, taste, smell, etc.; all non existent yet, to the human experience, very real.

In other words, Dear Ones, our dearest finds herself straddling between the real and the not real. Where once the physical was dominant, our dearest now finds consciousness becoming more and more dominant. And how is this playing out within her day to day?

This is playing out, as it were, with less emphasis upon the physical, and more upon the real, or consciousness. We shall explain:

When we first enter a fantasy, any fantasy, the sense of matter and the many intricacies involved take precedence. That is: We are, to all intent and purpose, a physical being, or matter. In our dearest’s case she has had inklings of the real, or consciousness, throughout her experience from the earliest beginnings.

These inner knowings, over time, became her truth. With many encounters with spirit, or consciousness, truth became her foundation. Indeed, currently we have advised our dearest that she is to allow truth to become that which she lives in her day to day happenings.

Currently this applies to the opportunities to shed her light, or truth, to those with whom she will come into contact within the framework of ‘the dance’ and all the varying interactions associated.

We have also advised our dearest that the lessons and dance practice currently invested within are needed only to open her world to the many opportunities that her truth of consciousness will make available.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones. Dance is the means by which our dearest will create a life of love and perfection. And what is love and perfection?

It is the quality of emanating consciousness in its highest form – free of fear.   

With this new and heightened awareness has come a temporary lack of concern for the physical. Indeed, our dearest has lost interest in many things pertaining to her physical experience. We say ‘temporarily’ lost interest due to her heightened awareness of late. This, we hasten to advise our dearest, is but temporary. Balance between the two worlds will be restored in time. And enjoyment of all things ‘physical’ will be restored.

Many Blessings dearest. Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit: Inspiration Piano Background Music / Calm Mood – by Lesfm


    1. Ahhhh yes, Charlee girl 💕; dancing is happiness personified. Well, to me it’s happiness personified.
      And, I am absolutely sure that Mama and Dada like being persons dancing too – err… personified dancing… err!
      You know what I mean… 😀

      Do let Dada know that the beautiful dress I ordered has arrived. It too is happiness personified… 🤪 err 💃

    1. Thank You so much, Jalal; I can truly say the same about your posts – they are always so very uplifting!
      Wishing both you and Hilda a wonderful weekend… 🙂

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