Episode 47 – Yet Another Dancing Challenge

Today marks an ending and a new beginning for our dearest. It is, as it were, the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter.

The old chapter saw her quietly enjoying her life; whereas, the new chapter will add many dimensions to her already enjoyable existence. Here are a few of the examples of the diverse dimensions to come:

This past week has seen our dearest, and our Dear Heart Keith, off to a brand new start; a start encompassing many new faces, some old and familiar, with many yet to make their mark upon them. We speak of many and varied happenings to come.

It is known to those who read, and/or listen to our dearest’s podcasts and writings, that they, our Dear Ones, have recently entered, once again, the competition dance world. Indeed, this past weekend saw them competing for the first time in a decade. This they did with some trepidation, however, joy and delight was the order of the day. They are to continue this new adventure and will willingly provide images and videos of their dancing when it becomes available.

Firstly, Dear Hearts, we will remind you of our previous writing in which we advised our dearest that it was not their dancing, as such, that was the important measure of their success. No, Dear Hearts, we advised our dearest that the ‘dance world’ was but the platform in which they can achieve love and perfection. And what is love and perfection?

Many are now aware of the meaning behind the words.

Love and perfection, as a human experiencing, is the act of emanating consciousness in its highest form – free from fear.

In doing so this unconscious emanation of love envelopes all surrounding. Indeed, all within the arena of love and perfection, or freedom from fear, benefit and will rejoice in their freedom. For, Dear Ones, this is precisely what happens:

When in the presence of love and perfection, all those who are able to receive this energy will do so. They will experience, if only briefly, the freedom from their own fear, or negativity. This they will, Dear Hearts. They will be uplifted.

We advised our dearest, some time past, that others would enjoy her company and seek it out for the pleasurable sense of freedom when in her company. This is now evident to our dearest. Her sense of calm within herself is obvious.

However, not quite so when competing. And this is her latest challenge:  To overcome any sense of negativity whilst on the competition dance floor.

Many Blessings Dearest. Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit: Esther Abrami – No.10 A New Beginning


    1. Hahah… Yes, Dorothy, I will truly need to put that into practice – Dance like no one is watching!

      Our first foray into comp dancing was quite revealing; the nerves definitely showed…

      As The C.C. said – my latest challenge is to ‘overcome any sense of negativity whilst on the comp floor’.

      This is certainly a ‘challenge’. However, I’m up for it….. 😀

    1. Yes, me too, Tanya… And I agree – Dancing is so fun! 😀

      We were told it would take one week to produce and be available. That’s ‘today’. So we’ll be on the lookout.. Hahah!

  1. Lulu: “Ooh, the studio our Mama and Dada go to has recently started talking about competitions again! Of course Mama and Dada won’t actually compete themselves—they don’t even do showcases, usually—but they do like to go watch sometimes!”

    1. #Watching – can be fabulous too, Lulu!
      The music, the ballgowns, the men in their tails – oh yes; and then there’s the dancing!!!
      Such fun! 😎

    1. Such good advice, Barbara; that’s precisely what I hope to do at our next comp in June!
      We are so pleased that the first one (comp) is done and dusted – we were both a little overwhelmed by it all.
      However, as our gorgeous teacher advised: It’s only onward and ‘up’ from here!
      He is totally gorgeous, of course…
      Thank You for the encouragement… So much appreciated.

  2. “Love and perfection” ~ You two will be LOVE-ingly in one another’s arms as you dance. And the imPERFECTIONs will be beautiful as they are made with your LOVE.

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