Pleasantries Become the Norm

Our dearest, for reasons too numerous to mention, has been estranged, for the most part, from her family members. Yes, Dear Ones, our dearest has led a life far from the norm; all prearranged, of course.

Earlier this year we advised our dearest we would be writing about her life and how it has been necessary to keep her, somewhat, separated from her siblings and other relationships. Yes, Dear Hearts, it has been necessary to keep our dearest, for the most part, isolated from the activity created by close family structures. This has allowed our dearest to focus upon the work she has agreed to do, and, in fact, instigated. Yes, Dear Ones, it has been a long time coming, as the saying goes. However, there comes a change in the proceedings.

Our dearest has found, of late, a decidedly different avenue presenting. Many are now attracted to our dearest, and find great solace in her company; this ranges from waitstaff to her friends in the dancing fraternity. Yes indeed, many are finding her company to be a pleasantry; and want more.

This is, naturally, as prearranged. Our dearest is taking this in her stride. To be sure, our dearest finds the company of most to be a pleasantry to which she looks forward. However, and this is part of the purpose for this writing; our dearest shall find herself engaged in many more pleasantries. Yes indeed; there be many hours of pleasant company awaiting.

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  1. Earlier it was estrangement, now engaged in giving solace to friends. How contrasting the phases of life are! I totally agree with you everything is prearranged. 🙂

    1. Yes, Megala, I can truly say I have had many chapters in my life; all very different from each other, and extremely interesting!
      The change within my family structure is yet to change; that will most certainly be interesting to experience. However, I am finding many within my dancing friends now actively seeking my company; again a very interesting experience and one I’m enjoying.
      I can honestly say I am becoming quite fond of the attention, and company; again a totally interesting change…
      Here’s to positive change and wonderful rewards… 🙂

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Caz. It seems my life of ‘not quite’ isolation, but certainly an ‘arm’s length’ existence is coming to an end. Naturally, because this has been the case my entire life I have accepted it as my norm. However, the past months have shown me a greater accord with others; one I’m enjoying quite a lot. I can only believe, as I do, that this is now to become my norm.
      Sending Love.. 🙂

  2. Life is a wave with crests and troughs. I have been through many each in earlier years. Emotionally and socially. Since I got married it has become much better. Good to know you got out of the lows. Enjoy and spread love and kindness like you do well.

    1. Yes, life certainly has its crests and troughs; certainly keeps us on our toes!
      For me, Shakil, I believe it’s now to be a gradual climb upward. It has begun and I’m enjoying it immensely… 🙂

      Lovely to see you.. 🙂

    1. Yes, Frank – cheers to that!
      I don’t believe anyone ‘gets it easy’, so to speak. We never know what troubles are lurking beneath; illness, grief, general frustration of life all take their toll. I really admire all of us, really; it isn’t easy to keep a level head, all of the time. I’m so pleased, these days, I don’t have that extra burden of being a perfectionist. I can allow ‘less than perfection’ these days, which I believe is one of the reasons I feel so much freer than in times past.

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