Coffee & Conversation – Lack of Fear & Sleep

I’ve always needed a lot of sleep; 8 or 9 hours has always found me well. Since knowing I’d ‘broken the back’ of fear, I’m realising that negativity induces the need for sleep; a lot of sleep.

I am coming to realise that fear causes the body harm. This The C.C. have taught, however, this truth is becoming mine; from my own experience.

I now, more often than not, find myself unable to sleep. Yes, sleep evades me and I lie awake, sometimes for hours. But, once upon a time, when I found myself unable to sleep it was because I had things on my mind; troubling things that prevented me from sleeping.

Now that I no longer have to contend with the fear of times past, I find my mind ’empty’. I feel contented, and unable to sleep; sometimes.

This is not disturbing my body’s need for sleep; I know I am getting sufficient sleep. I awake refreshed with energy to spare, most times. But, it is different. I am realising I will need to ‘think differently’.

Lack of fear produces many changes. One is the lack of need for the restoration required from the harmful effects that fear causes.

Couple this with a lack of fear inducing thoughts the mind once found to occupy itself, and there comes a conundrum, of little effect, though, one that requires a new way of thinking. One I am just now finding the need to find.

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  1. I have of late also been finding myself in those ultra contented places of not needing to sleep, not reviewing negative thoughts, and not needing to get up. Aren’t they delightful? Come to think of it, animals spend a lot of time just this way. Perhaps we are remembering a fourth element in our natural mode of human being: sleeping, waking, meditation and recumbency 😊

    1. “Aren’t they delightful?”
      Indeed, Ana, they are delightful. 🙂
      I love your proposition of a fourth element; it sounds positively uplifting. I imagine our considered conclusions will depend upon our philosophy of life, who we are and our end goal.
      Whatever our individual thoughts of why and how this is happening; what remains is that it is. I, for one, am positively delighted we are experiencing this state of being.
      Ever onwards, ever upwards… Hahaaaa…. Always with feet firmly planted on the ground, naturally… 🙂 🙂

  2. I find this interesting, my friend. In the last couple of months I have also experienced something that seems a bit similar…at times staying half awake for hours without any disturbing or worry-filled thoughts and waking up in the morning fully rested. Hmm, maybe that’s the time when the real self talks to self? Hugs and smiles 🙂

    1. My little heart is smiling, Helen. It has been wonderful to read your comment. 🙂
      Let us continue this journey with the knowledge this is progression from a state of mind that once controlled us. For this is how I now feel. I cannot produce thoughts of fear. I have achieved my 51%. I cannot return to yesterday’s thinking, and am free from many judgements that once caused me harm. This is definitely to be an ongoing spiral to greater freedom.
      Indeed, Dear Heart, our dearest speaks truth. You, she, and many others are achieving a state of mind planned for you. Indeed, Dear One, there be many surprises in store.

  3. I can’t sleep when something bothers me, and I always feel like I should learn the art of controlling my thoughts, which I’ve been failing to achieve till now. 🙂

    1. Persistence is the key, Megala. Don’t give up your desire, but, gently and with a quiet determination keep your goal in mind. This is, and has been my mindset. Then slowly, and sometimes surprisingly, change occurs. 🙂

  4. It’s amazing that I’m not more tired. I go to bed in time for 8 hours. However, the cats wake me up about 5 hours in, whereupon they keep me awake for a couple of hours with their desire for me to love them with snuggling, hugging, kissing, petting, scratching, etc. 😀 🐱After that, we (the cats and I) grab a one hour nap. 😀 xoxo

    1. This may sound crazy, but, I’m happy to read this… I’m also a little envious re the cats and the snuggling, hugging, kissing, petting, scratching, etc. (Takes me back to my beautiful Bluepar, pussycat.)
      I’m also getting to bed at the same hour, but finding more ‘rest’ and not always sleep. I’m liking this new way of being. Here’s to seeing where this newness goes. It can only be good… 🙂
      Indeed, Dear Heart, we are also looking forward to more and more surprise changes. Many Blessings await, Dear One.

  5. Such a interesting point. I think fear, as do many emotions, has such a negative effect on the body mentally and physically. Without fear or ruminating thoughts, your brain is freed up and probably doesn’t quite know what to do with itself and the extra energy that it’s conserving from not having to spin itself in circles! I do hope you continue to feel well rested and that not being able to sleep well doesn’t last for too long; it’s just another period of transformation and I think you’re doing amazingly at moving forward from the past and the things that negatively weigh you down. xx

    1. A wonderful comment, Caz; so nice to see you.. 🙂
      I love your thoughts regarding the extra energy we obtain from the freedom of negativity. I can only agree with you. I do believe I’m becoming living proof of this. 🙂
      It also has a flow on effect throughout the entire day.
      Without the debilitating effects of negative thoughts, there comes such a freedom; one I’m certainly enjoying.
      I can never seem to end a comment/reply to you without telling you how much I admire your positive resolve. You are such a marvel. I know this, because I too have shared the effects of illness, and know how difficult it can be..
      Much Love to You…

  6. hello carolyn page its dennis the vizsla dog hay i never yoozed to hav truble sleeping but theez days dooring the nite i hav a tendensee to be restless and whine and keep mama and dada awayk with me so they kan try to figger owt wot i want!!! then dooring the day i get kawt up on the sleeping i didnt do at nite!!! this approatch wurks for me but mama and dada do not seem overly fond of it i wunder why??? ok bye

    1. Perhaps, Dennis, like me you will benefit by getting rid of all the fear and negativity that may be hiding inside you… It could be the fear of being alone, or the fear of not getting your favourite treat, or worrying about your loved ones, or worrying about what wonderful adventures you’ll be writing about on your fabulous blog… It could be all of these and more!
      Yes, that’s my advice, Dennis… 🙂
      Should you need further advice, remember I am here to help!
      Aunt Carolyn 🙂
      With Love

  7. When I was sick, Granny told me I feared to go to sleep, Carolyn. I’ve never been without sleep more than maybe 2 hours in total…MOL 😀 but back in those days, Granny was awake with me for almost 48 hours and we weren’t tired at all. All that stress gave her a lot of energy, but she also was afraid of what was happening to me, so maybe that fear kept her awake back then? We both sleep good now, except when it’s going to be Full Moon, but I think that’s another chapter 😀 Good night Pawkisses for a healthy fearless sleep 🙂 ❤

  8. Thank You Dear Binky; I am loving my fearless sleep – and resting time, which is quite a lot now! 🙂
    I am so glad you are now well, and you and Granny can get back to normal again. You sure gave us all a big scare. Yes, I believe the fear of what was happening to you must have been one cause of less sleep for Granny, and you! She does love you soooo much.

    We would say, Dear Heart, the love for another causes disruption to the norm. Only very recently our dearest lost a very dear friend; her grief has caused her to be somewhat tired. During these periods of stress it is natural to lose energy, and lack the sleep required for optimum health.
    As we are encouraging our dearest to rest more, we also want to encourage you, Dear Heart, to rest more. Yes?

    1. Yes, Daniel, I can certainly agree with this. Writing is also a wonderful way to find those ‘deeply embedded’ troubles within us that we may not even be aware of.
      Thank You for your wonderful comment, and welcome to ABC of Spirit Talk. Hopefully, you will find other posts of interest. I love the input and feedback from others. We have so much to learn from each other! 🙂

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