Coffee & Conversation – Not All Will Enjoy Your Success

We have something to say, dearest. Yes, we have something to say in regard your health. Shall we proceed? Good, dearest; on we go:

Along with health come many obstacles. This surprises our dearest. She wonders what could be the obstacles of which we have concern.

The obstacles, dearest, are those that surface as you gain health; obstacles that may hinder your progress.

We speak of the thoughts and doubts presented by others; yes indeed.

Many about you will not wish you well in your endeavours; this is true. You must remain vigilant, dearest, for those who may wish you ill on your progression forward.

This is always a part of the human condition. There are those who rejoice with you in your success; and there are those who will demean your efforts; yes indeed.

Were you to listen to those of a negative vibe, you may find yourself doubting your endeavours.

This comes as a warning, dearest, to you and all whose interest lies in self propulsion to greater self realisation in all ways. There will always be those whose interest lies in denouncing your efforts and causing harm.

Do not fear those whose purpose is to detract. They are doing so as arranged.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

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  1. So very true and well said. It can be hard to deal with those that hinder, whether that’s to harm or simply not support, but you have to have belief in yourself and resolve to stay positive despite the challenges from others you may face. Great post Carolyn.xx

    1. Caz, you are soooo welcome; lovely to see you here! 🙂

      From the perspective of your experience I know this is a known value to you. And yet so much inner strength is gained (or, at least, has the opportunity to become one’s own).

      I love your words:
      “but you have to have belief in yourself and resolve to stay positive despite the challenges from others you may face.”


  2. I have encountered that all of my career life. Someone I loved told me, when I spoke of this, “Ah, you don’t need them. Focus on the ones who value you. That is the path to where you want to go.” xx

    1. I will relay a little story from many, many years past.
      My beautiful daughter was ‘streetwise’, it seems, since she was born. She watched her very naive mother upset and bewildered by many things and individuals. When in her teens I mentioned I could not understand why a particular individual was so mean to me.
      “Oh mum,” she remonstrated in frustration. “Don’t you know she has always been jealous of you?”
      It took a number of years before I really owned that mindset. However, today when I see that look, encounter that energy, I take it as a thorough compliment… Hahahhhh…
      Ooooh, times do change! 🙂

      1. xoxoxo I get that it’s a compliment. Some may call it a backhanded compliment, but compliment still stands! Veronica sounds very neat!! 😀

        1. I’ll take a compliment whichever way it comes.. hahahaaaa..
          Yes, my girl is very neat. Big personality, great smile and a wonderful companion.. My little heart sings! 🙂

    1. As long as we use it to our advantage, Christy, and not allow it to demean us; jealousy cannot harm us…
      Isn’t that the challenge? Not to be affected by any and all negativity..
      Wow; a great challenge, but; we can do it… I ‘know’ we can.
      Hugs and Kisses back… ❤

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