Health For All & Backwards Aging

Yes indeed, dearest, it is time to begin. Begin what, you may well ask?

To continue with our story, dearest, we must make a beginning. Yes? Yes indeed, dearest, we shall firstly create a premise upon which to base our story.

In the beginning there was……  We jest, dearest; we shall be more concise than this…

Our dearest Carolyn, asked quite recently if, due to the Backwards Aging she is experiencing her innards would backwards age as well. In this lies our story:

Indeed, the whole equals the sum of its parts; yes indeed. However, Dear Ones; were the parts to have been unequal, or unhealthy, then the sum would add up to equal the parts of ill-health. Agree? And this is what can be found within the bodies of the majority of humans; yes indeed. Ill-health! Therefore, Dear Ones, there is a need for health to be obtained.

Backwards Aging is not to be a magic bullet for health, Dear Ones. It is a reward for the work that you do upon yourselves. Those who register age 27 will be those who not only work upon the many fragmented realities within the mind, but also those who work upon regaining and maintaining health within the structure of the body.

We appreciate there are those who, for one reason or another, have agreed to an illness or two being experienced within this lifetime. Yes indeed, there are many who qualify within this parameter. However, Dear Hearts, there be many millions upon millions within this group, and all others, who have not kept within the healthy boundaries required for optimum living.

We refer, Dear Ones, to those who opt to eat those foodstuffs that guarantee ill-health.

Sugar tops this list, Dear Hearts, and is the one substance that, given the short shift will begin the cleansing process most bodies require.

We are pleased to announce that our dearest is one such one. Over the past weeks our dearest has foregone the sweet treats and is experiencing a calmer attitude both mentally and physically. We salute you, dearest.

Many Blessings to all

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

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    1. I believe they ‘will keep coming’, Charlie. I’m being inspired to really look into health and what achieves good health.
      Apart from wanting to be healthy I have a very good dose of vanity..
      What girl doesn’t want to ‘look good’, too!? 😀

    1. Thank You, Joan. Yes, it, like so many foodstuffs are offensive to health and oh so addictive, as you say.
      It wasn’t at all easy to begin this process. I needed to wean myself off whilst introducing healthful alternatives. This has taken approx. one month or so. Now I haven’t sugar cravings; in fact I look forward (not crave) taking care of my body with nourishing foods. I’m sure I’ll be posting about the changes in time.
      I do hope the Easter break was good for you.. 🙂

  1. Ah sugar, the sweet treat that doesn’t help. I gave up sugar in my coffee, then I upped my coffee intake…I still need to do better at taking care of myself.

    1. I am ‘on a mission’… I have, of late, felt very responsible to ‘get myself healthy’.
      I smoked for a number of years, about 8 during my late teens and twenties. Yuk! I remember how determined I was to shake the habit, and went cold turkey. It was horrendous for about six weeks. I didn’t ever want to become a reformed smoker; you know the type!
      I’m feeling that way now about nutrition, and feeding myself the best. I don’t want to become a reformed ‘anything’ – but this mission sure is going to be so good for me.
      It’s like any change. When it’s right; it’s right… 🙂

      1. I totally agree, last weekend the wife and I did some hiking and the same next weekend as well. It’s good after the initial fear of not knowing if your heart can cope with it or not haha.

        1. Sounds like good timing! You’ve got me wondering what next for me in the exercise stakes. My new stepper and rower have been marvelous, but; the outdoors is beckoning. 🙂

            1. And the endorphins and other beneficial hormones swimming about your body, singing a melodious tune.. Hahaaa… Hopefully, I’ll be writing about it soon!

  2. I have also completely given up sugar and everything that turns into sugar when it enters my body. I am losing weight and feel so much more energized 🙂 Great post/message, Carolyn! XXX

    1. So wonderful, Helen; congratulations.. 🙂
      In just a short while, perhaps 6 weeks in all, I’ve returned to the foods I thoroughly enjoy (taken away some/added others). I was never a ‘sweet tooth’, so to speak until I met K. He had a sweet tooth to end all sweet teeth, hahaaa. Over time I found myself eating chocolate biscuits, chocolate, etc. Addiction took over!
      I’m not a big woman, I haven’t a lot of weight to lose. However, I’ve lost just over a kilo, almost 3 pounds, without trying; that hasn’t been my goal. But, health is; and the difference in my energy levels and mental focus/application is so heightened; it’s wonderful.
      Here’s to greater health and appreciation of our bodies, Helen. It’s a brand new world.. 🙂

  3. No sugar in my home! I have not a sweet tooth. I never crave a sweet dessert. Now, if I could just stop craving hummus, and nutritional yeast flakes. 😀

    1. Hahaaaaa…. Hummus; Yum!
      I have introduced Kimchi and Sauerkraut into my meals of late. Do you eat these? Oh boy, since giving away sugar my original love of pickles and the more ‘robust’ foods has returned. I literally have to stop myself from overdoing it. After all, there’s so much choice! 🙂

      1. I know what you mean. I l love dill pickles. I don’t like sauerkraut or kimchi, but I’ve recently learned to make farinata, and can’t seem to control the making and eating of that. There is so much delicious and healthy food. Now, I’m hungry! LOL! xx

        1. Oh yum; I’ve just googled farinata! They’d make a great breakfast!!!
          I’m saying that because it’s 9am and I’m hungry!!!
          I love that it’s best to sit and ferment for 4 hrs or overnight. Any hint of the word ‘ferment’ sends me into nutritional heaven.. Hahaaa… 🙂

          1. LOL!!! Just don’t go frying sauerkraut! Although, my Polish grandparents had a permanent giant crock of sauerkraut, & Baba would make sauerkraut perogies. I hated them, but they were a big hit with the family! 😀 xoxo

            1. Another google search… 😀
              Sauerkraut perogies are definitely a winner for me!
              How am I ever going to fit all these yummies into my diet..
              Poor me; I guess I’ll just have to try.. 😉 😉 😉 😉

    1. Hello and welcome,

      Yes, I appreciate what you say, however, it’s a little more complex than having a ‘health programme’ as such. As The C.C. say above –

      “Backwards Aging is not to be a magic bullet for health, Dear Ones. It is a reward for the work that you do upon yourselves. Those who register age 27 will be those who not only work upon the many fragmented realities within the mind, but also those who work upon regaining and maintaining health within the structure of the body.”

      Should you desire to know a little more I’d advise you to read the following


      At the bottom of this post (What are the steps to be taken in order for backwards aging to begin) is a ‘continued’ link – there are three posts in all.

      Altogether this is condensing backwards aging quite succinctly. It does take work, but, as you’ll discover, it is a complete health programme covering all aspects of our lives.

      I’ll be interested to hear from you again! 🙂

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