Blaming Others is Unnecessary – an excerpt from ‘Tomorrow’s End’.

It is something that each of us has done, and/or continue to do. Is it not?

Yes, this is the case for all. We neither want to take responsibility, nor allow others the right to their opinion.

A sad state of affairs, though true for most. And what does this lead to? It leads, Dear Ones, to a state of mind that adheres to the old adage.

A bird in the hand, etc, etc. This basically means, Dear Hearts:

That which we have is worth more to us than searching for something more. Indeed it does.

Would you prefer to have what is in your hand, Dear Heart? Or does the thought of something more, possibly something greater that has the chance of becoming yours, thrill and excite you?

Let us cast away this old saying. It does us no good at all.

Yes, let us cast away the selfishness that keeps us without.

Without what?

Without the many experiences waiting for us to be tempted to leave the blame behind.

The blame behind?

Yes indeed; the blame behind. And what is meant by this, dear friends?

What is meant is we can leave all the blame behind us. The blame that causes us to think that others are responsible for the outcomes of our lives; our education; our talent; our economic state; our looks; our personalities; the list is as endless as there are humans upon Earth.

Yes indeed, dear friends; when we can leave the blame behind a whole vista of opportunities confront us. Opportunities that guarantee newness of expression, variety upon variety of knowledge, a caring for ourselves as we realise that we, and only we, are to blame for our lives.

Once this blameless attitude has been acquired we then, and only then, begin our journey.

And what journey is that, you may well ask?

The journey of your life, dear friend, as you come to realise the enormity of your task to live the expression that is your life.

No one can do this for you.

No, it is your life and yours alone. To be lived in the expression of your uniqueness.

© 2014 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

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  1. I’ve been inspired this morning to publish it here, Resa; I too like this a lot. It’s a good reminder of times past, and a gentle reminder to remain vigilant for any nasties that might take hold.. 🙂

  2. Brilliant I’ve always been willing to sacrifice what I have for something thrilling and exciting which hasn’t always been the best thing to do ha. But as you say I can’t blame anyone else for my mistakes. It’s all down to me and there’s only one person at a pity party 🤪Great post 🙏😀

    1. Hahaaaa… I can vouch for that, Charlie, having read your words. However, I must add: I admire you, Charlie. You are one man who can truly say, you’ve been there and done that…
      What our dearest is trying to say, Dear Heart, is that your life has been grand; ups, downs, ins and outs included. Would you say, Dear Heart, that you have lived a ‘well-rounded life’? Indeed, Dear One, this is what our dearest sees.
      Many Blessings…

  3. A beautiful message, Carolyn. “A bird in hand” can indeed become restrictive to us and keep us from experiencing what life has to offer 🙂 XXXX

    1. Yes indeed, Helen, so true.
      It can certainly be scary, at times, to reach out, to change, but; as you have alluded – life holds so much more for those of us who do. 🙂

    1. It seems so obvious, David, and yet I need to be reminded to live my life in my own expression; and not in the expression of something restrictive, or someone else’s expression. I know I certainly did for a great part of my life.

  4. Dear Carolyn,
    It seems I had already “liked” your more recent posts. So I began searching older ones… (not that much older, actually but anyway)… And well, I found this great post about blame and its effects on ourselves.
    leaving the blame attitude behind is such a good thing. It set us free and we´re ready to move forwards. Also it is a sign of personal growth. Someone once told me that the best thing we can do, given a particular situation… is take responsability for what we have done to make it or allow it happen that way. The key is to take responsability ONLY for ourselves. Even if the situation (let´s say a fall out) is not up to us… we have surely done something for it to turn out that way. I have learnt a lot using this strategy. It totally changes your perspective!.
    Great post my friend… wishing you an excellent long weekend ❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂

    1. “It sets us free and we´re ready to move forwards.” Yes, absolutely, Aquileana, it does indeed.
      Another aspect that deserves our attention is:
      There is a spiritual law that says if we take responsibility for something (regardless of whatever it is) he/she who is responsible will not bear the responsibility; they won’t need to because we have taken that upon ourselves. In so doing we have harmed ourselves and the other party. The harm to ourselves is obvious. The harm we have caused the other is removing the possibility they would have had to, as you’ve said; enjoy personal growth.
      I love your in-depth analysis of all things. Always a joy! 🙂
      May your weekend be wonderful…. ❤

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