Coffee & Conversation – Diet, a Healthy Attitude & an Exercise Programme to Suit

And here we sit, dearest, once again at the keyboard. And what shall we speak about today? Shall we speak about that which we advised when with ‘the daughter’ earlier this day? Yes? Yes indeed we shall, dearest. On we go:

Earlier today our dearest and her daughter, Veronica, met for a tête-à-tête, which is their norm. Oh yes, Dear Ones, our dearest and her dearest meet often for brunch and coffee at their local mall. At such meetings, we, The C.C. advise our dear ones of those things needed for the continuation of their journey toward perfection.

We advised both of their progress, congratulating them for their endurance, willingness and the matter of fact mindset both have toward doing those things needed for the rewards of Backwards Aging to become factual.

We see many physical changes for both, Dear Hearts. In the not too distant future we shall be creating a video in which you shall see the changes first hand.

However, we must advise that shortly our dearest will be taking a sojourn of sorts as she acquires those things needed for her onward journey. We have kept many things secret from our dearest, indeed. With this writing will come advice in the form of a value our dearest will hold open to all who wish to join her in this endeavour to attain Backwards Aging.

Our dearest understands the demands we have placed upon her in this regard. However, Dear Ones, in order for our dearest to attain said Backwards Aging, there is a need for her to concentrate her energies upon herself.

We have commenced the physical needs required for Backwards Aging in the sense of a refined diet, a mental attitude of health, along with an exercise programme to guarantee the body is free of those aging cells. Yes, Dear Ones, all aging materials within the body must depart. To further this process; exercise, the correct exercise for our dearest must ensue. This will be a necessity for all who wish to Backwards Age. Diet, a healthy mental attitude coupled with an exercise programme specifically geared to suit each individual.

Our dearest will not be departing completely; oh no, Dear Ones. However, we shall require our dearest to now concentrate fully upon herself. She will keep you all updated, as inspired.

Should you wish to follow our dearest’s example we would be only too pleased to enlighten you regarding those things required for Backwards Aging:

Diet, mental attitude and an exercise programme to suit your needs.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

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  1. I’m so pleased you talk about mental attitude in addition to diet for aging well. I also like that you and Veronica are so close 🙂 I hope you are feeling much better now after that flu xo

    1. Dear Heart, our dearest is pleased to report her illness has receded; she is now almost back to full health. She thanks you for your warm hearted kindness, and is happy to report her willingness to venture forward with backwards aging as her goal.

      In order for this to be achieved, Dear One, our dearest has spent many years refining her thought processes. This means, Dear Heart, remaining true to the principles given her throughout our free and published books. There are a myriad of beliefs, Dear One, and you are amongst those who have agreed to be a part of the myths of old. This does not preclude you from being amongst those who shall enjoy backwards aging. However, it does create obstacles in the thinking process, so to speak.

      We ask that you ‘keep an open mind’ as you traverse the new. The new being those things that will present you with confusion. Know, Dear Heart, that confusion can and will become a dear friend; our dearest can attest to this.

      As regards diet, Dear One, we have asked our dearest to dismiss those things spoken about in our last number of posts; the obvious being sugar, Dear Heart. Once this has been achieved a whole new vista of dietary options become available. Until this is achieved, Dear Heart, no amount of change in one’s diet will assist the process toward perfection. Yes indeed, Dear Heart, sugar is by far the most damaging of all substances taken within, and will continue to age those who do.

      Exercise for you, Dear Heart, is two-fold. There is a need to strengthen the body as well as increase its mass. For this we suggest taking a two-fold approach, so to speak. Your needs are similar to those of our dearest. For her we have advised taking weights for her upper body and ballet for the lower. By this we mean, Dear Heart:

      Over the past days our dearest has been engaged with online videos using small weights to increase the size of her shoulders and arms. Over time will come greater exercises for her upper body, however, at a gentle pace without causing stress on delicate muscles. As we have said, Dear Heart, for those who wholeheartedly seek backwards aging as a reward for work performed in the perfection stakes:

      We shall assist by causing the progress; with little effort in the overall. Yes, Dear One, this we shall do for all whose goal is perfection.

      For our dearest’s lower body, as is our advice to you, Dear One; we advise exercises such as those used to increase the strength and mass of the lower limbs, hips and joints as can be found in dance; particularly the ballet exercises.

      We wish you well in your endeavours, Dear One.
      Many Blessings

  2. Dear CCC,

    I would appreciate any insight into how to improve on my regime. 🙂 thank you …


    1. Yours, Dear Heart, is also two-fold in regards to exercise. However, Dear One, we are hesitant to make suggestions as we know you will go speeding off into the sunset, so to speak. We firstly ask, Dear One, that you take time to firstly meditate. It is your mind that presents the greatest obstacle; your ‘thinking’ Dear Heart, indeed. Were it not for this, Dear One, progress would be more constant. Yes?

      We know this is not what you want to hear. However, the mind, in your case Dear Heart, is the first and primary object needing your attention. Gain more control, Dear One, and progress will become obvious.

      In regard to exercise, we advise strengthening exercises as can be found in the Yoga postures, yes indeed. This will not only assist the mind (the brain) but will strengthen the body. Secondly, Dear Heart, there is a need for walking to strengthen the body, and once again; a powerful tool for calming and recentering the mind.

      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

  3. “Backwards ageing” sounds really amazing & inspiring ! Thanks a lot for the motivation !! Looking forward to your video as well 🙂

    1. We have spoken in regard to sugar, Dear One, and the harmful effects upon the body; we leave this with you, Dear Heart, to manage and overcome.

      Yours is a lifetime of duty, Dear One, to date. We ask that you allow yourself some introspection free from the demands of others. Yes, Dear Heart, you too require a period of introspection that can be gained by yoga and the various offshoots of same. Meditation would enable more peace of mind, allowing a greater sense of union within. We envisage a wholeness encapsulated within a presence of mind as you allow yourself the ‘time’ to engage within.

      This and other benefits will be yours, Dear Heart, over time. We ask that you be gentle with yourself, as this can only assist in the work toward backwards aging. Make this your goal, Dear One, and it shall be yours.

      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

  4. That’s a good combination to keep you healthy in body and mind, dear Carolyn 🙂 Sorry we just read that you have had a flu, can you still still use a few Healing Pawkisses… just in case 😉 Thank you for a great piece of writing again! Pawkisses for a Happy Healthy Weekend from me and my Granny 🙂 ❤

    1. Many Blessings, Dear One, we congratulate you on a journey well lived. However, Dear Heart, we ask for a little time out for you. Yes, Dear One, we know you enjoy a life well lived in the ‘fast lane’, as it were. However, Dear Heart, not all things can be pondered when one is moving rapidly.

      Those things we ask you to ponder, Dear Heart, are those things that trouble you. Yes, Dear One, there is a time to move quickly, in mind and body; and then, Dear Heart, there is a time to move slowly. And this we suggest to you, Dear One…. Allow more time to move slowly; to take a breath; to enjoy the moment. This can be a trouble for one such as you, Dear Heart; the mind wants to be in charge. Yes?

      As for exercise, Dear One, we would suggest taking it slow; the body requires change in the sense of lounging a little more. This surprises our dearest as she types. Yes, Dear Heart, for you we ask that you allow the body to rest, for now. Yes?

      In time, and with a more rested body, you will have the strength to begin again. Until then, Dear One, allow both the mind and the body to assume a rested state.

      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

      1. Thank you, dear Carolyn ❤ We took that rest after reading this message. It was like Granny got purrmission to take a little time out. She says it wasn't only because she had a lot to do, but also because I…well, I like to wake her up earlier than ever, and then she doesn't get enough sleep, but we talked and now I let her sleep a little longer. So since a few days she feels more energized than before 🙂 Thank you again for the insights. Very appreciated ❤ Extra Double Pawkiss for you and for the Unifurrs 🙂 ❤

  5. I have been on a healthy diet and lost about 8 kg up to now…it might be the time to embark on strength training in addition to the walking my personal trainer, Mr. D., puts me through every day…3-5 kms 🙂 Great advice, as always ❤ Much love XXX

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, health is prevailing. We congratulate you on your progress; all things come, in time, for those whose heart is centred, Dear One.

      We must allow time for all things; everything in its season, so to speak. And this we say to you, Dear One: Allow time to be your friend; we do not want you biting off more than you can chew. In time, we foresee weights, as in lifting weights, becoming your ‘go to’. However, for now, Dear Heart, our advice for you is to continue doing as you are. Strength is becoming yours. Is it not?

      Our dearest will be posting as we inspire; we shall continue to be available should you require our assistance. Until then, Dear One, our advice is to question your soul.

      Yesterday our dearest and her daughter met for brunch. During their meeting we, once again, reminded Veronica of her soul and the relationship to be created. Our Dear Heart, Veronica, has, over her life, been supported by our dearest with love, advice and camaraderie.

      Although camaraderie and support will always be available, though indirect; your soul is but an instant away.

      Yes, Dear One; we offer this same advice to you: There comes a time when all Light Workers will have the opportunity of connecting directly with their consciousness/soul. This time has come for you, Dear One; a pre-programmed event.

      Our dearest wishes for us to advise the sense of ‘walking on eggshells’ when this pre-arrangement became available for her. And, as our Dear Heart, Veronica, spoke yesterday. “It does feel ‘weird’ making this connection with myself. I know I want this. I know I want to be in direct communication with my soul, but it does feel weird.”

      And this will be the experience for all as they forego the sense of separation, and unite with their consciousness/soul.

      Ask for this connection. Seek this connection often, and you, and all whose time comes, will have success.

      We wish you every success, Dear Heart. A new chapter has begun.
      Many Blessings…

  6. I’ve known of these corner stones for backwards aging, ever since you brought it up.
    You have always included these ideas in your posts, however, it seems all in one precise package now.
    It’s a funny thing that I think I eat well, I do exercise (could use some exercise that is more targeted to the getting hit by a bicycle injury)) but my mental attitude wavers. Lots of positive most of the time, but occasionally there is malaise. Even a very short period of this state is destructive seems a big setback.
    Best and Blessings

    1. We will speak frankly, Dear One. Yours has not always been easy, no indeed. It is with satisfaction that we say, Dear Heart; should you wish for life to be easy you would be ‘missing the mark’. The point of perfection lies in being calm amidst the storm; yes indeed.

      As for your injuries, Dear One; they will not cause you any concern when you adjust your routine to a simple, yet effective round of exercises; yes indeed. Strength is required both physically and mentally, Dear Heart. Without one the other suffers.

      This is not the case for those who have agreed to life long illness; no, Dear Heart. For them allowances are made. However, Dear One, you are not one for whom allowances are required. To this end we suggest taking a leaf from our dearest’s book and obtain some free weights. With some effort; strength, for the upper body will be enhanced, slowly. Were it not for this, Dear Heart, you would remain a weakling, as such. Would you not?

      Embarking on a plan to assist the physical body, Dear One, will automatically enhance the mental attitude. We wish you well, Dear Heart.

      Many Blessings

  7. Dear Heart; we hesitatingly speak with you this day. In time there will be much work for you to do within the ‘self-work’. That is to say, Dear One; you will want to ‘take time’ for your own inner development. Until this time, Dear Heart, there are many opportunities for advancement in the ‘world’ for you to overcome, conquer, and make your own. We envisage much success for you, Dear Heart, and look forward to the time when the opportunity to make your ‘inner’ work your main work.
    Until then, Dear One, we wish you much great success in your worldly doings.
    Many Blessings

      1. Thank you so much Carolyn 😊. If you don’t mind please do give a look into my blog and let me know what you think about it 😇. I am following you now, please do follow me and let’s stay in touch 😊. I hope you don’t mind us being friends 😇

        1. I have taken a look at your blog and am happy to see your positive words, posts and comments, Abhi.
          My guidance mentioned in the post –
          “However, we must advise that shortly our dearest will be taking a sojourn of sorts as she acquires those things needed for her onward journey.”
          This is indeed happening now, Abhi. I am not being inspired to do much more than to concentrate on my own development regarding backwards aging. This entails diet, exercise, plus enjoying some of the fruits of my labours learning piano and some other very pleasurable activities.
          Because of this I do not know when I will be recommencing visiting WP member’s blogs. Though, do know yours will certainly be on my agenda.
          In the meantime, I offer you my congratulations and every wish for further enjoyment and success. 🙂

          1. It’s ok Carolyn, I understand 😊. But do know that I will there for you whenever you need me 😇. This is my promise for you ✨😊. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.


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