A New Relationship

We are beginning a new relationship, The C.C. and I. To date the relationship has been one of mentor and student. Today the seeds of this new relationship are taking root. They are taking root in the form of one that shall grow to maturity. And what shall this new maturity look like?

It will grow in the form of equality. And what is equality? Equality, my friends, is a relationship that holds the essence of trust in each other.


Our dearest is experiencing a trauma, of a kind, as she comes to this new relationship; one that has been as close as breath. Yet one that, until now, eluded her. And why?

This has eluded her due to her inability to see her worth. Yes, Dear Ones, until you see your worth you will not see equality. This is as arranged.

We commenced this communiqué as one. Yes indeed; our dearest will, in the near future, not require our input. To date, most of our communication has been led by us, The C.C.  In future communication our dearest will communicate our requests, but alone, so to speak.

I am our dearest’s soul. Over the past days our dearest has been journeying to places hithertofore unknown. All will do this in their spiritual journey as they strain to release the old and become that which we all are: Consciousness, Dear Hearts; we are all consciousness.

In the releasement of the old will herald a new beginning; a beginning that will not be underestimated nor tolerate the unacceptable. And what is unacceptable?

Anything that does not smack of equality is unacceptable; a new platform from which to experience. One that shall herald the beginning of maturity for all.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. Yes, it is imperative that one needs to learn how to create equality with each other for a healthy relationship, because definition of equality varies from one person to another at different times.

    1. Caring and trust, Megala, are the seeds of equality. If these two elements are missing, then equality is missing. Without equality we do not have a relationship. We may know the other, however, the stress removing aspect; the carefree feeling of comfort; the guarantee of someone ‘having our back’ will not form a part of our union. Without these elements there remains only a cursory acknowledgement of each other; one that remains shallow.
      As The C.C. have stated:

      Yes, Dear Ones, until you see your worth you will not see equality. This is as arranged.

      In so doing, the stresses of inequality fall away, and we are free to pursue those higher energies with those with whom we share our values.
      It is lovely to know you, Megala. You are a woman striving to achieve the best. 🙂

  2. Ohh! Love it 😘 I’m all for bit of equality (well I am on the E&D committee) So many people believe that it means everyone should be treated the same, but you are so eloquent and we are all different and have different needs. Great post, look forward to the middle of the new beginning 😀😀

    1. Hahaaaa… 🙂 Does that stand for Education & Development or Equality & Diversification?

      You are so right, Charlie. Equality is not something all can embrace. Until we feel worthy, equality will pass us by. Though, as you’ve alluded; giving people whatever they can appreciate and understand on a respectful level, is a great aspect of equality. In this way they learn what it is to be respected; a necessary part of the journey to inner worth. And so the ‘chain’ continues…

      You are in a great place, particularly in your work life, to do this… I bow to you. You entertain with your humour. But, dear Charlie, I know your heart… 🙂

    1. No it isn’t easy, Catherine… Thank You…
      It’s been quite harrowing getting through these changes, but, without some pain and confusion ‘change’ can’t take place!
      Nasty, but needed… 🙂

  3. Granny can relate to that, dear Carolyn, but trauma brought her at the place where she is now. Piece by piece and step by step, but once you “see” it all falls into places, it all made sense and it was all worth it after all. Definetely not easy, but she learned so much out of it. Now let’s have that new relationship with each other and ourselves. We’re ready for it 😀 Pawkisses for a renewed week ahead 🙂 ❤
    PS our English isn't so good, but as we know that you can read between the lines, we know that some of it makes sense…well…at least for me😸 Sincerly, Little Binky ❤

    1. Thank You, Binky/Granny… 😉 😉

      I so agree with you; trauma is a horrible place to be, but, the differences I can already see are very special indeed…

      Your English is purrfect… ❤

  4. I love a bit of equality, it makes the world go round. The missus and I are always up for such things, we recognise our limitations in some things and are happy for the other to do things if they can do them better…or out of necessity. I would never wish my cooking on anyone but as Crissy is at work, the cooking is up to me and the internet helps a lot in making the food less poisonous.

    1. Aaah, now that’s a relationship worth having; integrated and cool – particularly the cooking part…
      I’m still working on mine with The C.C. It’s not so easy when you’ve seen yourself as the student; though this somewhat ‘forced’ growth spurt is having its benefits in other areas. I do decidedly feel a little more ‘grown up’…

  5. Very interesting and surprising as well, Carolyn. However, the journey promises to be interesting! Much love and courage to you ❤

    1. Ahaaaa, Helen; yes it has been somewhat surprising. The C.C. have advised for some time I would be writing/speaking at their request, though, through my own voice, so to speak. I’m still in the middle of many levels of mental changes, so don’t have an absolute understanding of what this may entail, as yet.
      Suffice to say: I’m enjoying the changes; feeling a little more grounded and sure of ‘me’. Time will tell how this correlates in the day to day…
      In the meantime life continues to be interesting! Never a dull moment…
      Lovely to see you… 🙂

      1. Lovely to hear you are feeling good and more sure of “you” ❤ It will all be good, I know that much. I am home for 9 days before I'll leave for Sweden for almost the whole month of July. Can't wait to be with my family there and meet some good, old friends 🙂

        1. Thank You for your confidence; I know all will be well; perhaps different is all.. Isn’t that life – constant change! 🙂

          Wonderful news! What a delight for you; July is almost here. There’s nothing like being with our dear ones…
          I know I don’t have to say “Have a wonderful time.” But, there; I’ve said it… 🙂

  6. I sit on a women’s committee for equality of gender, race, religion and the disabled.
    I think you are worth diamonds, Carolyn. So to speak. xoxo

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