Equality For All

Yesterday the following was written to a Dear Heart in response to a question she posed some months ago. To explain:

The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) had stated that this year, 2018, all questions would be answered via videos that I (Carolyn) would create.

We are writing to you, Dear Heart, with this answer to your question because our dearest does not wish to create videos; as was our proposal last year, 2017. This is as arranged, Dear One. Our dearest, if she is to find ‘equality’, will not do so by being at our beck and call, so to speak. No, Dear Heart; this will be achieved by her abstinence from our desires.

We have asked a number of requests of her. However, equality means having one’s own voice. This, our dearest is finding as she circumnavigates confusion, and finds the courage to use her own voice.

And this is happening in many areas of my life. I was finding a lack of commitment to what I had seen as my ‘purpose in life’. That purpose was to remain obedient to the call of The C.C. in carrying out the plan of creating ‘perfection’ (a lack of fear) as the basis for the new Fantasy for Earth.

I had been rebelling over a number of  requests put forward by The C.C; with confusion and bewilderment the result. Thankfully, and very recently, as I voiced my protestations came some answers.

Equality for all is also a part of the new; and I was not feeling equal to The C.C. Their requests felt more like commands, and did not take into consideration my desires and needs.

It has taken a lot of soul searching, yelling and screaming. However, I am now understanding that, this too, is part of the journey each shall take in their spiritual journey to perfection:

I had to eliminate the fear that rebelling against those I’d considered my superiors (so-called) had instilled within me. For others, those (so-called) superiors may be one’s parents, a sibling, a spouse, an employer, etc. However, each of us has an imagined superior or superiors preventing us from finding our worth and realising equality.

To say the past numbers of weeks and months have been quite harrowing would most certainly be true. I had visions of my life’s work crumbling around me as I rejected and refused The C.C.’s requests; only to find this was, and is, part of the plan leading to perfection (a lack of fear) and the overriding sense of equality with all.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. Your post reminds me my dad’s advice, “nobody is above you so you don’t fear none, nobody is below you so you dont look down on people, but everyone is unique, so accept them as they are”. 🙂

    1. A wonderful and true philosophy, Megala; one which I agree with completely. My difficulty was seeing The C.C. in that light, and my role in conjunction with them, though, I’m getting a handle on that now.
      Your dad’s advice rings true, not only for humans, but also for spirit/souls/consciousness. I am now realising there is no difference! We are all our own voice.
      It will be interesting to see how things progress from here. Already I am feeling less a victim of circumstances (as I have over the past months) and more potent and authoritative. Naturally, these transformations were always to be a part of my experience; just a little scary to actually live through.
      Your comments, Megala, are always so constructive. It is a joy to know you… 🙂

      1. Whenever I feel disappointed with people, I keep telling these words to myself, it gives me enormous strength & peace.
        I’m so glad that you liked this, thank you so much

    1. Freedom it is, my Dear Resa… ❤
      I have suffered enormous confusion, a sense of being betrayed and betrayal to those who have served me well for many many years; you could say it's been one 'hell' of a ride! However, this side of the ride is quite special. I'm sitting in this space very comfortably!
      Ever onwards, ever upwards…. 🙂

  2. I can understand (to a point) the confusion you have been going through. The way you have seen/thought of the C.C. is changing and it will probably take a while to adjust from obedience to equality and from fear to only love. Or am I getting this backwards?

    1. Helen; your summation is indeed excellent.

      As the example for creating perfection (a lack of fear) I have been a ‘guinea pig’ in numerous ways. The latest being: Realising Equality.

      As The C.C. have mentioned; they use ‘confusion’ as a means for growth as it demands one’s attention; causes disruption, and will not leave until a solution is found.

      Over the past months they have made requests of me that I felt were not within their teachings; nor did they smack of equality, as they had always shown me. This confused me terribly. I vacillated between wanting to fulfil my role, yet not understanding their reversal, in many ways, caused me to resist their requests.

      It took a very long time for me to confront The C.C. with my misgivings. However, this, I have since realised, was a part of the plan. I have had to realise ‘equality’ with those I have ‘held on high’, so to speak.

      And this will be a part of the journey for all in their spiritual journey to perfection. All sense of inequality must depart if we are to mature.

      I am still a little raw; the experience has definitely shaken me. However, Helen, I am coming to terms with it.

      Your summation; from obedience to equality is absolutely true. And, though I’ve never felt ‘fear’ with or for The C.C., I have felt ‘beneath’ them. I am now gaining an appreciation of myself that is quite surprising. It is a little hard to articulate. However, as The C.C. slide graciously and with purpose down from that pedestal, I have been raised, or am raising myself to meet them. It is a process; it continues…

      I hope you will see the love and support The C.C. have and continue to show me. Sometimes the teaching can seem harsh. The end result, though, has always been progress.

      I am reminded of Bubbette. Through the somewhat harsh yet lovingly administered support, she became fully fledged, armoured with the skills to mature and enjoy life in all its potential. Well done to Sandy and Stanley. Without their proven leadership and love, Bubbette’s future may not be as bright, or possible… ❤
      Love You….

  3. Yes, I visited, and read your essay, Ella. 🙂
    As mentioned in my post, equality with all is a maturing process. We cannot achieve this outward looking state of mind, and the practical applications of this until we have found our individual right of equality within our personal/everyday thinking.

    This, I have found, entails releasing the fear that has prevented us from accepting this right, and seeing ourselves as worthy.

    I don’t believe this is purely a women’s issue. Although I appreciate and understand the need for women to be seen as equal in many ways and, in so doing, being raised to the respect and public status men have, in general, been seen; there is; however, a need for men to go through this maturing process as well.

    Fear prevents many men from attaining the maturity needed for equality to become their norm within their own gender. The issue can become rather convoluted for, as you’ve written, throughout history men, in general, have prevented women from achieving equal rights in many respects.

    I see the problem as an individual need for all, both men and women, to release the fear that forms the basis of gender inequality.

    In other words: When we, men and women, mature (an absence of fear) equality will be inevitable. In the meantime, the struggle for equality will be seen in a two dimensional way; when it is really multi-dimensional.

    Having said the above, I appreciate the way forward will be messy, confusing, possibly violent.

    Like all progress, chaos is the motivating force. Would it be otherwise? I don’t believe we humans, at this stage, know any other way… 🙂

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