I am. This is my value

We have something to say, dearest. Do we have your consent?

Yes, you do. Thank You for asking.

Indeed, dearest; ours in a ‘new relationship’. Yes?

Yes it is.

One that smacks of greater equality. Yes?

Yes, there is a definite air of change; one with which I am swiftly coming to terms.

In what manner, dearest?

Like a newly fledged bird I am feeling my wings; knowing I have left the nest and will find my way with greater confidence that will mature with experience.

Well said, dearest. Yes, your analogy is a good one. Though, unlike a bird, you will have constant support whenever it is needed. Shall we explain, dearest?

Yes, I would very much appreciate that.

Unlike a fledged bird who charters its own course, you, dearest, have a known charter. Yes?

I believe so, yes.

Can you explain your charter, dearest?

I believe I am the example put forward as the course to be taken to arrive ultimately at the point of perfection. Perfection, for the human, is a state of fearlessness. To arrive at this point it is necessary to pinpoint and challenge all fear.

Indeed, dearest. And are you doing this?

Yes I am.

You are currently in the midst of one such challenge. Are you not?

Yes I am.

Can you explain the challenge?

The current challenge is regarding ‘Equality’. You, The Collective Consciousness are the catalyst. The goal has been to realise equality with you.

You haven’t felt equal, dearest?

No I haven’t. It has taken many incidents of inequality between us, and instigated by you, to bring me to this state of awareness.

And now, dearest?

Slowly I am becoming aware of the need for this realisation to take root. It has become known to me, through many hours of confusion that we must work as a team. This could not occur whilst I had you ‘up on a pedestal’, so to speak. I have, through your instigation, been made aware that having knowledge, or any talent, scholarly achievement, etc., does not entitle one to a state whereby they achieve a higher standing than another. We are equal because we are all consciousness; each with a particular path we have chosen for very individual purposes; one not better, nor worse than another:

We have value because ‘we are’. This is our value.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. Yes, Megala, I am finding, with this understanding, I need less ‘approval’, from/by others, so to speak, regarding all things. Having this ‘core value’, as you’ve put it so eloquently, is self sustaining; it stands alone needing no other to maintain it, or prop it up.

      Once again, it will be interesting to see where this leads. I must say, though, I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey. Even though it has been confusing and even harsh, at times; the end result has always been progress.

      Thank You again, for another insightful comment. 🙂

  1. I like this stream of consciousness, Carolyn. The idea of being equal and valuable, because we are. Thank you Carolyn. Not sure how I missed this, but I’m glad I checked. 😀 xoxo

    1. This understanding has helped me tremendously. I’ve taken it to heart and the result has been quite eye-opening! I have come to realise that I hadn’t seen all people as being equal. If I couldn’t see myself in this light, is was then obvious I couldn’t see all others in this same light.
      It’s quite surprising the little nuances that are ‘hiding’. Our brains/minds are sooooo adept at denial… 😉 😉

      1. Yes, we are definitely adept at denial…. even when we are aware, and believe we are not.
        I see suddenly that that it is about what we are. ⚡️

        1. Yes, our denial can work in ‘all’ directions.. 🙂
          “I see suddenly that that it is about what we are. ⚡️”
          Hahaaa… A ‘hotchpotch’ of contradictions, fear, lack of self worth, and feelings of separation – until we find that elusive quality – contact with our soul; brought about by our desire and ‘work’ toward ridding ourselves of our imperfections.
          If I may make a suggestion:
          I have communication with my soul on an ongoing basis. This friendship I maintain by my constant awareness of my need for ‘help’ almost daily. It is an unusual day when I have not the need to seek advice.
          I am aware that you too have found this union. Perhaps knowing this ‘more consciously’ will assist.

  2. “We are equal because we are all consciousness; each with a particular path we have chosen for very individual purposes; one not better, nor worse than another.”
    Absolutely! Beautifully said. 💖✨

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