Fun and Enjoyment

It continues. And what continues? Freedom continues.

Our dearest is becoming aware of a vastly different pattern of thinking. This she is. And to what has her thinking changed? It has changed to caring about herself. Is this not so, dearest?

Yes, it is absolutely true. I have been marveling about this recently.

And can you give an example or two?

The major differences I see and feel relate to how I think about my day. Recently I began to learn piano keyboard; something I’ve wanted to do all my life. I find myself constructing my day in a fashion that combines pleasure and work, but with a view to enjoying my day. This is very different from times past when I didn’t spend time and energy doing something for me and me alone.

I am also thinking about the food I will eat and ensuring I’m doing that which is good for my body; such as sitting in the winter sun to feed my body vitamin D. There are many more ‘little’ snippets of self care slipping into my thinking. Life really has become about taking care of me, and enjoying myself.

We know this is true, dearest. And the future?

I’m not totally sure about the future. I know, at this moment, I can’t foresee doing anything that would bring me harm. However, I do believe there will be challenges, though just how they will present is something I’ll need to experience when the time comes.

I do know, though, I will be skilled sufficiently to deal with whatever happens. This is something I’m constantly aware of as my thinking has changed from needing approval, and the fear this generates; to having a mindset that envisions fun and enjoyment at the top of the thinking pyramid.

Well said, dearest. Yes, fun and enjoyment coupled with challenges geared to progression, will become the order of the day.

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  1. Thinking has changed to work conciously for my happiness as against natural tendency of being self oriented selfishly. The difference is subttle but important. But how will it make me prepared for future challenge. I am wondering.

    1. Hello Shakil; lovely to see you! 🙂

      Yes, I do agree with you; there is a subtle yet wonderful difference between selfishness and caring for the self.

      As I have rid myself of the negatives (the fears that held me captive in so many ways) I am feeling an incredible sense of freedom. It is this sense of freedom from ‘fear’, I believe, that will be the basis of confidence needed to handle life’s challenges. Without ‘fear’ we can think clearly; act bravely, and bring about joy within.

      In other words: It has been ‘fear’ that has caused the sense of powerlessness. Remove fear and we become capable of achieving a better outcome in all things…

      Once again, Shakil; it is so good to see you.. 🙂

    1. Seems we, more often than not, David, think about the simple things like looking after ourselves at the bottom of a very long list of things to do!

      I now can’t do that. After so much hard work to get here, investigating various diets and such, this new life is here to stay. Not saying I don’t have the occasional cake with coffee. But I don’t have any cravings for sweets/sugar; hurrah! That was probably the hardest part; giving up the biscuits/cookies and chocolate. It’s hard to believe I actually don’t have a need for them anymore! 🙂

  2. We seem to be in sync, as I ramp up my enjoyments.
    Of course, street art has been a most enjoyable hobby, which the universe presented to me while my mother was dying. Her hospice was surrounded by many of Winniipeg’s stunning murals. I still enjoy greatly this hobby, for many, many reasons. One is the exercise I get while searching. The other is the many souls who find the beauty in what I share. Some, like you, have become very special to me.
    Then when mom died, I needed more beauty. So, I made my first Art Gown. I can still hear her say…let this be your last movie, spend some time for yourself. I only do 1 project a year, now.
    I am very excited about a magazine that’s done an article on the Art Gowns (and me), and that I spend a couple of hours a day painting my Art Gowns on canvas. (awaiting my copy of the magazine coming from the UK)
    Whether or not I get into the Art Show I’m trying for remains to be seen. Nonetheless, I am enjoying.
    So, if I’m correct, we are both enjoying…. and in sync!
    Sending love! xoxoxo

    1. Yes, absolutely in sync! ❤
      How wonderful for you and your Art Gowns. I do hope you'll publish an extract, or two, of the write up when you receive it. Nothing less than you deserve, my dear Resa.
      Sending love to you!

  3. Sounds like things are going well, love the keyboard idea there is so much you can do with those things today 😀. As for the other, it’s as you say sugar is so harmful I wish they would make sugar free Red wine 😜

    1. Yes, I am ‘going well’, Charlie; the lifestyle I’m creating is very pleasant indeed… 😉
      I’m thoroughly enjoying the keyboard. There’s a lot to learn, however, I even enjoy doing ‘scales’… it’s all music to me! 🙂

        1. Hahaaaa… Charlie, yes, I’m definitely hooked…
          The only ‘downside’ for a girl is having to keep the nails kept ‘short’.. uggg…
          But, I’m loving it, all the same.. 😀

    1. This certainly seems to be the case, my dear Binky/Granny! 🙂
      I am enjoying life tremendously, at the moment. In fact, doing any kind of work (head) is a little beyond me at present… I’m far too relaxed for that.. hahahaaaa…..
      Hugs and Kisses ❤

  4. Beautiful post, I just wonder how I missed it ! 🙂 I’m thrilled to read this: “I will be skilled sufficiently to deal with whatever happens”, truly motivating words, thanks so much.

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