Life Continues To Be Good…

flowers-19830_960_720It’s been hard work getting here, but, it sure is worth it.

And what do you mean by this, dearest?

I’ve worked hard upon ridding myself of fear, and continue to do so whenever fear raises its little head.

Does this happen regularly, dearest?

Not so regularly, no. However, occasionally, when I feel myself ill at ease I immediately ask for help from my soul; and within a short time I receive the understanding that has eluded me.

And this, dearest, calms and soothes?

Yes indeed it does.

And how does this appear to you, dearest?

Normally it appears as a solution to whatever has created the ‘ill at ease’ event. A situation, once cloudy, becomes clear; an individual may speak words that solve the dilemma; I may read something that directly or indirectly makes sense of something that was causing distress. It can vary; yet, once I’ve asked for help, the help arrives.

Indeed it does, dearest. Yes indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. This seems to be a most Dearest talk one can have.
    I just loved it.
    Hence I shall continue to talk as I do it once in a while. But I recommend this to one and all.
    I fully Endorse this Post Carolyn.

    1. Hahaaaa… Charlie, this is something I’ve been doing for ‘some time’. Only very recently have I realised its ‘back has been broken’. Now it’s a matter of being vigilant and not allowing any ‘negative’ to remain unchecked. You know what can happen then… Like a wayward child it will continue its undisciplined spiral… Uggggg…. 🙂

  2. hello carolyn page its dennis the vizsla dog hay gitting rid of feer shoor wood be nice i hav ben feerful of things my hole life espeshly strayndj noises!!! thanks to lots of wurk with my mama i am a lot better now and dada sez it helps that i am mostly def now too!!! i had herd that beeing def wuz gud and now i no why!!! ok bye

    1. Hahaaaa… Now that’s a really good way of getting rid of ‘noise’ fear… But, I do hope you can hear the sweet things in life; like applause for your wonderful way with words in your story telling…
      They are such fun… 🙂

  3. Granny has a lot of conversations with herself too lately, Carolyn, with all the influences around in the cosmos and thank cat for receiving the answers in so many forms ❤ Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead 🙂 ❤

    1. And a wonderful week to both you, Binky, and Granny… 🙂
      Yes; the answers are there waiting for us to discover them.. ❤
      Always supported; always loved… ❤

  4. Welcome, Corinne…
    It takes a determined effort over time, however, eliminating fear is achievable. Once achieved, it is then a matter of vigilance to maintain this state of consciousness.
    As you will find, should you choose to read more of our blog, the brain will always seek to control, and will always be based upon negativity. However, the effort to eliminate fear, and then awareness to sustain our freedom from fear is certainly worth all that we can do; including, and most importantly, creating a friendship with our soul… 🙂

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