Coffee and Conversation – This & That!

We wish to say a few words, dearest. Yes?

Yes, do go ahead.

Right, dearest, yes we shall.

This evening saw you speaking with our Dear Heart, Veronica. Yes?

Yes, that is so. We met for coffee.

Indeed so, dearest. And what was the topic of conversation?

We spoke of a number of things. Her work; her husband’s work; her inability to see her abilities clearly; the continued backward aging that I, specifically, am experiencing; the rowing machine I hope to have soon; her trip to Sydney that she’ll enjoy soon, and her natural leadership qualities are some of the topics we covered.


Indeed, dearest; yes these and more were some of the topics discussed. Yes?


There was another topic you discussed, dearest?

I’m trying to think…  My birthday; the latest post; A Good Samaritan.

You covered quite a lot in a short period of time, so called. Yes?

Yes, this is generally the case when we get together. There are usually a lot of topics on the agenda.

On the agenda, dearest?

Yes. Usually, when we meet, I am inspired to talk upon different subjects. We don’t mess about, so to speak; we usually have an agenda and get through all that needs to be said.

Indeed, dearest; all that needs to be said. Would you say that you enjoy your get togethers?

Yes, I would say that I enjoy our meetings.

Would it surprise you to know that there will be more ‘get togethers’ to come for you and Veronica?

Yes a little.

Why is that, dearest?

It surprises because Veronica is now working 5 days per week. Last year she worked only 4 days per week; meaning we could get together on her day off.

And yet, dearest, you have been getting together after her work day, plus during the weekend. Have you not?

Yes, this is the case.

Mathematics suggests, dearest, that you are getting together more than was the case last year. Yes?


Yes….. this is the case!!!

And are you enjoying this extra time with Veronica?

Yes I am. We may not be spending as much time together on these occasions. However, we are meeting more often.

Indeed, dearest; and this will continue.

And this is all you wanted to speak about?

Indeed, dearest; yes indeed. We wanted to advise you of this change to come.

Do excuse me; however, this hardly seems an important issue to post.

Why is that, dearest?

I doubt that others will view this as a worthy/necessary inclusion on ABC of Spirit Talk.

Why is that, dearest?

I am used to posting writings that give our readers food for thought, so to speak; subjects that will advance Light Workers in their personal lives.


Do you not think that others would be pleased to know of your daily life, dearest; your intimate personal life?

Ummmm….  No, I hadn’t thought of this, in this way. Are you saying that others will be pleased to read of my daily life; my more personal happenings?

Indeed, dearest, there will be those who shall gain much by way of comradery in the telling of your more intimate details of daily life; yes.

I’ve never been one to divulge much of my personal details. This will be a new journey for me!

Indeed so, dearest; yes indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

All pics (unless otherwise stated) are from Pixabay


  1. Ha well, this has indeed given me food for thought. We relocated ‘back up North’ a year ago so I only saw family maybe once or twice a year, which would be a weekend. Now I see them only for a couple of hours, but it’s every two or three weeks, so thank you Carolyn. The next time they moan and say I’ve only stayed a couple of hours I’ll redirect them to your post 😀😀😀

    1. It’s all about quality, Charlie; quality, deference and kisses! Yes, kisses are a man’s best friend. Kiss them when you arrive, with great gusto, squeezing their shoulders with a masculine gesture of pure joy. During your stay make them feel they, and only they, have your whole attention. As you leave, walking backwards to your car; throw more kisses. Wave incessantly as you depart out of sight, leaving your arm held high until the very last moment…

      Haha, Charlie, Veronica’s two eldest boys, who live together in a little rental some ks away, and who do not cook very well (neither do their girlfriends) are enticed home by the thought of a great meal every Sunday. You know what they say: The way to a man’s heart is via his stomach!

      However, this only works when he needs a good meal… 😉 😉

  2. I like that you see Veronica, often, and that you communicate. Lucky mom, lucky daughter, and wow, a rowing machine. That’s got to be a healthy acquisition. Row your boat, merrily, so to speak. 😀

    1. Vron is my dearest friend, Resa; we are inseparable. This was always the case, and I know it will continue to be. We have been through all the ups and the downs together (hers and mine). On a spiritual level, this is as planned. On a human level; it is grand… 😀

      Yes, a rowing machine! Now that I’m only dancing once per week I have need of something that will give me both an aerobic and cardio uplift; without having to visit the gym! Haha… I’m hoping to get one for my birthday, next month… 😉 😉 merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is but a dream! 😀

  3. I tend to share personal details of my life. I often refer to myself as an open book. I have to say that I have noticed that when I speak of a certain circumstance in my life people often feel that they can share with me. Some have even told me that what I have shared helped them in some way.

    1. Yes indeed, Cheryl, you are indeed an open book; a very lively open book!
      I believe you are quite right; people often feel more comfortable opening up when we do. I do this in my personal life with friends, so it shouldn’t be such a hard thing to do here!!! I’ll just have to wait to be inspired and see where the inspiration leads. It should be fun!

  4. How wonderful that you see Veronica – we have to make an effort to see those we love! You mentioned a rowing machine. I’ve used the one at the gym before and enjoyed the exercise as something different. Hugs!

    1. Oh Christy; Vron and I are in contact almost everyday, definitely by phone and sometimes in person. We have been on this journey together now, very closely, for the past decade, plus; she was an integral part of the meditation groups/circles I facilitated back in the late 80s and early 90s when she was a teenager/adolescent – my ‘right arm’ in so many ways! I adore her. 🙂

      Re the rowing machine; I’ve been seriously considering going to one of the local gyms to try before I buy – or is bought for me.. 😉 😉
      It’s quite an expensive item that I may not continue with. So I’m thinking, seriously considering, having a few ‘workouts’ with one first. I’ve not got very long before my birthday, so I’d better get into action fast… haha… 🙂

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