My Quest

Now is the moment to begin your quest.

And what quest would that be?

The quest of remembering who you are, dearest; the quest of remembering why you are here.

I thought I had remembered who I am and why I am here!

Indeed, to a degree, dearest, you remember who you are and why you are here. However, there is more.


Yes indeed, dearest; there is more. Shall we advise?

Yes please.

Indeed we shall, dearest; yes we shall. Firstly, dearest, you remember who you are. Yes?

Yes, in the sense that I was the one who initially instigated the desire for change here within The Earth Fantasy; taking it from one of remembering the harshness of our earliest beginnings as consciousness (and re-enacting those beginnings of negativity and fear) to one of creating a fantasy based upon love and perfection.

Yes indeed, dearest; this was and is certainly the case. And the quest of remembering why you are here?

I believe, from my example of achieving Love and Perfection – the ridding ourselves of all that is fear based 

and from the obvious rewards achieved – such as backwards aging

will come, for the Light Workers who follow my example, the same rewards. This will have the effect of producing, over the coming few centuries, a resolution of the past negativities, producing the change agreed upon:  Love and Perfection as the basis for The Earth Fantasy.

Hear, hear, dearest. Yes indeed, this will produce, in time, the resolution from the negativity as the basis for The Earth Fantasy, and will be replaced by the agreed upon new fantasy for The Earth Fantasy:  Love and Perfection.

How is this going for you, dearest?

It’s not all clear sailing, so to speak. I have had many moments of doubt and grief. However, lately, due to the inexplicable changes to my appearance (getting younger) I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable with the role I am playing.

Are you saying, dearest, you doubted the validity of our word?

Yes and no. As a human who has been hearing spirit voices now for 30 years, I have had no doubt about the validity of you, my soul, or spirit, so called; this has always been a known value in my life. However, as a human offering a socially new value; i.e., a concept unknown before; this has not been an easy road to travel.

Indeed not, dearest, yes we appreciate your position. We shall leave this here for now, dearest. Yes?

Yes, Thank You; though, you said there was more!

For another day, dearest…

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

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    1. Hahaaaaa…. Yes, David, I agreeeeeee!
      I’ve been getting a little ‘antsy’ of late. However, I do understand that ‘I’ need to be ready, which I’m probably not, but almost.. 🙂
      You will be the first to hear: I believe I have received that ‘things’ will be starting a lot sooner than I’d been given to believe – Thank Goodness!!!
      Indeed, Dear Heart, our dearest speaks truth. We have given her much false information to keep her ‘off the scent’. However, it will be only an instant, in the scheme of all, before our dearest begins capturing the world with her quest.
      Many Blessings, Dear One, Many Blessings for All

    1. Indeed we do, Christy. Yes, life can take us on many winding journeys that can remove that innermost part of us that ‘knows’. ❤
      It's good to slow down and remember…

  1. Remembering who we are…important. But doubting is human, and I think it will hit most (all?) of us. Onward! Great post, Carolyn. ❤ XXX

    1. Yes, I do agree, Dear Helen.
      I have often thought how incredibly difficult it must be for the majority. Without the ever present nearness of The C.C. speaking with me and inspiring me, I wonder how I’d ever manage. Thankfully, that is not the case; I have their presence to support me when needed, and their surprise visits that uplift. I do hope that I impart the sense of calm and valuable energy that is given so freely to me. Not always consciously, you appreciate; but, unconsciously and without effort, so to speak.
      Our dearest is, in her way, trying to explain the unexplainable, Dear Heart. We, those of us whose duty is to propagate love and perfection through our dearest, appreciate the willingness our dearest imparts; not only to us, Dear One, but to all.
      Indeed ’tis true…

  2. Yes, dear Carolyn, you are offering a new social value, a concept unheard of before. As you go forward to love and perfection, backwards in aging, I am sure there are many stones on the road. I wonder if all those stones are left by negative consciousness? Perhaps some are left by positive consciousness? Nonetheless, love and perfection are worth it all. I can’t imagine anything better.

    1. K and I went to Sydney for the weekend; the energy was incredible! I felt totally loved and cared for. The effect of love and perfection is so calming, and heightens all the senses. I’ve felt these changes very strongly of late, Resa. These, and so many other wonderful benefits are creating less doubt and a greater certainty of which you speak…
      “I can’t imagine anything better.” ❤

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