All is Prearranged

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We have advised our dearest that, in the future, she will know the love and acceptance of family. This came as quite a surprise to our dearest; indeed it did. To explain:

Our dearest has a mission; a mission to be fulfilled within this lifetime, indeed. Her mission is to bring about a beginning; a beginning that shall be told for centuries to come. And what is this beginning?

It is the beginning of love and perfection. Do you not see the beginnings, Dear Ones? Do you not feel a change in your perception? Yes; no? Indeed, Dear Hearts, many are feeling the changes within. This is due to prearrangement.

All is prearranged, Dear Hearts. This is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no indeed. Humans like to think that all is serendipity; coincidence. Alas, many even believe all is haphazard, as such.

No, Dear Ones; all things, in the scheme of life, are planned to the nth degree.

For those suffering hardship, this is not an easy thing with which to come to terms; no, Dear Ones. Why would we place ourselves in such suffering; we hear you say.

All things are planned; all things have a plan, and all things are relevant in the scheme of your life; per se.

We expect a degree of consternation at the words we speak; yes indeed. We expect some to enquire for more knowledge as we venture forward. We are here to answer your call.

Many Blessings

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. At this point, and for some years I can certainly say I am happy (for the most part) with my life. However, Resa, it wasn’t so long ago that I questioned almost every detail; preferring, not to live someone else’s life, but, perhaps, choosing not to live, rather than living.
      Now that I understand this was a prearrangement, to rather die than to live, I can view these times with a greater sense of appreciation and wonder; instead of the guilt, shame and dread I felt long ago.
      It seems that knowledge accepted leads to greater acceptance of all things, and brings a ‘calm’ with it to the mind. I do believe this to be the case for me over the years. I really have, and do benefit greatly by taking to heart the truths The C.C. have given throughout the years…
      Just a prearrangement, of course! 😉 😉

  1. This reminds me of Lawrence of Arabia, when he goes back to save a man lost in the desert, against the advice of the Sheik, who says it has been written and that the man will die. Lawrence rescues him and then a few days later has to execute him for a murder he commits. I like the theory 😀😀😀😀

    1. Great analogy, Charlie; I remember that well… 😀 😀 Great movie!
      And yes, it does highlight the text very well.
      I am so comfortable, these days, with this knowing. In the ‘early’ days, I was a bit miffed to think that I wasn’t in control, so to speak. Now, though; it is a relief, in a sense, to know that I’m following a plan pre arranged by me, as a consciousness…
      I guess that means firstly accepting we are a consciousness! But, once done, life, for me, has become so much more enjoyable.
      It would certainly explain your topsy turvy, exciting life!!! You really chose a very diverse and challenging one! Makes me wonder ‘what’s to come’… I’ll stay tuned… 😉 😉

  2. Our dearest knows, Dear One, much of what is ahead for her. To play her role there is a need for our dearest to be forewarned of many circumstances that shall present.
    Yesterday saw our dearest, and our Dear Heart, Veronica, lunching together during which time we gave them information of certain obstacles ahead. In this way, Dear One, they have the opportunity to circumvent many of the possible obstacles, both physical and mental.
    However, Dear One, the future, as such, is not given in detail to our dearest. There must, as for everyone, be surprises!
    So true, dear Christy. Yes, much of what lies ahead for me has been given, as such, but not in fine detail. This is as it is; I’ve not really known what it is to not have some appreciation of the future. Even as a very young child I knew I wasn’t going to ‘grow old’. However, I thought this meant I was going to die early/young. Now, of course, I know better! 🙂

      1. More than welcome, Christy. My life is a book, and all questions are graciously received. 🙂
        Indeed, Dear One, we are here to answer any question you care to ask.
        Many Blessings, Dear Heart

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