A Good Samaritan?

Indeed, Dear Hearts; we have another tale to tell. We shall be succinct:

Our dearest Carolyn has provided us with fodder for yet more to be encouraged. What we mean by this is, Dear Hearts:  Our dearest has dealt with particular questions that have lain dormant for many years.

Yes, Dear Ones; our dearest has had the illness associated with serving others to her detriment. Indeed this is true.

We have given her the cure over the recent past. And what is the cure?

The cure, Dearest Ones, is to forego the habit of placing others first.

But, we hear you cry. But this is sacrilege. Is it not?

No, Dearest Ones; it is not. Indeed, it is a part of the new energies coming your way. Indeed it is. And what are the new energies?

The new energies, Dear Hearts, are the energies of Love and Perfection. For too long the myths of long standing have laid bare (stripped) and troubled many a traveller. For too long the myths that have propagated pain and illness have kept many a soul in distress. These myths are now to come to an end. We shall expedite this with an unfolding of the new, so to speak.

Many continue to injure themselves with the myths that have been perpetuated relating to good Samaritans, so to speak. Indeed, the Good Samaritan is but a fool who allows the woes of the world to lie upon their shoulders. We speak openly so as the words will be taken to heart.

Yes, Dear Hearts, the Good Samaritan, in any language, is one who readily agrees that his worth is less than others. This is true, Dear Hearts. The Good Samaritan readily agrees that he needs to be doing for others, else he is worthless.

Look deep inside, ye Light Workers, and see if this rings true for you. Whilst there, you may also allow yourself to see how deeply embedded is the need to place others first. This is true for many Light Workers of the Positive; it has been agreed upon before entry into the Earth Fantasy. It has led you a merry dance; to be sure.

Our dearest Carolyn has, over the recent past, come to appreciate this characteristic within and has, with our help, managed to overcome the preponderance to support others to her detriment. This has evidenced freedom for our dearest in a fashion unknown before. She now is experiencing energy of enormous content; energy which, to date, has not been enjoyed.

Will our dearest continue to enjoy her ongoing relationships? Indeed she will. And will our dearest continue to realise greater energy? Indeed she will.

And this is on offer for all Light Workers; including Light Workers of the Negative. They too will, as they are offered less support, find within themselves the means to overcome their torment; providing them with energy that shall support their individual characteristics; characteristics that cannot be supported, nor modified by another.

No, Dear Ones; the only way a Light Worker of the Light, or a Light Worker of the Negative can be supported is from within themselves. Only in this way can change be effective. Hear our words, Dear Ones:  Only you can create change in you. This cannot be created by another.

We shall leave this with you to ponder.

Many Blessings to all

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Indeed, Helen, it certainly rings true for me, too!
      It isn’t easy to see those things we have thought of as virtues, as something quite different; especially when ‘society’ impresses upon us certain values, making us adhere more strongly to erroneous/self harming principles.
      Since putting the new ethics into practice, as The C.C. have said; I have a freedom not known before. I still have to remind myself constantly not to place others first; it has been a paradigm of long standing. However, I am winning; they (others) are winning by my more relaxed attitude, and life is far sweeter for us all.
      Thank You for being a friend; I really do appreciate your voice.

    1. That is so kind of you, Christy; Thank You.. 🙂
      It’s only been a short period of time since receiving the latest messages; yet, I’m experiencing the difference from being someone who constantly thought of others first, to me now who, with reminders, now does very similar things (day to day life, so to speak) but, with a vastly different end result.
      I hadn’t realised how invasive the thought of placing others first was (a constant); and how mentally freeing this new state of being feels. It is really just a shift in thinking; but, a whole new world of energy and self expression…
      This brand new person (me) is someone I like being with more and more! She cares for me like she never has before……. 😉 😉

  1. Dear Carolyn,
    Altruism is a way I have eschewed for many years.
    I believe in helping others, but not at my own detriment.
    Raised Catholic, the good Samaritan concept was thrust upon me. When I left the church, this early in life learned concept, as others, stayed with me.
    Almost 20 years ago, I did a movie about Ayn Rand. I always do a lot of research, and this thought was then presented to me.
    Do I agree with all Ayn purported in her life and philosophies? NO! However, the idea of not sacrificing oneself for others has stuck. After all, if we are all sacrificed up, all used up, what good are we to ourselves and others we love, or just deem needy.
    So, I hear you loud and clear! Good one!

    1. Well said, Resa; yes, (all used up) this is certainly a great point.
      It’s only been a short while since I’ve been consciously validating myself when I would usually place others before me (which, by the way, I’m finding was almost always). By doing this a rather surprising thing is happening. Instead of making it known I feel sorry for them, or was there primarily for the individual concerned; my heightened sense of self has ‘lifted’ the other via an unconscious means – I am also uplifted with wonderful energy.
      I’m using self phrases such as:
      Support yourself, and, me first; phrases that didn’t fit comfortably when I first used them. Now, though, it has become a habit due to the end result (for all) being rather spectacular. At home, I’m observing my man of the Negative becoming more self controlled, which is enhancing our relationship; a boon to be sure!
      It’s ‘early days’ but, this new paradigm is here to stay; for sure….

  2. You’ve shared an affirming poem – Remain Calm.
    It works for me, and I’ll take it up a notch, and share one with you that has helped me through lesser fun moments/periods of life.
    Shallow as it seems, it is from an old sit-com, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    There was a fictitious character, “Chuckles the Clown” . He was killed in a parade. He was dressed as a peanut, and a rogue elephant shelled him. It is the number one rated episode of the 7 year series.
    As Chuckles always said, “A little song, a little dance,a little seltzer down your pants!”
    I love it, and it always lifts me up. Call me crazy! xoxo

    1. Hahaaaa…
      I love your sense of fun. You ‘sparkle’ on and off the page!
      Dear Heart; we all need a mantra of a sort to lift and validate during those moments in life when we feel downhearted. What ‘works’ for you, and that which works for others will vary moment to moment, time to time. We ask that you bear in mind your desire to instill ‘fun’ into your moments, as a means to uplift. From the viewpoint of our dear Carolyn’s new paradigm, so to speak, one moment will become as the next – a constant life within a constant uplifted state.
      In other words, Dear One:
      Eventually, there will not be need of validation via self talk; a state of constant calm/fun/upliftment will be evident. This is the state of mind our dearest is working toward. This is the energy of her soul’s presence as a constant.
      We hear your words, Dear Heart; though, we ask for your commitment to this ‘self realisation’ to become a constant via the conscious application, moment to moment, of your desire to uplift others as a conscious state of placing others first.
      We shall leave this with you, Dear One. Many Blessings

        1. I am reminded, Resa, of my desire to uplift others via my dancing. Others would admire and go out of their way to tell me of the joy they had watching me dance. I have now removed myself from that mental prison, however, for a very long time I danced for them, and not me. This has a great deal to do with my lack of desire now for dance. I enjoy it; but, I now dance for me (happily).
          It has only meant a shift in my thinking; my relationships with those individuals remains as robust as ever.

  3. Granny and I totally agree on that one, dear Carolyn. First you have to change yourself and then the other changes with you…or not…MOL 😀 you can’t be changed by others, as the others can’t changed by you. Great message! Extra Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

    1. And I am pleased to receive those ‘extra’ pawkisses… Thank You.. ❤
      Indeed, 'tis true; we would hope that all of us can and will change to being 'all that we can be'. But, that is up to each and everyone of us to do, or not to do; as you so wonderfully said…
      I do hope, though, that those of us who can – do! 🙂

    1. I believe, Cheryl, I was one of those persons who tried to change people. It was a hard lesson learned over many years. I would invest sooooo much energy into this impossible task. One individual I was ‘helping’ (counselling) would seem to be progressing one week, only to return the following week back in the same position (mentally) of the previous week. She, by the way, was not the only one! It took years for me to realise this simple truth. In the meantime I was drained of my energy with every session; and rightly so!
      Thankfully now I have this lesson very tightly under my belt, and hope I never have to repeat it… Vigilance is the key… Minding my own business comes a very close second… 😉 😉

  4. My dear Carolyn, I loved your post. And, as always, your words are the right message at the right time. Thank you, dear friend, for the beautiful light that you shine! Enjoy the festive period my dear Carolyn!

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