A Change to be Replicated

There has been a big change for our dearest; indeed there has. This change will be replicated by many as they take on board the energies applicable to the new. And what is the new?

The new, Dear Hearts, is remaining true to oneself. What does this mean, Dear Ones?

This means, Dear Hearts, never again allowing the desires, wants and energies of others to interfere with what is best, practical and of the highest quality; this it does, Dear Ones.

What this shall mean for those whose demeanour cannot be changed by outside influences is this:

We shall leave this to your imagination, Dear Heart. Suffice to say; calm and resolve will be the essence of those who reach this milestone in the journey toward Love and Perfection.

Many Blessings to All

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

The C.C. has encouraged me to say a few words.

It is hard to put into words; however, I feel a calm I’ve not experienced to date. It is calm mixed with a stillness that, I know, will refuse negativity to be a part of my demeanour. There is a certain ‘steely’ quality about it; one that honours all, including myself.

I know I will never again be able to abuse myself by putting the desires of others before me; whilst always respecting the journey upon which we are all individually travelling.

Suffice to say; it feels extremely strong, objective and, I know, a new beginning upon which to base the next chapter of change toward Love and Perfection.

© 2018 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Beautiful, wise words, dear Carolyn… You are right: putting the desires of others before us, is indeed a type of abuse againstourselves… Our goals and what we consider important as we live our lives…. I am with you as to refuse negativity as part of our usual demeanours. We have the power of freedom, which allows us to choose certain things to make our lives a happier, deeper existence…. And we shouldn´t think that is something innocuous. On the contrary, it is one of the best attributes we can rely on. Sending much love & best wishes ❤ ⭐

    1. Wise words, Aquileana… I often think upon your ability to decipher the written word/feelings/events and experiences.
      There are those who think too deeply which can cause a mental freeze; however, not so with you. I admire your capacity to take a phrase; a sentence or two and place importance within the exact point of reference. A special talent indeed.
      Your use of the word ‘freedom’ coincides with the energies I’ve been enjoying of late. It has been quite surprising to find the noxious/unconscious thoughts that have led to being shackled by its opposite.
      All in all, I’d have to say I am still finding my way through to this more mature/self loving way of being; one that doesn’t seem to affect a negative change within my relationships. There seems to be, at this point in time, more respect from me for me, and from others. I’m reminded of the truism: What we project we attract…
      Hopefully, I’ll be able to be more forthcoming with more experience within this new state of calm and inner resolve. A never ending story, possibly! 🙂

  2. I am with the CC and you on this. Why should we abuse ourselves for the needs of others? That is to say we should be aware of others, but that we need not take up their lives while living ours.
    ~~~~ I’ve always felt you are a kind an giving soul, dear Carolyn. I fear someone has coaxed you over a line… somewhere beyond what the CC has taught.
    Nonetheless, you are back where you belong.~~~~
    February 20 is very close, and I look ahead to celebrating with you!

    1. I believe we do much of this ` “Why should we abuse ourselves for the needs of others?” ` unconsciously; I know that has definitely been the case for me, which has become evident since The C.C. advised me of the above.
      I must say, Resa, the past week has changed many things for me; my thinking is very different. As I mentioned to Aquileana, I believe it will take a little more time experiencing this new state of being/thinking before I can articulate it well. Suffice to say; it smacks of calm and not being concerned about how others perceive me. This is not a conscious creation; it is just happening with an inner resolve that has just appeared. (I’m reminded of the beautiful words you wrote recently, which you said you didn’t ‘think’, but they issued forth.) This describes what is happening with my thinking processes; I’m not having to ‘think’ upon an issue, it is already known and resolved.
      “I fear someone has coaxed you over a line… somewhere beyond what the CC has taught.”
      Some time back The C.C. gave me advice that I could ‘join the world’ in as much as a career was concerned. It wasn’t until I’d pursued this I realised this work is my career. I believe I needed to find that out so as I can devote myself completely. They then ‘came clean’, so to speak, with this post . Perhaps this is what you may be referring to… It wasn’t pleasant ~ I don’t belong to the world… 😉 😉

      1. This work is your career! It is crystal clear to me, now. 😀
        I was wondering what your new career would be, and I wonder no longer. How silly of me to not have known from the onset.
        You don’t belong to the world, and neither do I, dearest Carolyn. This is a fantasy of our choosing.
        Love and perfection is here. We just need to see it, in spite of, or perhaps because of all the blindness. xx

        Do remain calm in whatever you do;

        A little good can come of the energy it woos.

        A little tender loving, a little bit of jest.

        It’s amazing how it makes everything its best.

  3. We do tend to beat ourselves up.. and we must stop it.. I understand your point.. and you are strong in your feeling for change, positive change ❤ I wish all the best

    1. Hear Hear, Christy. Yes, I most certainly agree; we must stop it! 🙂
      It is really all about ‘balance’, I’m finding. Many of us, me included, have this inbuilt desire to be of assistance, which is, in itself, a wonderful thing. However, we don’t always include ourselves in this resolve, which points strongly in the balance ’tilt’ position…
      I have always, during my life, believed I was here to support others. What I failed to recognise, and now do, is that living this unbalanced existence, in this sense, does not create love and perfection within.
      We are as important as anyone else we see; we deserve our love, and our support, time and energy.
      This is a major factor in my life at present. As I mentioned to Aquileana; it doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting my relationships. If anything, it is defining them on an equal standing with my personal relationship!
      There is always enough love to go around… 🙂
      Much more to learn! ❤

      1. Oh yes, always learning! And it’s wonderful when we can take lessons from our experiences. It makes for a deeper level of living ❤ Great comment back to me and thank you for it! 🙂

  4. Some people feel it’s selfish to think of themselves first. I believe that being true to yourself brings about confidence. I don’t think you can reach your full potential if you are constantly trying to be someone that really isn’t you.

    1. That is such a valid point you’ve made, Cheryl. Being true to ourselves brings confidence that allows us to reach our potential…
      Well said; Thank You so much.. 🙂

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