Our Dear Heart, Veronica

Veronica and Michael watching the New Year’s Eve Fireworks

We have a tale to tell, Dear One, it involves our dearest’s daughter; yes indeed it does.

Veronica has been an integral part of that which our dearest, Carolyn, has been invested within:  Namely; creating love and perfection within..

Without our Dear One, Veronica, our dearest would have been bereft of valuable company. This invaluable company given by our Dear Heart, Veronica, has enabled our dearest to achieve in a manner unobtainable alone.

To our Dear Heart, Veronica, we say:

Many blessings are yours, Dear One; with many blessings to follow; indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. You are too, too sweet, Lavanya!
      I agree; Vron is gorgeous. I have been so blessed to have a daughter such as she; we have been extremely close all her life ~
      It was instant love; as I’m sure it was/is with your little ones 🙂

  1. You could have been twins, Carolyn, both beautiful, inside and out ❤ Granny's daughter (my mom) is the better self of Granny too. She has and still learns a lot of her and vice versa. Amazing how the Universe knows what people need, isn't it 🙂 I see also a big resemblance with mister Michael. Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday 🙂 ❤

    1. Mister Michael is Veronica’s dear hubby! I introduced them to each other back in 2006 at a social ballroom dance. V was just getting back into the dating scene, and I knew M was a good dancer and would be the perfect match for her…. the rest is history… as they say! He is gorgeous, too!
      Yes, as you say, dear, dear Binky 😉 😉 the universe is a song that rhymes us all. I haven’t forgotten your mom; I know Granny and she would be the best of the best.. ❤

  2. I know that’s not you in a dark wig, but it could be! I’m sure Veronica is a Light Worker of the positive.
    Michael is very handsome, but no wig you could put on would look like him. He is a Light Worker of the negative.
    Here is the perfect picture of positive + negative = love and perfection being achieved for all. Congratulations to you, and you wonderful family! Beautiful!!! ❤

    1. Resa, we are soooo alike. At a cafe we love to go to for brunch or a coffee, the wait staff have told us as much; we even use the same gestures and hand positions. She is such a great companion and friend; something like your lovely niece!

      Yep; you got it in one! A positive and a negative making all good things happen for them together and individually. My cup certainly runneth over! ❤

    1. Thank You, Christy. Veronica is so much more to me than just a daughter; she has been my confidant extraordinaire over the past decade. The work, as The C.C. said in the post, could not have been achieved without her; we have worked together to rid ourselves of the negatives, with, I must say, some very surprising results for us both.
      Life is very good, indeed. ❤

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