Catastrophic Events to Come

And here we are again, dearest, at the keyboard. Yes? Yes, indeed we are. And why have we summoned you at this time of night? We have asked you to be our typist, dearest, for we have some important information to relay.

The world is at an extraordinary time, dearest. It is about to enter a period of great turmoil. We have spoken of this in our writings, dearest; the fact that there would come a lengthy period of turmoil, beginning with worldwide protests. Yes? Yes indeed we have.

To this we add the sorry tale that bloodshed is to follow, dearest. This is all according to the plan that we, you and I and all, have devised for the Earth Fantasy.

We ask, dearest, that you not fear the violence to come.

Yes, it will bring great hardship for many. However, the Light Workers of the World need only look to the writings to learn that they will only be harmed should they allow the mind of man to have its sorry way.

That is correct, Dear Hearts. Your mind will want to think negatively in regard the disturbances to come. However, we ask that you not allow the mind of man this wayward thinking. Should you adhere to the writings and be strong of mind, then and only then, Dear Ones, will you survive the catastrophic events to come.

We say ‘catastrophic’, for this describes the world to come. Fear not Light Workers; you will survive.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. And the very best that we can do, Dear Christy, is to go about, as best we can, with our own lives – leaving others to go about theirs!
      Aren’t we, you and I, so fortunate not to have to be a part of the ‘chaos’…. this is a ‘choice’.
      Hugs and more hugs

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I’ve been away for while. Thank you for bringing forth this info and “the writings”. All becomes transparent now…

    You mention in reply to Christy B, about “leaving others to go about their lives”. That is something that I have been grasping with for a while. I was that person who thought everyone needed to see the world the way I see it, for I just knew they’d be so much more happier in life. And my heart would break, when they just did not “Get It!”

    My recent experience of living months with someone I love, who is invested in fear, was quite an eye opener for me.

    The best I can explain it is: My ability to live in Joy, during the ‘virus’ outbreak, caused me to be a threat to this person in fear. It got to the point where they accused me of trying to kill them and that I was mentally ill to not have any fear of the pandemic. Things got very intense and I had to remove myself from the situation.

    This experience helped me to more clearly understand, ‘what ever anyone’s “reality” is, it IS THEIR reality and that’s ok! It is beautiful!! I am grateful for where they are at in their life (evolution) and I send them love.

    Injoy life in joy

    1. Yes, Ren, I hear you!
      All we can do is have compassion for those who ‘fear’. This is their journey and an opportunity for them to overcome.
      It is also an opportunity for us to remain in ‘our space’, so to speak. This is the real truth of where we are in the scheme of things.
      So pleased you ‘know’ and can remain in that knowing.

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