Q6. Why are so many starving and suffering from natural disasters?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Ask a Question Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question.

Question: Why are so many starving and suffering from natural disasters; i.e., drought or floods, while I get to eat all I want? I even choose to be a veggie, and diet to keep my weight in check. It seems unfair.

We shall reply in two stages, Dear Heart.  Firstly:

Why are so many starving and suffering from natural disasters; i.e., drought or floods?

We are consciousness; we are consciousness having a fantasy. We are consciousness having a fantasy for the purpose of

  1. Entertainment

Our dearest, Carolyn is surprised that we have stopped at one. Her expectation was greater than this. Yes, indeed it was. And why was this?

This was so, Dear Hearts, because our dearest knows of many reasons why we are here within this fantasy. However, dearest, they can all come under the umbrella of ‘entertainment’.

We have spoken in our previous writings regarding the fact of the 4 billion Light Workers currently within the Earth Fantasy. We have written also about the 1.5 approx. souls or consciousnesses here within the Fantasy to obtain 100% command over the innate negativity we all suffer. And, Dear Ones, we have also written, in earnest, regarding the almost 2 billion souls here purely for the purpose of entertainment. Yes, Dear Ones, those here purely to pass the time enjoying themselves, so to speak, have no other reason to be within this particular fantasy other than to while away the time, so to speak, lavishing experience upon experience upon themselves.

And it is to this aspect of the Fantasy we should like to inform you of a role your neighbour, or friend may be experiencing. Those here for this purpose of pure entertainment are generally flitting about having one experience here and still another experience there. They will not remain bound to one experience only, Dear Hearts; this will not be for them ‘entertainment’. No, Dear Hearts, they enjoy many and varied entertainment; becoming bored very quickly and moving onto other enjoyments. Part of the sense of enjoyment is to be a part of many activities within the Fantasy.

Death, for a consciousness, Dear Hearts, is not as death to you experiencing as a human. No, indeed, Dear Ones. Death as a human presents many and varied feelings, you understand; ranging from grief to relief. Yes, Dear Hearts, depending upon your relationship with the so-called deceased will guarantee a particular emotional result. However, for the so-called deceased comes yet another chance for yet another experience; either within the Fantasy of Earth, or one (or two) of the many fantasies we have created for our enjoyment.

We hope you are staying with us long enough for the truth of our existence to evidence an answering of your question, Dear Heart. You, as a Light Worker, will be inclined to feel, to be moved by, to experience at a much deeper level the ups and downs of the Earth and those upon it. This is so, Dear Heart, because this is your role. You cannot change your role; this is impossible, Dear Heart; you will retain the thought processes arranged for the experience of being a Light Worker during this, your umpteenth time within the fantasy.

For those here to circumnavigate their innate negativity (the original purpose of the Fantasy) need negative experiences in order to affect this state of being. Once achieved, they are almost guaranteed a state of being, such as you, Dear Heart, have achieved. As written, this will take a further 3 centuries (as known within the Fantasy) to come to conclusion. The last century bearing little resemblance to the first, you appreciate.

We are hoping, Dear One, that you are beginning to appreciate that for you, as a consciousness, enjoy the Fantasy in all its diversity, and that you are coming to understand the need for negativity in the forms you quoted within your question. Yes, Dear Heart, negativity is essential for all; it being the common denominator for accomplishment:

The accomplishment of acquiring command over the innate negativity of consciousness.

We Thank You for your question, Dear One. Our Love and Blessings to you, Dear Heart.


Should you have a question we would love to hear from you – Ask a Question

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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  1. I need to understand better. I have understood the idea of entertainment in relation to the Earth Fantasy, previously. I have even chuckled at the idea of religion as entertainment.
    Perhaps part 2 will clarify the murky areas of my understanding in the answer to this question.
    I look forward to it! Thank you Carolyn! xoxo
    (I will also be re-reading this!!!)

  2. My brain isn’t understanding this post, I’m having trouble getting long posts to record what I’m reading, thanks to the pressure in my head and down the right side of my face. I will return later and see if I can follow through.
    Sorry, have a nice day.

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, we understand your dilemma. Surgery, although successful, can leave one with certain side effects which can, and do, damage tissues, nerves and reflexes. We welcome you to return when you can.
      Many Blessings to you…

  3. A post to ponder about..There are so many answers but which one is the right one..What happening the last few day it makes wonder if people are losing their HUMANITY.Jalal

    1. Indeed, Dear One, yes indeed. However, we would ask you to re-read the words written; especially, Dear Heart:
      “Yes, Dear Heart, negativity is essential for all; it being the common denominator for accomplishment.”
      We appreciate that, for most, this statement is quite shocking. However, Dear One, should you turn your thoughts inward to the words written, a little truth will begin to become evident to you.
      Many Blessings, Dear One.

  4. I think when it is all a fantasy, dear Carolyn, we have nothing to fear and we can let go of all negativity inside ourselves about all that we see and have seen and then create a peaceful mind and thereby a peaceful world…phew…that was a lot that came out of my mouthie at once…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Wonderful Day 🙂 ❤

    1. Once again, Dear Heart; the isolation that you feel is evident within your writing. We would hope that you allow those near and dear to you to extend their love to you. We see you rejecting love. Although quite evident to those who care; you, Dear Heart, miss many opportunities to receive.

    1. Massive weather events, to be sure, Dear One. As a consciousness you, and all others, cannot be harmed. However, as a human, or any other form within the Fantasy, there is great potential for harm to the physical structure/s. We suggest, Dear One, that you take this information to heart (as we know you can) and foresee the destruction as a natural state for this, and many other aspects/areas of the Fantasy.
      Many Blessings, Dear One

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