Introducing Flame (Miss Fidget)


Flame (Miss Fidget) she’s adorable and cute and mine!

Look what I found today ~ the cutest little Papillon girl there ever was!

Flame, or Miss Fidget, as I’ve been calling her this day, is 6 months old, totally captivating, and thoroughly has my heart.

I’ve added this image of Miss Fidget 24 hours after publishing this post. She is ‘right at home’ and adorable as ever!

The C.C. advised me recently (last Thursday) that we would be having a new addition to our sweet home in the form of a little Papillon dog. To say I was surprised would be true.

Overnight I became quite excited and called a number of breeders the following day. Sunday saw me investigating two adult girls, but, alas, they were not for me. However, today I emailed a few breeders expressing my interest, and I called/phoned a couple, too. Rebecca said:

“I have a little six month old who gets car sick and is a little timid for the show ring. I’ve been considering selling her as a pet.”

“Yes, please,” I said. “Can you send me an image or two?”

Within two minutes she was mine. Yes, yes, yes came the response when I saw her cute little face.


And what a surprise I had when I showed Rebecca images of our beautiful ‘Beau’ ~ our rescue dog.

“Oh, who is his breeder?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh no, he is a rescue dog,” I replied.

“Yes, but who is the breeder?”

I was quite perplexed. It must have shown on my face.

Rebecca said, “He is a Papillon!”

Oh my; I’ve had a little Papillon for 4 years and did not know it.

“But, his ears don’t have the typical length of hair, and he is quite big.”

“Yes,” replied Rebecca. “He is a big boy (11 inches) and not all Papillons have the typical fluffy ears.” He’s a Papillon!”

Two huge surprises in one. I’ve loved the Papillon Dog for so long, and had one all along. What a great day it’s been.


© 2017 Carolyn Page

Top Photo © 2017 Kutas Kennels



    1. So pleased to see you here, dear Helen. Slowly but surely… ❤
      I do hope little Dylan is okay. Animals can be such a comfort and a joy; moments we all need in our lives.
      Sending much Love to you.

    1. Hahaaa… Deepak, I can’t take credit for the image; this was one sent to me by Rebecca, the breeder! And yes, it is a ‘good shot’; she is as cute as she looks. 🙂
      And I agree; they sure do make you feel good. 🙂

      Since my reply, Deepak, I’ve added another image taken today; 24 hours after bringing her home… 🙂

    1. Thank You so much, dear Binky and Granny… (Oh yes, I know that Granny is helping with the words…. and the typing!)
      I can’t quite believe how effortlessly she is fitting in.
      Our 13 year old Sweetie has become like her mother; and is sooooo gentle with her.
      Beaux, our little 6 year old boy is treading very softly about her; I think he may feel she’ll break!
      And my man, K, is absolutely besotted with her. He even took a ‘selfie’ so as to show to clients at work.. Hahaaaa…
      All in all she is quite a success! ❤ ❤
      Lots of Love to you both! (And Granpaw too)

    1. Thank You, Anita; she is definitely a most adorable little dog.
      She is ‘full of beans’, then crashes for a little sleep like all little ones do. Then it’s up to mischief again running here and there and jumping on our other two gorgeous dogs, Sweetie and Beaux. I’m really enjoying her and the incredible sweetness and gentleness of Sweetie and Beaux. I couldn’t have asked for more!
      And to you, Anita; a wonderful day. ❤

    1. She is indeed, Jo; so lovely.
      I haven’t come across a little one like her, ever! And she is so intelligent. She already (after 36 hours) knows not to enter a couple of rooms I keep ‘animal free’, and she now knows not to use her teeth when playing with my fingers, which is often. Yes, Jo, she is fitting in wonderfully well.

      I don’t know what to call her yet. Her kennel name is Eternal Flame, which is quite beautiful; but, it doesn’t really suit her. I’ve been calling her Miss Fidget because she is a little fidgety bundle of joy; but, don’t think this is her forever name either. Oh well, I’m sure her name will present itself as we move forward.

      I do hope you are well, Jo. It’s always a treat to see you here… ❤

  1. OH Carolyn! Miss Fidget is fabulous!!!! I adore her. Flame is a special name, but Miss Fidget says it to me. I am so happy for you, and Miss Flame (just trying combining ideas). This sweet life is going to be a special joy for you, as is Beaux. Will you please give them each a loving hug or kiss, and tell them….this is from Resa! xoxoxoxo

    1. Hahaaaa, Resa; she is sooooo gorgeous. I’ve had such a wonderful few days with her, and Sweetie and Beaux; they are all so lovely together! This morning (it’s now just before 8am) she (Little Miss Flame/Fidget) and Sweetie (who is 13) were playing together like two little puppies; so cute. Sweetie has actually taken her under her wing/paw and is ‘showing her the ropes’ about the house rules, etc; just like she did with Beaux! And to top that off I’ve had such a wonderful couple of days co-hosting on your blog ~ a whirlwind of fun! 🙂

      1. Sweetie, yet another loving puppy! Okay, I know they are dogs, but all dogs are puppies, and all cats are kittens to me. You have to give Sweetie a kiss/hug for me, as I missed her in my last request. 😀
        I know how rich these days are for you, with a new life having entered your home. Sweetie sounds like a real mom, and you have a full family (including humans)
        Carolyn, it has been an immense joy having you co-hosting with me. Yes. it’s been a whirlwind of fun. I can only blame that on us, and art.
        I await your next submission, followed by another whirlwind.
        Much love to you, and all of your loved ones! _Resa xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Six days today since bringing her home, Christy. We are all, including our two gorgeous dogs, Sweetie and Beaux, absolutely besotted with her. She can’t do wrong… haha… she is way too cute for that..! ❤

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