Stoat Reflection

Stoat Reflection (Listen while you read) 


He is a friendly fellow; yes he is.

Why do you say he is not a friendly fellow; when we all know he is?

Are you saying he has two faces? One face for you and one face for me?


Well, my dear friends; we all know someone who wears two faces. Do we not? Their demeanour can be deceiving. Yes, indeed; this is true, my friends. They may appear to be friendly. Yet are they?

Some would believe we all wear two, or more faces; and, my dear friends, this can certainly be true.

Many wear two or more faces in order to protect themselves. Oh yes they do. They wear two or more faces because this is as it has been for them since time immemorial.

Would we take this self protective measure from them? Would we leave them without their natural form of defence?

I would hope not, Dear Heart.


A face, or two, is not nearly as devastating as a no face. Oh yes, Dear Ones, we all know those with a no face. Do we not?

Yes? No? Some say yes, and some say no. We shall explain:

The ‘no face’ is the individual who wears a mask. Not one or two masks, but, one mask. A mask that is impenetrable. Oh yes, Dear Ones, the ‘no mask’ does not wear expression. This would give him up; as the saying goes.

No, Dear Ones, the ‘no mask’ is usually a solitary individual bent on creating havoc. He will not have an opinion, until you speak your mind. Depending on his day he may agree with you, or not. His intention is to utterly confuse. And confuse he does, Dear Hearts; yes, confuse he does. And why does he wish to confuse?

The answer to this lies in his very nature; a nature that does not wish to mingle. No, Dear Ones, his intention is to remain alone.

Does this surprise? It surprises some, and not others.

To those for whom this comes as a surprise we say:

Not all wish to mingle, Dear Hearts. No; they would rather be alone.

2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Thank You, dear Christy!
      Yes indeed; we do need to be alert to all possibilities, so to speak. Awareness being our greatest tool… &
      remaining ‘calm’ in whatever we do 🙂

  1. Aww, the stoat is sooo cute! 😀 Yet, he is a weasel. Weasels do not have a good name in general. Many people use the word weasel to describe a person who wriggles away from confrontation, truth and other ideas. One mask, or many? It doesn’t matter. Both allow weaseling.
    This is another very insightful reflection from our dear Carolyn. 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Thank You, dear Resa.. 🙂
      It is true, and such a shame that such a sweet looking animal bears this reflection!
      But, weaseling can be a debilitating cross to bear; and not just for the observer. The individual who suffers from this anomaly must be in constant stress of being ‘found out’. I guess this could be why the reflection suggests not removing their form of ‘defence’. As long as we are aware of their lack of social skills, we remain objective and therefore protected. We can remove ourselves; like the little Papillon Puppy who sensitively manoeuvres out of harms way. Now there’s a cute image! 🙂

  2. isn’t he a cutie pie!!!!!! we all treat different people in different manners! I think double face means when we have one thing in heart another in tongue! Even that is forced upon us sometimes by “decorum” or “decency” 🙂

    I will humbly agree with jim carey in liar liar when he told his son his wife would have been devastated if he told her she looked like a fat cow during her pregnancy!

    1. There is a difference between diplomacy, Sharmishtha, and having a dual, multiple faces and no face. If you re-read the text this may become evident to you.
      Yes, Jim Carey certainly was very entertaining in Liar, Liar.

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