Q3. Why is there so much Violence in the World?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question.

Please be aware: When The C.C. speak about our achieved perfection, they are referring to our lives as a consciousness only, and not as a consciousness/soul within human form. We, Light Workers in human form, have an agreed upon task to pursue the perfected state:  An absence of fear.

Why is there so much Violence in the World?

Listen while you read 

This is an easy question to answer, Dear Hearts. The reason why there is much violence in the world is because we have created man to be of a violent nature. This was done to remind him of our beginnings.

We would love for you to read about our beginnings, Dear Hearts. When you do you will begin the process of change. “Change”, we hear you say!

Yes, change, Dear Ones. And to what will you change? Once again an easy question.

You will begin the change from ignorance to truth.

We shall not go into this subject more than to say, Dear Ones. It is now time to awaken to the truth of our beginnings. For, Dear Hearts, it is now time to move on from ignorance of the truth to knowing consciously why you are here, and what is expected of you.

You, Dear Heart, have agreed to change. You, Dear One, have agreed to accept the challenge of change. You, Dear Heart, will, at some time, resolve the doubts and move forward to change.

Our dearest, Carolyn, wishes for us to say more about the challenges to come. We shall, dearest; yes, we shall.

Over the coming century there will be an abundance of violence. Do not fear this statement; it is intended not to alarm; but to forewarn you of things to come. For the Light Workers of the World this will not cause you harm; you will not, unless you choose, be affected by the violence. You are safe, Dear Heart; this is not your intent to be affected nor present in violent circumstances. Know this is not your mission and all will be well. Those who are to be affected are those here strictly for the purpose of circumnavigating the innate negativity, which we all suffer. Know also, Dear Ones, that you, as a Light Worker, have already achieved this state of perfection and, as such, do not need further challenges in this regard.

Do not also be concerned for those who have yet to perfect themselves. They will be given ample challenges by which to achieve perfection. Compassion for their plight is all that is expected and required from you.

Violence: A necessity for those who have yet to perfect themselves.


Should you have a question we would love to hear from you – Ask a Question

©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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    1. Indeed, Dear Heart, we know this is true for you. We would ask, however, that instead of being repulsed, as you’ve stated; ask for a better view. That is, Dear One, ask to see all violence as a means for those engaged within the activity as being challenged to overcome their innate negativity.
      We have all; you, and all Light Workers have experienced violence as a challenge to acquire conscious perfection. Then, Dear Heart, ask for compassion for those who are seeking conscious perfection, but, without sensing their fear.
      We shall leave this with you, Dear Heart.
      Many Blessings.

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