Q2. How does a Light Worker live more effectively in the present moment?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  Following is a question to get the ball rolling, so to speak. It is not the first question asked; however, it is the first to be posted using our new format. The remaining two questions will appear as I am inspired to reveal them…… mine is not to question why!   xoxoxo

How does a Light Worker live more effectively in the present moment; in particular, when the brain tries to interfere with intrusive thoughts?

Listen while you read 

This is a common problem amongst Light Workers, Dear Heart. In fact, it is a common problem for man.

How to deal with this? We shall tell you, Dear One.

Awareness is your greatest tool to prevent this and many other inordinacies of the brain. Yes, Dear Heart; you would do well to keep in mind the inordinacies that intrude upon your daily living. Be not afraid of the inordinacies; but, bear in mind they will intrude as often as they dare.

We say this, Dear Heart, because the brain is an instrument under your control. Is it not? Is there another within your mind directing your thoughts, Dear Heart? No, Dear One, there is not; there is only you. Therefore, Dear Heart, we make this comment to bring this to your conscious awareness. There is nought but you controlling, or not controlling your thought processes.

With this as the premise from which all things emanate; i.e., you, Dear Heart, being the controller at the computer as it were – you, and you alone are in command of the buttons, Dear Heart. The buttons of thought you either push, pull or regard as ‘off limits’.

When you appreciate this in its totality, you must, by adherence to common sense, make every effort to be the best controller available. You get the drift, Dear One!


When this awareness, and possible visual image; i.e., you as the controller sitting upright before any matter at hand; adjust your thinking to your powerful position, you then, Dear Heart, must manage said computer with diligence and calm.

Yes, Dear Heart; calm is always your dearest friend. Is it not?

We have spoken with you upon this subject, Dear Heart. Have we not? It can be, and is the answer for many of the brain’s inordinacies.

Before, during and after a happening, Dear One; calm is the only cure. Indeed, Dear Heart; awareness and calm will always win the day.

Many blessings, Dear Heart; Many Blessings.

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©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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    1. Many, Dear One, still live in the myths of old. And what are the myths of old? We shall tell you, Dear Heart.

      The myths of old are those that kept you in the dark. Oh yes, Dear Heart; they, the myths of old, convinced you that you had no power over your thoughts. This is true, Dear Heart. For many this myth continues its meandering through their happenings. Some know of what they do; and some rather believe they do not have power over their thoughts.

      Have you not encountered those who do not wish to accept their power of awareness, Dear One? And why do some not wish to accept the observations awareness brings? That is right, Dear Heart. They do not wish to acknowledge the power that awareness can bring because, yes, Dear One; this acceptance would ask of them more than they are willing to give.

      Yes, Dear Heart; self aggrandizement would have to take a back seat should self awareness become the norm for such individuals. They could not deny nor hide their heads in the sand when awareness of one’s power becomes evident. And this, Dear Heart, is the main reason why self awareness takes a back seat in the minds of some.

      To answer the second part of your concern, Dear Heart:

      It has always been available to man, and beast; though, not always has it been accepted.

      1. This is quite a difficult one for me to get my brain around. I suspect that whether a person is religious or an atheist would influence the perception of why. And what happens when we die.

        1. We can only speak from truth, Dear Heart.

          Religion was created as a form of entertainment. As consciousness we enjoy the fantasies we have created. As such, we move with lightning speed through the various eras upon Earth. Before religion there were tribes of men yielding the power of aggression. Before that, Dear Heart, was the abomination of brutal ignorance, and on and on.

          As a consciousness we do not have need of myth/fallacy, or any untruth, Dear Heart. You, Dear One, are open minded; we know this of you. This is your soul’s intent: To have an experience of enjoyment that encapsulates that which smacks of openness. To say that you are closed minded, Dear Heart, would be an untruth. Yes? Yes, Dear Heart; we know this will resonate with you.

          We do not wish to offend those of a religious bent; they are having the experience agreed upon before entering the fantasy; indeed. However, they will, over time, come to the realisation of oneness of consciousness and individualization within the whole. Much will become known to them and to you, Dear Heart, as you question your thoughts, beliefs and concerns. Know that your question will resolve itself in time. You have a good heart, mind and soul; one that shall not lead you astray.

          For information regarding “what happens when we die”, our dearest Carolyn suggests you may care to watch one of our latest videos on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ7rC2aEb2A. We shall leave this with you, Dear One; you have much to ponder!

    1. We enjoy your ‘heart’, Dear One. It is a heart known to us.
      We would ask; however, that you allow the heart to speak more often. Indeed, Dear One, you ‘shut down’ this aspect of yourself more than you allow. And why do you do this?
      You, Dear One, fear that others may find this effeminate; yes you do, Dear One.
      May we invite you to ask a question? We would be very pleased to address your concern.

  1. Religion as a form of entertainment… Lol! Obviously developed before internet, although much religion is available online.
    However, on topic, my brain interferes a lot at certain times. I totally am aware that this is happening when it does, and an effort is needed to shake it.
    Perhaps I am too, often looking for that outside sign of assurance, instead of the inside signs.
    Very recently someone gave me the gift of clean windows. I live on a main street. The windows get coated with city slime, and it can be not nice. So, while going through a bit of inner yuck, when I saw the clear windows I thought… this is a great sign of something good. Now I wonder about my inner windows. Maybe I should get those cleaned? xoxoxo

    1. We enjoy your sense of humour, Dear Heart. It also preserves a sense of trust for those who appreciate its sincerity.
      We know of your troubles, Dear Heart; you are not alone. We have very little to say in this regard. We know you are aware ~ the first step to ‘so-called’ enlightenment. We need only encourage you to be ‘all that you can be’, which we know is your direction.
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart.

  2. Thank you to the CCC for your detailed response. The awareness I had was obviously very very limited in regard to the brains intrusive thoughts. In this brief period since your post and accepting I have the ability to be in total control of my thoughts, I have already observed a small improvement. I have a loooooooong way to go of course…

    The cute little image is also wonderful metaphor for this topic. I popped it on my desktop as a visual reminder.

    Apologies for needing the repeated reminders in regard to calm. Won’t happen again!!

    Thank you kindly once again 

    1. Remain Calm
      This little poem, Dear Heart, was our dearest’s saving grace, as the saying goes, when she experienced the debilitating illness of the past that saw her bedridden for many months. Her mind was given enormous amounts of negativity, Dear One. Why was this done? This was her experience, an agreed upon experience, to ensure our dearest had the strength to pursue the road that lay before her. And this we say to you, Dear Heart.
      The road you are travelling is one agreed upon. It is now time to accept this truth. Should you continue to deny the truth you must, inevitably fail. Yes, Dear Heart; we speak openly so as to convince you of the need to put ‘the work’ into motion.
      Consistency will be your greatest friend. Will it not?
      We trust that you will heed this advice. We do not like to lose a warrior.
      Many Blessings, Dear One.

    1. Hello Kathrin, welcome to an uplifted sense of self. For this, Dear One, is what our post conveys. Does it not? Indeed it does, Dear Heart. We look forward to hearing from you again.
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart.

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