Backwards Aging No: 7


Backwards Aging or Aging Backwards

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Welcome to the seventh video on Aging Backwards. I delight in you viewing the changes that have been occurring for me over the past months.

The following is a duplication of the first in our series on Backwards Aging.

(Listen while you read) 

Backwards aging; a phenomenon for the Light Workers of the World.

Hello, Carolyn here. I’d like to welcome you to my YouTube channel . For those of you who have read my About Page, you’ll have a little understanding of who I am, and why I have created ABC of Spirit Talk.

My journey has been quite wonderful, over the past months. I have been watching myself aging backwards; as The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) advised would happen. This, they say, is the result of the diligent work I have been doing upon myself to rid the negatives from my mind and body.

This process, that of removing the negatives, allows the Light to shine, so to speak. Calm, and a quiet resolve become the watchwords for those of us whose intention is to become all that we can be.

Should you feel you are a Light Worker, someone who needs to be continually growing and developing, you may be interested to follow my YouTube journey over the coming year. Together, it is my hope, we shall see the physical changes occurring for me.

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I am particularly enjoying your work Carolyn, and as I absorb it, and transform my thinking, I recall some great words of advice, to which I am adhering. One step at a time.
    Stay well

    1. Indeed, Harlon; I’ve often repeated those words to myself. And they are certainly true. We can only do as we can do for now. The hardest thing for me to do, in times past, was keeping myself from wanting it all now (or, even sooner, thank you very much!) 🙂
      It pleases me enormously to read your words. Thank You so much for letting me know. 🙂

  2. Whew! i can’t believe a whole month went by, again!
    I’m going back to the previous post. I didn’t comment, yet, as I was fascinated by the other comments, and would like to read the notes on religion.
    I enjoyed the video, and your blog looks neat and together. I’ve been away from my computer a lot lately, as I just finished an Art Gown.
    Okay, much love! xoxoxo 😀

    1. Yes, indeed, dear Resa; for me, too, the days are flying past; though, I’m not complaining; they are light filled and enjoyable. And it seems for you too! I took a look at ‘Art Gowns’, but, you’re obviously not at the posting stage! I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I know it will be heavenly… 🙂

      1. Yes…. heavenly is a perfect word in some ways, I hope in all ways. Mysterious? Yes! Answered after my posting, but I may have to send you an email. xoxo

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