Carolyn’s Tipz ~ A Better View!

A Better View  (Listen while you read)


Ask for a better view. Does this sound funny, Dear Ones? Yes, to some this may indeed sound funny.

And why would we ask for a better view?

We may wish to ask for a better view when the view we have does not entertain us.

Entertain us?

Yes. When our view; our mental view does not entertain us, we need to ask for a better view.

And why would we want a better view?

Sometimes, we need a better view when the view we have causes us strife.

Strife, you say!

Yes, strife.

And what is strife?

That’s an easy question; yes it is. Strife causes us conflict; indeed it does. Whenever we are in conflict, our view is not pleasant. No, indeed, my dear friends; conflict is not pleasant.

And what can we do when we feel conflict within?

We can ask for a better view; that’s right.


Give it a go! When you feel conflict within; ask; that’s right; ask. And if your desire is true, a better view will come to you.

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

29 thoughts on “Carolyn’s Tipz ~ A Better View!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Carolyn!
    Today’s view of love, hearts, roses and chocolates is looking fabulous.
    However, should I find myself needing a better view tomorrow or the next day, I will ask!

    1. Hahaaaa ….. Wonderful view, Resa… Half your luck ~ most girls would be over the moon with such a view!
      We don’t, as a rule, celebrate Valentines Day; however, 2 bunches of flowers, and a gorgeous smile, sure made my view quite splendid too!
      And, like you; tomorrow will take care of itself… 🙂

    1. Happy Valentines Day to you too, Maverick… ❤
      Yes, a new perspective sure can freshen up one's thoughts. Why, just this morning, whilst having brunch with my beautiful daughter, she offered a new perspective! I've been glowing ever since… 😉 😉

  2. I agree conflict comes within and nothing is more better than to ask so we must ask and a better view definitely will knock our door. A much amazing read. 👌👍

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