Q4. Why Do We All Want a Partner?

Recently, The C.C. and I created a ‘Page’ where you, my dear readers, could ask questions of us.  The following is one such question.

Why Do We All Want a Partner?

Listen while you read 

You tell me! Why do ‘you’ want a partner?

Yes, that is right, Dear Hearts. Company. Company. Company. It is that simple.

Though there are those who choose to be alone, and this is right for them; the majority enjoy company; even if that company is not pleasant. And why is this? This is so because, for man, company enables progress. We shall explain:

Man/woman need the company of others in order to develop and grow; for the most part, you understand, Dear Heart. Company means controversy; indeed yes, Dear Ones. Do we not encounter opposition when in company? Yes? No? Most agree that company provides opposition. And what is the general result when we meet opposition?

This varies for the individual; however, in the main we (man, you appreciate) encounters ‘self’ when he meets opposition. Without company and the ensuing opposition, man would remain stagnant, still, without forward momentum, you appreciate, Dear Heart.

Yes, company, in any form requires of us more than solitary aloneness.

Our dearest, Carolyn, reminds us that some can feel ‘alone’ when in company. And this is certainly true for many. Our dearest suffered this stance herself not so long ago. And this we say to those who suffer aloneness when in company.

Be assured that, given time and a desire to overcome this debilitating state, you will, Dear One. Time is your friend in this regard. Our dearest overcame, and so too will you.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

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©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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  1. Dear Carolyn,
    Thank you so much for sharing wonderful post
    For me, I need a partner to accompany me in life by sharing good and bad times, passion for love and all things that can be done with mutual consent
    Have a very nice week dear

    1. In order to know the heart it must be tested. Yes?
      Your testing is now to begin in earnest, Dear One. Agree to engage with love, and love will see you through.
      Our dearest Carolyn agrees, Dear One. It is not what love can do for you; but, what you can do for love.
      Many blessings to you, Dear Heart.

  2. Hunkering in alone, away from all others is a state I have experienced for only short bits of time (minutes… hours). However, if animals are included…. maybe never.
    The thing about a partner is… pick a good one. Comfort and happiness lie upon your threshold.

    1. Company, Dear One, is for those who enjoy the art of conversation. There are, alas, those who do not converse even when in stimulating company. This is evident everywhere. Is it not?
      We are pleased to inform you, Dear Heart; that you, Miss Talking Under Water, will never be accused of that… ❤
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart.
      (Have we found a new name for you?)

  3. Great answer, dear Carolyn ❤ I think we were made to have a partner, so no-one is ever alone. Just like Noah's Arc. Granny is my "partner", I share my world with her…and every mousey that I own, which happens to be also two…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful Day 🙂 ❤

    1. It is a joy to hear from you, Dear Heart; yours is a most complimentary life indeed. We liken your life to a petal of a flower; one that is enriched by the earth that is complimented by the air. This awakens a softness within. Does it not, Dear Heart? Do you not feel the lightness of the flower’s petal as it touches your face? Do you not embrace such softness? Do you not enjoy the moment in-between moments, Dear One. Indeed you do. We see all this and more in your face and we enjoy each moment with you, Dear Heart.
      Many Blessings are yours. Many Blessings are to be yours.

    1. There is a common misconception, Dear Heart, that man is an animal; this will continue in man’s thinking for some good time. However, Dear Heart, man will come to a point in his evolution when this misconception will be overcome. Man is similar to many beasts; however, there is a slight difference in his make-up that sets him apart from animals. I wonder if you can guess, Dear One?
      Our dearest Carolyn is perplexed and would love to have more details concerning this. Indeed, she asks that we answer this here and now! It will not take long, dearest.
      DNA speaks of man’s, animals, etc., genetic make-up. If we dare to think of DNA being the one and only determinator we would indeed be making an immature exposé; indeed we would.
      In the not too distant future there will be yet more appreciations which shall evidence multiple differences DNA cannot detect.
      We await this happenstance with much delight, Dear One, for it will not only show man’s ignorance of truth; but will evidence new thought that shall generate a completely new view of man’s place amongst the many forms we have created for our delight.
      Many Blessings to you, Dear Heart.

    1. Indeed it is, Dear Heart. However, for the sake of expediency, our dearest engages the help of me, her soul; something that is available to all, Dear One. In this, our dearest experiences truth, without the debilitating effects of the human brain that can, and does distort truth through its known function.
      Therefore, Dear Heart, won’t you join with us in circumnavigating the brain and allow your soul enter your thoughts. This will remove the need for you to feel isolated, Dear Heart, which causes you to be a little ‘on guard’ in your interactions. Your brief comments are one example of this debilitation.
      Many Blessings, Dear One

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