A Steep Learning Curve

Well, well, well, dearest, you are on a steep learning curve. Yes?

Yes, indeed I am.

And tomorrow, dearest, will bring even more steep learning. We shall explain:

As you know the documentation has come to an end. Yes?


Indeed, dearest; your work, in this regard, has come to a close. Yes?

Yes, I believe so.

Are you pleased with this finalisation?

I am pleased in the sense that I now know that a chapter has closed, albeit one I will always treasure. And secondly, I am pleased because I know that life will now direct me in another direction, so to speak.

And pray tell, dearest, what direction is that?

I do believe that now is the time for me to spread the teachings far and wide.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is true. And how will this be achieved? We shall tell you, dearest, yes we shall. Your voice will be heard by many; in person and upon the various screens available for conversing worldwide. Yes?

Yes, once again I believe that will be the case.

And are you looking forward to this maturation, dearest?

Yes, I am indeed looking forward to these changes. I am even quietly excited about the changes to come. As you said; I am on a steep learning curve at present.

Pray tell, dearest.

I am booked to give a number of presentations, and have been busily preparing for them. I’ve also been investigating Zoom meetings/webinars and such because I know this will also be a part of the future for me.

And this is something you will enjoy, dearest?

Yes. The thought of entering this new phase of my work is quite joyful for me.

Indeed, dearest. It will also be ‘joyful’ for many others.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. So true, Rebecca! Thank goodness I’ve been given the energy (hahah). I’ve been moving so fast lately; both physically and mentally.
      My life is certainly changing – and I’m loving it.
      There is also a touch of melancholy too. I’ve loved the past twenty five years of documenting!
      But, off we go into the wild blue yonder… climbing high into the sky!
      Hugs back…

    1. I will, Lulu, I will enjoy bringing joy!
      Just like your Dada. He knows a thing or two about bringing joy.
      Hugs to you, Charlie and Chaplin – Dada’s pride and joy!

  1. Sounds like exciting times ahead, Carolyn! A learning curve to benefit you and those you’re Zooming with or presenting to, who’ll be lucky to have you. Wishing you well!! xx

    1. So appreciated, Caz; your well wishes really are a treasure.
      And maybe, if I’m lucky, you’ll be one of the faces on the screen. I couldn’t think of anything I’d love more!

    1. Thank You, Michael, I absolutely appreciate your best wishes!
      And I hope you will accept an invitation for one (or more) of the ‘virtual’ meetings on screen at some future time; your company would be most welcome!
      Indeed, I would be ‘tickled pink’ to see you.

    1. Thank You, Dear Mihaela.
      Last night was the second of my presentations ‘locally’. I enjoyed it so very much. My daughter said it was so uplifting that she, her husband, son and his girlfriend went out for some ice-cream afterwards. I was tickled pink to hear her say that.
      Yes indeed, we all need a joyful message!
      Many Blessings, Dear Mihaela

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