I Feel So Satisfied, is What Our Dearest Has Said

Sweetie, Beau & Pebble taken October 2019 – Happy to see us!

Listen while you read

I feel so satisfied, is what our dearest has said.

Yes, Dear Brave Hearts; this is what will occur the moment you choose the direction of life that takes you on to vitality and health.

We do, however, want to stress:  For those suffering illness, do not always see themselves as being satisfied with the direction their lives have taken. This is so, Dear Ones. And to this we shall direct a word or two.

In life as a consciousness experiencing, comes many choices. We can choose to live a life of abundance, as many of those here for the sake of entertainment are doing.

Or, for many, comes the choice to be counted amongst the four billion or so here to stabilise the energies of the new age of perfection.

Amongst many Light Workers are those who have chosen illness as the form of experience they, as a consciousness, have agreed to experience.

Our dearest Carolyn has been counted amongst the Light Workers who has chosen to experience many illnesses throughout her experience. This, as we have advised our dearest, is no longer to be a part of her present or her future.

And this we say to you, Dear Heart:  Do not be discouraged by the state of your health. Should you be working toward ridding yourself of fear; exercising within your current physical limitations; eating the healthiest of foodstuffs available to you; then Dear One, as our dearest Carolyn you too will enjoy the feeling of satisfaction.

Many Blessings to All

2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Thank You, Lulu. And I love your beautiful avatar… What a great threesome!!!

      Speaking of threesomes; our dear Sweetie is no longer with us in the flesh; she went to puppy heaven just a few weeks back on the 18th January 2020. Now we have the mighty twosome (those two little whities hogging the camera – Beau & Pebble). But, we know our dear Sweetie is still with us in spirit. We miss her, but we are sure glad we had her company for so many great years!

      Sending you all hugs and kisses…

        1. Shame! So sorry!

          Yes, that’s a very appropriate description – ‘love commotion’…
          Our little Sweetie, the little red puppy-dog passed away during January. We all miss her, of course, but so glad we had her company for so many years.
          Our two remaining love bundles are still just as voluble when we greet them every morning. 😀

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