Running For Life!

Due to our dearest’s inability at this time to exercise on the dance floor we have sent our dearest Carolyn out onto the road. Yes indeed we have. And what is the purpose of this?

The purpose, Dear Ones, is to continue our dearest’s backward aging by running. Yes indeed, dear Brave Hearts; we, our dearest’s guidance and safety, have sent our dearest out with runners and not high heels.

Is our dearest enjoying this form of exercise? Indeed she is, Dear Ones, indeed she is.

As a youngster our dearest was a natural runner winning the highest accolades each of her school days. Indeed our dearest represented her school at running carnivals hither and thither. We did not encourage our dearest to train for such events. No, Dear Hearts, we offered this entertainment to her as succour, of sorts, in which she could excel and be recognised.

Today, however, this ‘entertainment’ has a profound bearing upon our dearest’s body, mind and spirit. For, Dear Ones, today’s running has much more pertinence.  Today’s running is yesterday’s dancing. We shall explain:

As mentioned in earlier writings there is a need for all who wish to attain Love and Perfection whilst on Earth to follow a certain regime. One regime is the continued reading of the materials we have offered in order for the mind of man to be upheld within the values of reality. Were you not to continue the love and support engendered within the writings, Dear Heart, you will slowly but surely regress.

Secondly, Dear One, there is the need to nourish the body with the best available to you; forgoing, as much as possible, the carcinogens inherent within sugar; the main culprit acting as a poison to the body and mind.

And thirdly, Dear Hearts: There is a need for exercise according to the constraints of each individual.

We ask that you do not overdo exercise. As we have mentioned in earlier writings:

For those whose desire is to follow our dearest’s path to Love and Perfection will come a lessening of the need of exercise to exact a particular outcome. That is, Dear Ones; you will be awarded much by way of muscle strength without the usual amount of effort.

Many Blessings to All

© 202Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Charlie, I never ever thought I’d be talking about running as a form of exercise! I definitely thought my running days were long gone! 🙂 However, never say never; as the saying goes. 😎
      It’s very early days; I’ve been out only three times, running only two kilometres (just over a mile) with a few walks in between a rather slow jog. It’s the breathing I have to sort. I’m practising breathing through my mouth and nose (again) to build up the oxygen intake. Totally different to dancing! I have found, though, that with each run I get better oxygen uptake. The last jog was very surprising; with better oxygen allowing a much easier run!
      Yes, I’m loving it… 🙂

      1. Haha, you’re doing the couch to 5k programme, without the programme. You’re not supposed to be able to that without the App 😂😂 Well done Carolyn, I’m glad you’re enjoying it 👏👏👍

        1. I have immediately googled ‘couch to 5k’. Lots of great info! I’ve also remembered that Veronica (daughter) and her husband were joining in on a 5k run on Saturdays (before she began Roller Derby in 2018). Hmmmmm… lots to think about!!!
          In the meantime, I’ll get myself ‘out there’ and enjoy the freedom I’m feeling – with the wind in my hair and a smile on my face… 😂 😂
          Who would’a thought….

          1. So was Veronica doing Parkrun? Local clubs run a Couch to 5k course and then bring a load of them to our Parkrun for their “graduation” lol. Of course Parkrun is now banned until after the apocalypse. But yes, the main thing is to enjoy, I Iike the solitude and the head space, afraid I don’t feel the wind in my hair any longer just kinda glides over my head lol. xx

            1. Vron just said – yes she was doing Parkrun, but, not Couch to 5k. They did give her times and general info regarding her position in her age group, etc. What fun! 🙂

              1. Haha yeah I used to love getting that email to say the results were in and you can walk, jog, run, with kids, dogs and buggies 😉 It is a phenomenon, started 15 years ago with 13 people in Bushy Park, London. I’m on the core team here in Beverley, so very rarely run it as we do it on the Westwood (basically a great field lol) so takes a bit of setting out. By the way Mex Grocer now has Blue Maseca Tortilla Corn Flour 1kg I guess that’s okay for Pinole? 🙂

                1. What a great way to socialise and keep fit whilst having fun! You sure have a great track record (pun intended)! 🙂
                  I’d say yes to the Blue Maseca. According to the google search it’s the real deal.
                  Google search:
                  (Blue Maseca Tortilla Corn Flour 10 x 1kg
                  Masa Harina is authentic tortilla corn flour made from ground, dried maize. Ideal for making masa harina dough for tortillas, empanadas, enchiladas, and huaraches. This is nixtamalizada flour, meaning it is treated with lime for freshness.)
                  Enjoy the Pinole! 🙂

  1. Run, Carolyn, Run! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
    Before getting sick & such, I used to run. Nothing too serious, just around locally on my own listening to music and it was so, so freeing and refreshing. I miss being able to do that. Even a brisk walk or gentle jog is good. Stay safe & well lovely xx

    1. Hahahahahah…. That took me back! A little before my time, Caz, but a goodie. The song, Run Rabbit Run has also been used in a number of ‘horror’ movies over the past few decades! Reminds me of the saying: Everything old is new again.

      Yuk! I can’t imagine what it must be like not to be able to do so many things that others take for granted; especially when the mind is so able. (As you know I have suffered through quite a number of illnesses throughout my life, though temporary and with full recovery.)

      However, I do know The C.C. have asked us to do whatever is within our capacity; however little this may seem to be. And this is all that is asked of us: To remain true to our own bodily structures and capabilities.

      What a fabulous young woman you are, Caz; a girl with a great heart and mind.

      After posting this, Caz, and whilst washing up I remembered Forrest Gump and those immortal words ‘Run Forrest Run’…
      Either way I’m still laughing!!!


      1. And yet despite what you’ve been through, the health challenges you’ve faced and the issues you continue to deal with, you show such motivation to move forward, so much brightness that you’re able to share with others. That’s incredible because it can be so easy to let it grind you down and make you bitter or empty with negativity.
        Love the videos! Run Rabbit Run is so catchy, you can’t get it out of your head easily! Maybe you can think of that the next time you go out for a run, Forest. Oops, I mean Carolyn 😉 xx

  2. Charlee: “Mama and Dada have been exercising on the rowing machine while they haven’t been able to go to the dance studio.”
    Chaplin: “They got it early last year. Dada uses about three times a week. He says he credits it with helping him not die when his cerebral aneurysm ruptured in November.”
    Lulu: “Wow, that’s a pretty good return on investment!”

    1. I know how Mama and Dada feel about their rower, Charlee, Chaplin and Lulu. I luv mine! And, I’ve started to use it again after a little ‘no workout’ interlude for what seems an eternity – probably a few weeks! Not sure anymore!!!!! For me it can be a feast or a famine… Hahahhhhh..
      However, not so at the moment. Row, row, row your boat… 🎜🎜🎜
      I’m so pleased the investment paid off… Phew!

  3. Dancing is a passion of mine, and I freestyle in the house all the time. I am also running on the spot, daily Zumba, and Hiit workouts , all with a cast on. Can’t wait to get back to boxing, kickboxing, flipping tires, and lifting weights.

    1. I know, Susie, from your posts that you are an incredibly fit and energetic woman; I love your posts.
      Dancing is such fun. We haven’t been able to go dancing now for about six months due to Keith’s knee injury; and, of course, we couldn’t now even if K was fit. Only this morning, though, I danced some of our Australian New Vogue around the living room. I adore dancing; it’s a great way to keep fit.
      I also linked to the zumba workouts from your blog… What great fun they were!
      Not long now before that cast comes off… 🙂

  4. There are a few elderly people that run by my house every morning. I often wonder if they ran all their life as they seem to be in their 80’s and never out of breath. Such stamina!

    1. I’m looking forward to that day… lol…
      It’s really a matter of staying injury free! I’ve had to put the brakes on just now else I overdo it. I’d love to be one of those people in their 80s running with great stamina.. 🙂

  5. I miss my 3 hour walks. Not allowed!
    However, I used to teach Hatha Yoga. Now, I have designed a Hatha Yoga workout, for today.
    It’s going well!
    I’m hoping restrictions will be eased in 3 weeks, and walking out of my neighbourhood will be allowed, again!
    Keep running! It sounds perfect for you!

    1. Three hour walks. Wow, Resa, my walks are generally an hour and a bit! Hahah..

      Well, how about that – more talent hidden! Hatha Yoga teacher. You are a constant surprise!

      As for the running, I’ve had to pull back a tad. I started to develop heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Not surprising since I’ve spent the last decades in high heels. The cure is to exercise and stretch (slowly) the plantar fascia; plus walking barefoot to wake up the smaller foot muscles, which I’m doing (inside) – in socks – it’s getting cold here in Oz! So, I’ll take it more slowly once I resume running. In the meantime walking is just fine…

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