A Second Viewing

A conversation I just had with The C.C…….. Thursday 26 March 2020

Our dearest is concerned, Dear Hearts. And what is she concerned about? Our dearest is concerned about her lack of fear; indeed she is, Dear Ones. And why is she concerned about her lack of fear? Our dearest is concerned that her lack of fear will be considered a lack of compassion and understanding of the situation faced upon the Fantasy of Earth currently. And this we have to say to our dearest.

It is a lack of fear that has enabled you to remain buoyant, happy and fresh of mind throughout the experience, dearest. Without this lack of fear you would be as the majority experiencing the current troubles. Would you not?…….

We continued to converse and as we did I was reminded of a post I published in regard to fear. I would like to place it here for a second viewing:

Early Morning Walk Thoughts – January 16 2019

Whilst out walking this morning I remembered my spiritual counselling days back in the 90s and early noughties. Specifically, I remembered Soul Friend and his wonderful teachings. Michael, as he was known to me gave me understandings about the brain of man and helped me to appreciate the mischief of its ways. (Just as a little aside: Michael/Soul Friend was one of the guises used by The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) to communicate with me until 2005 when they advised me of the work I now do.)

One of the invaluable advices was in regard to the energy of fear. He taught me that fear is not to be feared. It is but an emotion; one that when looked squarely in the eye will dissipate into the nothingness from which it came.

I smile as I write these words; for, Soul Friend had been a constant companion for over a decade; a companion that gave me great instruction, love and friendship. Yes, he was a thought transference only. However, it was as real to me as you are reading my writings.

He advised me to sit with a fear. This advice scared me silly. However, the trust I had in him allowed me to follow his word.

There I sat with a fear. The energy was horrendous. He asked me to let it do its worst. The energy became all pervading making me feel quite queasy and shaky. He said I should let it continue. I did. He then said it would begin to dissipate; it was only energy; energy that, once it had had its way, would slowly decrease and be gone.

And this was the understanding I began to appreciate in regard to any emotion/energy. Energy of any kind needs to be acknowledged, respected, and allowed to present itself in whatever way is appropriate. The more we try to hide from it, pretend it doesn’t exist, the more affected by it we will be.

I, especially, used this method to show myself, and others, of the need not to fear, fear.


If you haven’t as yet read our free books this may be a good time to settle down, read, and enjoy.

Should you be interested to have the understanding of who we are and what we are doing here upon Earth, we welcome you to our writings, Dear Ones.

Many Blessings

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Fear is an emotion agree. But I think rather than fear prayers and positive attitude will work. We all need to fight by staying home and be safe. Stay safe and stay positive Carolyn. Much love Anjali❤️

        1. “Energy, of any kind, needs to be acknowledged, respected and allowed to present itself, in whatever way is appropriate”. 
          – Thank you for this❣ I think I often try to ignore the energy and this causes more harm than actually acknowledging it with respect.

    1. I would say, Dorothy, that the energy of love is a step toward not fearing. However, until we can actually learn not to fear, fear; love can be just a cover up, so to speak.
      In my experience of sitting with fear I have learned that it really is just energy; an energy that will dissipate if I allow it to ‘have its way’.
      This was exceedingly difficult to do all those years back. However, I am so pleased that I allowed myself to experience the awful feelings it produced. In so doing I also learned that I had mastery over it; I did not have to be controlled by it; I could free myself from it.
      Today I am vigilant. I know that fear is an integral aspect of the human make-up; we will always be subject to fear. I am also aware that, because I am vigilant (and able to recognise fear) the unique energy of fear is instantly distinguished. I then reinforce my desire not to be subject to it, and, these days, my desire becomes my reality instantly, or within moments I am free of fear.

  2. Excellent, Carolyn and I have to agree with you to the point where I am careful what I say; people do think that, as you say, we have no compassion, even though I am probably coming from a different angle to yourself. Fear has to be controlled and used to your advantage X

    1. I can see that you, dear Charlie, have always faced your fears and got on with getting on. I would love for you to try the practice described within the post. It is very scary, at first – who likes feeling fear? No me, and I’m sure – not you.
      But I can guarantee that were you to try this very scary practise you will come out of it wondering why you haven’t been doing it to date!!!

  3. Fear, fear is very pervasive at the moment especially. Sitting with fear isn’t easy but that’s part of understanding and harnessing it and taking the fire out of it. Very interesting post. Please stay safe & as well as possible, Carolyn.  ♥
    Caz xx

    1. Your comment makes my little heart sing, Caz. You have it in a nutshell.
      The purpose of ‘sitting with it’ is to do exactly as you’ve said; it takes the fire out of it – an especially good analogy!
      And when we can do this over and over again as needed, we come to the realisation that there is really nothing to fear, but the energy/emotion of fear. We can take away the sting, the discomfort, the paralysing effect that fear produces.
      As we come to this realisation, and with further practise, this then can become a way of life that takes us further and further from the demoralising effect of fear, and from fear itself.
      This is the perfection of which The C.C. speak. It is a lack of fear due to the practice of navigating our way ‘through’ the fear. The end result is living our lives ‘free of fear’.
      Thank You so much for your constructive thought patterns and your indomitable spirit.
      I adore you….

  4. Oh, Carolyn, that was a great postie and Granny is so relieved that she’s not the only one who has a lack of fear…phew…what a relieve. We have learnt the same thing, face the fear and let go. Fear is ego, consciousness is heart. We can’t explain it as you can, but we spend our time usefully, knowing that everything is going to be better than before. A brand new world…how does it get any better than this…MOL😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞

    1. Just washed my hands very hard, Binky and Dear Granny; so I could write to you!!! 😻

      “A brand new world…how does it get any better than this…MOL😸”
      Funny that you should say this. Only this morning I was thinking upon what the world will ‘look like’ when the current condition ends. It looked so good, dear Binky and Granny. A brand new world – as you said…
      Lots of hugs, kisses, pawkisses – and more!
      🤗😘🐾 🤗😘🐾 🤗😘🐾 ❤️💞❤️

  5. “I hope you are safe 🙂”
    And you, Moushmi… ❤️
    Yes, life continues on as usual… There’s housework, shopping as needed, then there’s housework, talking with friends and family, then there’s housework, cooking, cleaning, and checking up on friends on WP…. Oh yes; and then there’s housework….. 😀
    Did I say that life continues on as usual? 😎

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