Spiritual Insights – Day 5

Day 5 – A Journey of My Spiritual Experiences   (Listen while you read)

Tyr - Norse God of courage
‘Tyr’ by lorenz Frolich 1895 – Norse God of single combat, victory and glory known for his courage. Tyr stands out in legend as having sacrificed his hand to the wolf Fenrir .

He arrived in the name of Michael (or, Soul Friend). It was a little difficult allowing this energy to channel through me, as it were. Channelling Uncle Arthur and Sister Henrietta had been relatively easy; they were neither masculine nor feminine in feeling. However, Soul Friend’s energy was definitely masculine.

His personality made me blush. I felt as though he took over my whole body. Uncle and Sister had felt as though they occupied my mind only. Soul Friend’s energy totally engaged all of my body. The result was a little disconcerting to be sure. He felt more like a lover than a friend.

Over time I got used to this all pervading energy. I learned to adore this man who brought such joy into my life. He presented as a man who performed on stage in William Shakespeare’s era. He wore very fancy clothes of vibrant colours and would sweep his feathered hat from his head down to the floor in a gesture bestowed upon a lady. He made me feel so beautiful. He uplifted my spirits as nobody had ever done. I felt so honoured to have his energy within me whenever he visited. And visit he did; quite often.

It wasn’t long before I longed for him to join me at circles, or counselling sessions. I recall one session with a very lovely young woman who has since become a very valued artist in New York. The love that was engendered between the three of us was so very special. He told her she would become a very famous artist commanding great adoration. This was always the case with Soul Friend; he wooed people with his gallantry and overriding love. He couldn’t be resisted.

I met Graham at a circle held by some people I’d met at a Church gathering. Spirit had told me my next husband was on the horizon. I didn’t want a ‘next husband’. However, that night there he was. He was a very tall fellow with grey hair. He didn’t appeal to me at all. I didn’t appeal to him either; it was no secret that Graham preferred the younger women. However, as spirit had said, he would be my next husband, and next husband he would eventually become.

We were really more like brother and sister (as a friend pointed out). We had a lot in common. He was a medium and a clairvoyant. We enjoyed all aspects of spiritual healing; he had great hands. People would love to have him place his hands upon them; the energy that could be felt was almost overwhelming. He could bring enormous heat, or cold, to the body, which soothed whatever problem presented.

My daughter had met her husband ‘to be’ and had moved in with him leaving me alone in our little unit. Graham then became a regular visitor and, before long, I too moved out of the unit and in with him. I didn’t want to leave my little unit. My daughter and I had been so very happy there; it was hard to leave all of those memories behind. However, life goes on, and we must travel with it.

Like my first husband, Graham was also a wanderer. We moved to a little country town where we became the leaders of the local Spiritualist Church. We had been attending for a few months when the leaders of the Church informed us they were about to retire. They offered us the leadership, and we agreed.

Soul Friend highlighted this time in my life. Graham and I were called upon to be the medium of the day at certain Spiritualist Churches and he, Soul Friend, presented through me with such great aplomb. How I loved this relationship. He was the lover I’d always longed for; the gallant champion of a man that I’d dreamed about; a whimsical, fascinating lover of life I’d imagined as being my real flesh and blood companion. He spoke with such great love for those to whom he offered his words.

During 1993 he wrote a little book through me about the brain of man; it was titled ‘Know Thyself’. I had a small publishing done and still today have a number of copies. However, this was just the beginning. This little book opened my eyes to the vagaries of the human mind; a long story to be told another day.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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