Triceratops Reflection

Triceratops   (Listen while you read)


Okay wise guy; you’re it….!

You are it; yes, that’s right. You are it.! And, what is it? Whatever you want to be.That’s right. You are whatever you want to be.

We each have the ability to be whatever we want to be. Doesn’t matter ‘bout our upbringing; we can change any thing about ourselves that is not to our liking.

Many disagree with this statement. Many say that we are what we are and we cannot change. Humbug; we can change any aspect of ourselves that we care to change. Just takes a bit of working at it; that’s all.

Yes, firstly we need to evaluate those aspects of ourselves that we may not like; and then, simple; we can begin the changing process immediately.

You see; any aspect of ourselves that is not agreeable can, and does, become its absolute opposite given enough time and energy. That’s an absolute certainty. The one who writes is a little stunned by this statement, however, she continues to write knowing that whatever she receives will become an understanding of enormous potential, given a little inner thought. Now she is thinking…!!

Yes, that’s right. Any thing that we do not like about ourselves can indeed be changed. We are not just talking about the mental aspect of ourselves. We can change much of our physical selves with a little foresight and a good plan. We can change (for the most part) those sinews and tendons with a little good insight. After all, they are only cells, and cells have the wonderful ability to change.

We shall allow you to ponder this and will return to speak upon this another day…. Fairdewell and Au revoir……. !


Well, the mighty Triceratops sure has got me to thinking…. How ‘bout you?

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  PAISAN HOMHUAN /

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