Shetland Pony Reflection

It needs to be noted that were a dog/cat/horse to have been mothered,  fathered by two or more differing types of dog/cat/horse, one must note the characteristics of both or all of the known breeds within this coupling to ascertain the many characteristics which their choice has to offer.


Shetland Pony   (listen while you read) I’ll have you know we can fly; even backwards if need be, hee-hee.

Don’t believe me? Huh; I can do whatever you want of me. That’s right. I can be whatever you need me to be.

Sometimes though, you do ask a lot of me; don’t you? Sometimes you seek a little more than I can give. Yeah; sure I’m tough. Yep; that’s for sure. However, sometimes you do ask a lot; don’t you?

I’m kinda in two minds ‘bout this. You see; I do want to give you those things that you want; yeah, I do. I do want to offer myself as a giver; yeah, I do. However, I’m not always appreciated, as such.


I am going to stop the reflection here.

By way of an explanation: Within the various species e.g., animals, dogs, cats, etc., there are similarities. For instance: Within the Family called Dogs the Alaskan Malamute has the same reflection as the Shetland Pony in the Horse Family.

To further understand you could read the Alaskan Malamute Reflection and apply it to the Shetland Pony…..


Thank you for this. Yes, our cousins in the Dog Family have a sameness; each one a direct parallel of one of ours. This will help our readers to understand better the timelessness of reflections. Even the flowers that can be seen have their unique counterpart in the Dog Family and in the Horse Family, etc. It is really very simple; life! It is humans who think that it is complicated….!

© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk  

Image Credit:  Zuzule /


  1. Oh, I have always appreciated the Shetland for its giving nature and it reminds of the pug reflection too. I wonder why we look like our pets as we grow older . . .:)

    1. How do you mean…?? I don’t think that you ‘could’ look like a pug (as cute and as beautiful as they are 😉 )
      Or a Shetland Pony; unless you had a beautiful head of hair… ! Now you have me intrigued… What do you mean…??? LOL 🙂

  2. I have noticed that some humans look like their pets, in particular dogs. May be it is my vivid imagination. . .have you not noticed this before? Well, I may not look like Lucy the pug yet, but I do act like her sometimes. We play well together. . . :)LOL.

    1. Now I understand. Yes, I absolutely agree; hopefully though you’ll never quite look like Lucy as wonderful and as gorgeous as she is..!! 😉
      I do however, believe that Sweetie and I have a lot in common. She walks a girlie walk.. she is cute…. 😉 her legs are quite slender… her coat has multiple colouring (hers being natural, hmm, hmm)… she is quite a sociable pooch… she is very friendly and she loves to have fun… 😉 Oh, and she loves fooooooddddddd….. 😉

  3. LOL, I do love her but can do without her deep set wrinkles and I hope I don’t get that hairy either !!! 🙂

    Yes, I would say you both have a lot in common and might I add a great sense of humour 🙂

    1. She has recently developed a little habit that is so cute…! 😉 She ‘prances like a horse’ when she greets us in the morning. It’s ever so sweet; hence her name, of course….! 😉

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