A Natural Aspect of Backwards Aging

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I know I have to write about this aspect of backwards aging. However, to do it justice and preserve my dignity makes for a difficult write. Therefore, I do believe I’ll hand it over to The C.C. (The Collective Consciousness). They are sure to make it sound eloquently practical and down to Earth.

Indeed we will, dearest, indeed we will.

Our dearest has been backwards aging for some years; as most who have been following our dearest’s writings will know. There have been many advancements, so to speak, in the more youthful stakes that backwards aging heralds.

Her skin is, once again, youthful, plump, and is, over time, becoming flush with the exuberance of youth. Her body, once losing its strength, is becoming stronger with a greater zest for life, movement, and joy.

We will mention, Dear Hearts; our dearest has not over the past few months taken her usual dancing regime of exercise. No, Dear Ones; due to our Dear Heart Keith’s medical problems our Dear Hearts have not stepped foot upon the dance floor. Neither has our dearest utilised the various forms of exercise that would be her norm. No, Dear Ones; our dearest has not been inspired, of late, to perform any exercise of value.

And this is our point:

To prove backwards aging to our dearest, without doubt as such, the norm for our dearest has been removed. Yes, our Dear Heart Keith’s knee problem is a case in point. This condition has prevented our Dear Ones from their usual routine, which consisted of much practise and constant exercise – to barely moving about.

Were backwards aging not in process, Dear Ones, our Dear Hearts would have slip slided away. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; our dearest and our Dear Heart Keith would have, as in the case with all, slipped backwards as they lost strength of body due to the inertia of not exercising.

However, our Dear Hearts are not the ‘usual’ case. No, Dear Ones; they have, in point of fact, maintained their body strength and indeed have exceeded their body strength of some months past; indeed they have.

And now, Dear Ones, we shall bring you up to date on a subject our dearest Carolyn has found a little hard to put to pen, as it were. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest Carolyn is, once again, experiencing the sexual desires of a much younger woman.

As the human ages the sexual appetite diminishes. This was the case for our dearest. However, today our dearest is enjoying the return of the desire for sexual pleasure. A natural aspect of backwards aging, you appreciate.

Many Blessings to All

© 202Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. It came as a bit of surprise, Dorothy, at first. I’d become accustomed to the diminished desires. Dancing, with its wonderful closeness, had taken over, so to speak, in the cuddles department!
      And yes, I agree; it certainly smacks of youth and, dare I say; vitality… Hahah..
      I’m certainly not complaining!

  1. Right on, you sexy thing! ❤
    I understand what the CC is saying about backwards aging. In a sense, you've saved up enough aging backwards, so that you don't slip slide away during this time of less exercise.. Also, the want to exercise has manifested itself into sexual exercise, so to speak. ( 70 calories used up per!)
    Are you doing any walking? I love the pics you take when you walk about.
    xoxoxoxo 😀

    1. We have awoken our dearest to put pen to paper in answer to your comment, Dear Heart. We leave the floor to her on this occasion. Many Blessings.

      Oh, gosh darn, my gorgeous Resa, your (always) in-depth, wonderful comment has inspired me to be more explicit about the sexual changes of the past while. A ‘rough’ outline only –

      As a very young woman and into my forties I had the capacity to orgasm multiple times during sexual intercourse. (I was greatly happy about this! Sex was most enjoyable.)

      Into my fifties my desire and capacity of orgasm waned. Though still enjoyable I rationalised older age and the fact I was no longer as stressed in life had created the change in desire and ability. (There is truth to the fact of sex being a great stress reliever!)

      Into my sixties sex was more or less an intimacy I engaged in due to the caring and desire to be close with my loved one. I had gradually, over the years, specifically lost the ‘feeling’ within my sexual regions. I’m reminded of the Eddie Murphy film ‘The Nutty Professor’. At the Klump family dinner the grandmother speaks the words – “Mike Douglas; he used to make me moist when I watched his show. Only white man could ever do that to me was Mike Douglas.” Hahah… Didn’t ever watch the Mike Douglas Show, but you get the drift… I’d lost that moist feeling. I hasten to add I’ve been fortunate to be a woman who hasn’t become ‘dry’, thank my lucky stars. However, I’d long since lost that high alert signal and desire of sexual attraction, fantasies, masturbation, and general womanly cravings.

      And this has led me to today. Over the past year those arousals, desires and abilities of my younger self are returning. The ‘Klump’ matriarch’s words ring clearly as the return of the moistness and lost feelings return to those areas in times of sexual arousal; such as: Watching youthful bodies being intimate in scenes on TV and in movies – something I’d long since found myself turning away from due to ‘no sexual interest’. Interest has indeed returned as I sit comfortably within my 70 year old body as it warms to sexual promptings once again.

      The return of that young woman and her sexual desires, I know, are a part of the backwards aging phenomenon; as indeed is the strength of body in general. I am stronger in muscle strength without having specifically done anything to achieve such an outcome. I’ve walked perhaps on a dozen occasions since December. My row machine lies idle. My hand weights look quite forlorn. No dancing. And yet, I am stronger of body and mind. Sounds incredulous and yet it is my experience.

      I am reminded I am the example of backwards aging; an exceedingly eventful condition. I can’t imagine what is to come. However, Resa; the sexual changes of the past year (or so) and the added spice they have brought to my life both physically and imaginatively bring a quiet sense of titillation and anticipation of a broader life unfolding. All I have to do is be patient and expect/enjoy the changes as they come!
      Love you…..

      1. I read this yesterday, but it requires 2 reads!
        Your honesty is part of what has set you free from fear.
        You are in a great physical and mental space. I’m so very happy for you!
        The sexual arousals are a beautiful thing. LOL Adore grandmother Klump’s Mike Douglas comment. I’ve not seen that movie, but I know who Mike Doulas is. The thought that he could arouse anyone will keep me chuckling all day.
        Yes, be patient & enjoy the changes as they come.
        That is good advice for me, too.
        There are some cool things happening.
        Yet, It’s crazy how a negative from the past, crept back in, disguised as a positive then reared up the negative.
        I need to fully let go!

        Love you, too!

        1. “Your honesty is part of what has set you free from fear.”
          From a girl who found talking about herself an horrific thing to do (and almost never did) to the girl of today has certainly been quite a leap; for sure! It feels so good not to have ‘secrets’, so to speak. ❤ But then, that’s part of the ‘job description’.

          Good that you’ve caught the negative! Veronica and I are sometimes quite beside ourselves when we realise that something we thought we’d caught, or dealt with arises once again; and it seems to happen so covertly; you almost miss it.

          However, if we are truly desirous of ridding ourselves of the fear/negative, we may fall occasionally, but we’ll always get back up.

          And lastly, my dear, dear, Resa: You have been an integral part of my journey. Your presence has ‘kept me honest’ in so many ways. Your straight forward approach to life has been a joy for me. Not only that, but, your curiosity and your questions have been the initiators of a lot of thought and questions I’ve directed to The C.C…. We really are a huge team working, albeit unconsciously at times, within the same game!

          It really does take a village…..

    1. Hahah…. Yes siree!
      Or, in your language, Binky….
      For every birdie that flies away – two (or more) fly in…
      My goodness; I have so many birdies around me I think they could pick me up and fly me up to the moon…. Hahaaaaaaa… 🐦🐦🐦

      And to Granny –
      Love you; Love your work!
      Kisses and Hugs to you both..
      😻 ❤️😻 ❤️😻

    1. Thank You so much, Christy; I love that you think so!
      We are in awe of you, dear one, you have no understanding of how beautifully your light shines.
      Many Blessings to you.

    1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Dear Anjali. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

      Anjali, I am posting a replica of the message I left upon your beautiful site of Love & Positivity.

      – Anjali, I couldn’t think of a more worthy individual than you; you thoroughly deserve this crown – I know it looks absolutely delightful on you! And I am so honoured that you nominated me as a recipient of this beautiful award.

      I am not being inspired to create a Thank You Post; I do hope you understand. However, I am being inspired to place the symbol/picture of the ‘Fix Her Crown’ award on my sidebar. It will have a link to your wonderful site to further your message of Positivity and Love!

      Please accept this as my Love and Honour…

      1. Thank you for accepting it with love,for me that only matter. I always believe it’s person choice what they want to do with it.
        With Love and positivity sending you lots of warm hugs ❤️🤗

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