Katoomba or Bust!

Our dearest Carolyn has the desires of a much younger woman. This has come as a great surprise. No longer content to sit idly by and watch the world go by our dearest now wishes not only to contribute, but, to make the world her own. By this, Dear Ones, is meant:

As the years pass, for the majority of humans, comes lack. And what does this lack entail?

It entails a lack of interest. That is right, Dear Hearts. As the human ages there comes a lack of vitality. Without this vitality the human experience becomes without pleasure. Yes, Dear Ones, this is so. A lack of vitality creates lack; lack of interest being the first response. There is much more lack when vitality is lost. However, suffice to say the organism retires from worldly events. Yes?

Yes, this was becoming true for me as I aged.

And now dearest?

Now I am not content to sit and watch the world go by, as you spoke. Quite the opposite. I now want to do so much; knowing that I have the ‘vitality’ to do so.

Yes indeed, dearest. Yes indeed.

A charred landscape, as far as the eye can see.

We’d chosen to travel the ‘back’ route; the scenic drive. This was the scene kilometre after kilometre – the charred remnants of Australia’s burnt land as we wended our way to Katoomba and The Three Sisters. As is the case with fire, it was selective. The following image shows the opposite view – a landscape untouched!

Serene, lush after rain, and typical of Australia.
The Three Sisters – Katoomba, NSW, Australia

What surprised us both was to see the devastation of so much of the land. We took image after image, kilometre after kilometre, of homes, businesses and fire selected properties.

What a contrast could be seen between the first image above and the second. However, we travelled almost the entire route with the first image being our view.

We were so happy to see much of the landscape, touched by the earlier fires of the season, sprouting new growth; as is expected for all the charred remains.

Lush growth will return. Homes will be rebuilt. The native animals will slowly grow, once again, in numbers; and life will return to a more pleasant hue.

For us, K and I, life has not changed except we are both enjoying more! More vitality, more desire for youthful experiences, and a feeling that life, instead of becoming less will become more!

© 202Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Ahhhh… Thank You, Luke. 😀 I’m taking a leaf from your book.
      I am very much enjoying using my iphone to snap lots of scenes, people and things; something I’ve not done very much! And what fun it is!

    1. “we must keep moving, reinventing”
      And you, Dear Charlie, are one such man.
      I doubt that you appreciate what an inspiration you are! Talk about ‘keep moving and reinventing’. You are the epitome of not thinking your way into old age. 😀

  1. I agree – we need to live boldly throughout our lives. We cannot disappear and forget to engage, to connect, to embrace all of what has been given to us in the moments. I love the word vitality and will take that with me today. Hugs and thanks.

    1. I love this about you, Rebecca; it is your truth and it shines through in everything you do. From your lifestyle, your thoughts and connections with other bloggers to the marvelous manner in which you seem to be continually reinventing yourself; you are a wonderful example of bold living. And I am so pleased that we connect as we do!

  2. As sad as it is to see the charred remains, it’s encouraging to hear of the rejuvenation happening.
    It’s also energizing to see the lushness and beauty in Australia.
    Wonderful message in this post.
    Thank you, Carolyn!

    1. There was such a contrast of events on that day! We enjoyed so much; the freedom, the mountains, Katoomba itself, which is such a joy (old fashioned hospitality mixed with entertaining surrounds and people).
      And then there was the devastation to the land, buildings, animals, etc., mixed with optimism for the future!
      Certainly no boredom here!!!!!!!

    1. Yes indeed, Dorothy. It is when we are challenged we find out what we are made of, so to speak. More often than not, if we do not panic, it is resilience and strength we find.
      I was certainly reminded of this on that day. Our beautiful land displayed her strength so poignantly. It touched us both quite deeply.

  3. I love this post, and your energising spirit Carolyn 💫 🌟

    I’m a strong believer that how you ‘feel’ is a huge part what keeps you youthful…and experiences are a big part of that!! There are lots of ‘old’ young people and plenty of ‘young’ older people. The actual age-number seems less and less indicative of youthfulness these days, and it’s a lovely thing, leading to more friendships too!! 🤗

    1. Yes, your sentiments are so true.
      A great example are our dancing friends. In general, they are in the forty five and over age bracket; some in their eighties! A younger group of individuals I’ve not seen. Their bodies, as well as their minds are nimble; their joy for life is obvious; their interests in life are many and varied. They have been great company for some years now. They really are a vital group.
      So yes, age really is just a number. And now with backwards aging possible, a whole new world opens up for those of us who can see the possibilities and have the desire to work for it…. 🙂
      Great to read your comment, Cherryl…

      1. Dancing!!! That definitely keeps us young too, I’m all for being more open to new opportunities – you feel such a boost when you take a chance and give something a go – enjoy the rest of the weekend 🤗x

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