Two Day’s Outing With Images

Our dearest had an adventure this day; indeed she did. And what was the adventure? May we tell, dearest?

Yes, please do.

Right, dearest, on we go:

Our dearest, Carolyn, was on a mission; yes indeed she was. And what was the mission?

The mission was to capture images; images that first came to light a matter of days past. You see, Dear Ones, our dearest and her dearest Keith had, whilst on a day’s outing, come across an artist painting upon the ground. To be more specific, Dear Hearts; the artist was one of a number of artists engaged in the beautification and embellishment of the pavements belonging to one of Australia’s seaside towns.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest and our Dear Heart Keith were there to enjoy a pleasant day’s outing, and were delighted with the scene before them.

Here are a number of the images captured some day’s past, plus those captured during her second journey.

Chalk the Walk Street Art Festival artist: Anton Pulvirenti at work on a 3D interactive painting. Location: Waterfront Plaza, The Entrance, NSW Australia. Anton’s artwork can be found on Instagram & Facebook – The following image is Anton’s interactive 3D artwork (with ‘live’ Pelican) completed Friday 21st February 2020.
Next is Dom Intelisanto’s blue 3D art
This chap, deep in thought, wasn’t looking where he was going! Most people moved away so I could get a clear shot. I’m so glad he didn’t notice me, because what happened next was delightful.
Hahahah – King of the Castle! He still didn’t notice the artwork!
Anyone for Ice Cream? Mealie B is the artist. Mealie B was in the process of creating this fabulous 3D character on the Friday, my first trip. The completed piece is just gorgeous!
The Thinker? Another of Mealie B’s artworks. 🤩
And then a bird flew down and settled beside the art. Who could resist the next image?
I couldn’t…. 😜

Zoom! I wasn’t able to find the artist’s name for the next image. I’ll call it ‘Zoom’ until his/her name becomes known to me! It could be Leo Uribe? I really felt like hopping on!
Next is Rudy Kistler’s Pelicans
They are so cool. 😎

Last but not least a flag (with shadow) that looks like it’s suspended in air! Or is it a flying carpet?

Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest thoroughly enjoyed her two day’s outing. We are totally aware this does not address the main topic of our dearest’s blog. However, our dearest is venturing into many arenas unlike any she has experienced to date.

And this is part of that which will happen for all who participate in the ridding of fear. Many strange and new opportunities will open themselves to you; bringing joy, merriment, and love to higher and higher levels.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Fab post, dear Carolyn!

    So happy you had fun on this street art outing. I understand how you feel. There are no worries, no fear. It’s just me, the great urban outdoors and street art!

    Wonderful post!!! oxoxoxo
    I’m not getting email notifications anymore. I ticked the box, again. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t.
    Looks like I need to refollow, as well.

    1. It was such fun, Resa; I had an absolute blast!
      Meeting two of the artists was also fabulous; they are certainly a ‘breed apart’, so to speak. Their enthusiasm was contagious & their ‘work’ amazing. I loved that I had to return for the completed art – it was such a joy!

      Yep, I’ve had to re-follow quite a few blogs too. Yours included…

    1. From memory, Kat, you live somewhere in Tennessee. Yes?
      I’ve noticed there will be a few ‘Chalk the Walk’ events in that state. Perhaps worth investigating – providing I haven’t confused you with another blogger!!!
      Anyway, Kat, wherever you live there may be some events you may be able to visit.
      I really enjoyed it. Being 3D means you can have some great pics taken. I wish now that I’d asked some of the children – other people’s children 🙂 – to stand on the art. It would have made for some fabulous photography. I’ll keep that in mind for ‘next time’.

    1. It is fabulous, Dear Binky & Granny; I had such fun for ‘two days’…. with a rest day in between.. hahah…
      Kisses, Pawkisses & Hugs for a wonderful week.
      Now Binky, I know you wouldn’t hurt that birdie… Would you?
      😘🤗🐾 😘🤗🐾 😘🤗🐾

  2. So much talent – these are amazing! I’ve never seen 3D art on pavements in the UK (we get quite a few spray paint artists on walls though, which are also brilliant). Lovely photos. A little colour can spread a lot of joy. I especially like the lounging flamingo!
    Caz xx

    1. Enormous talent, yes Caz; it was fabulous watching these guys at work!
      I love Mealie B’s lounging flamingo; and her ice cream eating crab is delightful.
      I just found her Facebook page and found this great image –

  3. Thank you, dear Carolyn, for these beautiful and joyful 3D art images. Just like you, I also think that spreading joy and putting a smile on someone’s face is an amazing thing. And this is what you do with your beautiful words and now with these images.
    Have a beautiful and blessed day!

    1. “spreading joy and putting a smile on someone’s face is an amazing thing.”
      And this you do, Mihaela with every post and video – you are amazing! I adore you!
      The 3D art was such a joy to photograph. The two artists I met were also amazing; so invested in doing what they loved. Their joy was infectious!
      I imagine that you would be of a similar vein, as it were. Creating your beautiful clay pieces must bring such sweetness into your life.
      And, once again, I must tell you how beautiful you are looking!
      Hugs and Kisses to you …

    1. It won’t bite, honest, Lulu. I know ’cause I was there and it stayed, very impressively, upon the ground. It only ‘rose from the ground’ when someone stood on it…
      Oh dear; that is sounding very scary… but, it wasn’t… honest… it was great fun! 😀

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