Saturday Flashback – Cats, Cats, and More Cats

Just a few cats for you. I hope you find your favourite here.

Do remember (when reading the reflections) that the personality of the cat reflection, reflects not only the personality of the beautiful cat, but also the personality of those attracted to it…  Please enjoy….. 


Anonymous Pussy-Cat   (Listen while you read)

The name (and face) have been changed to protect the innocent! Only kidding folks….

Following is a reflection for a lovely cat I met recently on-line who is in the same position as some humans find themselves…          __________________________


What can we tell you about Anonymous? We can tell you that he would rather be anything other than he is. You see, Anonymous suffers from ‘little’ syndrome.

And what is little syndrome?

Little syndrome is not a medical condition. No dear friends; it is not a medical condition. It is a ‘heart’ condition. You see Anonymous suffers from lack. 

And, what is lack?

Lack, is a limitation.

And what is Anonymous’ limitation.

Anonymous’ limitation is a lack of love.

Yes, that is right, dear friends. Anonymous suffers from heart problems. You see, he is the least of three (and many more). You see, Anonymous does not feel that he belongs.

Isn’t this very sad, dear friends. Yes, this is right. Anonymous feels that he does not belong, and this causes him much grief. His grief is evident in his loneliness. He will often be on his own. This is not something that he enjoys, but rather it is foisted upon him by his position in the family.

This occurs in human families too. One child may be on top, and most of the attention is poured onto them. Another child within the family will be ignored to a major degree. This proves itself to be very harmful to the child in question and, so too, this occurs within Anonymous‘ cat family; he is ostracized to a major degree.

What can be done to assist Anonymous? Nothing really; his family are responsible for this happening and only they can improve the situation. Unfortunately for Anonymous, until his family dynamics change he will continue to be the least.

We shall leave this sad story here, hoping that all who read will appreciate the journey that Anonymous suffers.

Abyssinian Cat (Listen while you read)

Image Credit:  Nesterova_Olga /
Image Credit:
Nesterova_Olga /

  All right Jack, so what’s the game! I know you’ve got   something stashed away there. Share it man. Or your   name is M.U.D.

(What a feisty character is the personality of the Abyssinian and those who love them. Don’t mess with this little fellow or you’ll soon know what we mean. Talk about sarcastic!

We all know those who have a tendency toward this trait; do we not? Indeed, most of us are aware of those whose feisty character sends them ‘up the wall’ at the slightest obstacle.

What would we say to the Abyssinian personality? I believe we would say: “Slow down, let someone have a word or two; there is no need to get your knickers in a knot.” Yes, that would be a very good thing to say to all of you Abyssinian lovers. Don’t allow that hair pin trigger to start you off on a tangent that was not probably meant to affect you as it has. It probably was an innocent remark or gesture with little deep meaning attached. You know that you have a preponderance to be a little sensitive; yes you do. Knowing this, you must become aware of the need for you to re-evaluate your responses and prepare to ‘change’ them somewhat. Doing this will bring a greater clarity to you, my friend. After all; life was not meant to ‘attack’ you; as so often you feel.)

American Shorthair (Tabby) (Domestic Shorthair)  (Listen while you read)

Simply; a cat of mixed heritage.

Image Credit: PAUL_ATKINSON /
Image Credit:

A little on the stern side…… Yes, this is true.

(Simply: a cat of mixed heritage, and his feelings are somewhat mixed too. He can be an ornery type of guy; never quite the same. His feelings can run very deep then he is as shallow as a bowl of milk. This disposition toward ‘change’ enters all fields of endeavour. Hot and cold springs to mind; never the same is another. Simply put; when one is attracted to the ever changing shorthair we need to ask ourselves why? Is it possible that we too are ever changing our minds; our clothes; our attitudes; our loyalties; our jobs; homes; surrounds; friends, etc., etc. Could it be that we may be in need of a little more stability in our lives? Could it be that we may need to face the fact that we are, a little cross, at times with ourselves for the manner in which we are living?

These are some of the questions that we may need to ask of ourselves when we are attracted to the ever changing Tabby/Domestic/cat of mixed heritage.)

Angora Cat   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Helen_Bloom /,
Image Credit:
Helen_Bloom /,

Soft and cuddly, sweet with a gentle heart; for my heart sees all as it is.

My love and understanding allows all things. Yes, gentle and sweet am I.

(So much to be said about this little bundle of love.

We envisage many taking the trouble to read this reflection because many would like to have its qualities.

And what are they?

So many; it is hard to choose where to start.

Remembering that those things, such as the animals we bring into our lives reflect certain qualities about ourselves; these qualities can then be an opportunity for us to see ourselves as others see us.

Sometimes we can be in denial about our own qualities. Can we not?

Indeed, sometimes we can see ourselves as one thing, whereas others see us quite differently.

However, this is generally not the case with the Angora personality type. They see themselves, and others, quite clearly. They may not openly talk about their own qualities, however, they are aware that they are a little ‘jump’ above the rest.

Not to put a ‘too finer point to it’, the Angora lover will know how they are perceived by the rest of their world. They will know because they are true to their own personality type, which is one that soothes the other personality types.

Yes, my friends, the Angora personality will pour oil over troubled water. This they will do because they cannot do anything else; it is a natural part of their character.

To have an Angora personality in your life is to be a life blessed with sensitivity, love and a deep and personal meaning to one’s existence.)

Bobcat   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Image Credit:
U.S. Fish &
Wildlife Service

Now, that’s not a good thing to say!

Yes, we understand your need to say it however; you could phrase it a little more gently.

Yes, that would be good; if you could re-phrase it so as not to be so abrasive.

(Some of us do that; don’t we? We have the right to voice an opinion, however; sometimes we forget that our words can hurt, unintentionally of course. We are more likely to have our opinion heard it we phrase it in such a manner that it does not offend. The gentler we can be, the more open our words are likely to be received. Indeed, many of us forget that words can carry enormous power. They can do tremendous good, or conversely, they can hinder the way forward.

Yes my friends, we would be wise to consider the way in which we firstly; phrase our words, and secondly; the manner in which we deliver them.)

British Blue   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Maryna_Kulchytska /
Image Credit:
Maryna_Kulchytska /

Loyal! Yes.

When there’s a job to be done we must all be true and do that which we must do.

(Time to take stock. Time to take a look at ourselves. We ‘British Blue’ are famous for this quality; this quality of ‘taking stock’.

It is important to take stock. What is taking stock; you say? Well, dear friend, taking stock is something that we must all do to ensure that we do not ‘go astray’, so to speak. We can ‘go astray’ in so many ways; should we not ‘take stock’. Indeed, many of us forego many things because we ‘take stock’. Were we not to take stock we may find ourselves doing things that, shall we say, interfere with ‘good living’. And, what is good living? Why, good living is indeed as is appears, dear friend. When we are living a good life we are living one which satisfies all of our needs. And what are those things that satisfy all of our needs. Why, that is easy, my friend. Those things that satisfy all of our needs are those things that we do because they make us, and others, feel good. Yes, it is really very simple. When we feel good we are generally ‘taking stock’ of the things that we do and enjoying those things that we do. Simple; is it not?)

Cat (General)   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Linn_Currie /
Image Credit:
Linn_Currie /

Meow…… Meow…… Purrrrrrrrr…… Meowwwwwwwww.

We are Cat. We are Meow. We are the Cat’s Meowwwwwwww.

(And this is exactly what they are; the Cat’s Meowwwwwwwww, indeed. What heavenly creatures are they. All tied up with a fancy bow; a ribbon and a curtsey to boot. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You do not understand us, indeed not my dear friends. In general we are gay; light hearted creatures filled with wonder at every nook and cranny; at every turn of event. And yet, most do not see us this way. No, most do not see us as we really are. And, do you know why this is so? We’ll tell you why. You do not know us as we really are because this is as we want it to be. A dilemma of huge proportions; is it not? Indeed it is. We do not care for others to know us as we really are. We want mystery in our lives; indeed we do, we cats of the world. Don’t you want a little mystery in your life? If you are a cat lover you will proclaim; yes, yes, yes, we want some mystery in our lives. If not; if you are not a cat lover; well c’est la vie, go about your hum drum existence and leave me to enjoy mine with a little mystery as my guide……..

We got carried away. You will not see that again. (For heavens sake don’t let them see that again…………)

Calm again. Stealth and calm is what you see. What you do not see is the mystery, the joy, the impeccable taste, the romance, the refinement, the ecstasy, the power. No, you do not see these mysteries because we do not let you see. Hee, hee, hee, hee.

Yes my friends, the cat is a dancer, prancing about within. He does not care for you to see these qualities within. He will lead you a merry dance; indeed he will; to ensure that you do not see the mystery within.)

Chinchilla (Silver Persian)

Image Credit: ingret /
Image Credit:
ingret /

Handsome, alluring, full of fun, daring, irresistible it’s true.
All the superlatives under the sun.
All these I bring to you.
(What more could you ask for; a meow from a cat who adores being with you. Yes, my friends; this cat actually enjoys human company! What can we say about this precious/precocious little being. His nature encompasses all that is sweet and pure. Oh yes; this little cat not only enjoys human company, he also wants company.
The personality of the Chinchilla is by no means to be underestimated; which can be the case for those unsuspecting mortals who believe that sweetness is a form of weakness. Oh no, dear friends. Do not be fooled into believing that love and kindness is a form of naivety and unknowingness. No, dear friends; far from this. Indeed lovingness and kindness and sweetness must come from a place of strength if they are truly love, kindness and sweetness. Otherwise, dear ones, they are folly in the hands of a fool.
Yes dear friends; do not mistake this personality with weakness for, just below the surface is a judgment to rock all judgment, so to speak. To be sure, this personality type is no fool. No, this personality type is as sharp as a tack and will have you sorted within minutes.
Oh yes; do not underestimate the qualities of this personality for to do so would bring the wrath of a thousand angels down to bear upon you.)

Devon Rex   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Ermolaev_Alexander /
Image Credit:
Ermolaev_Alexander /

A philosophical type are we, although we have great glee.

If there’s something to be done, you can be sure, it will be me who thinks it out most purrfectly.

(We are thinkers, we Devon Rex types; and our thinking is quite methodical. To chance, we say not; to method and planning, we agree. Those of us who adore the Devon Rex have the ability to store information in such a way as to bring action to completion in such a timely manner that many see us as perfectionists. However, perfectionists we are not; we are simply capable of a refinement of action not seen by the typical individual. No, our judgment, planning and execution are deliberate; it is true; but ‘perfectionistic’ it is not.

Those of us who are attracted to the mindful Devon Rex must accept this ability with modesty and humour.)

Himalayan Cat   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: dyyick /
Image Credit:
dyyick /

“Nice pussy, nice pussy, nice pussy. Isn’t it enough to make you ill”!

(Well; so they think that I’m sweet and sweet and more sweet!!! Don’t I have a thing or two to tell them…! I’m not at all sweet; that is for sure; and the sooner they realise that the better off we’ll all be.

Seems that the Himalayan personality is a bit of a trickster. Indeed, the Himalayan personality covers up much of what is real about themselves. Does this surprise? Indeed, the Himalayan personality would like to be seen as sweet (and indeed, acts this way). However; do not be fooled by this outward show. This personality will have you dancing a very particular cat dance if you dare to be fooled. Oh yes, you Himalayan personality you; you have been ‘found out’. Woe betide anyone who dares not to look deeper; wouldn’t you say?!)

Japanese Bobtail   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: dien /
Image Credit:
dien /

I know what you’re thinking. I know what you’re doing. I know all. I see all. I’m here, and I can see you!

(Where oh where has everyone gone? Where oh where can they be? Don’t they know it’s the end of the world; it ended when you left my side.

Do you think that’s me? Do you think that I am capable of such emotions? Do you? Yes or no? Well; I am here to tell you that indeed I am capable of so many things that you would not credit me with; indeed t’is true. I am capable of seeing all things; as they truly are.

That is a trait of the Cat Family; to see things as they truly are. Many within the Cat Family have this ability and so too those who love and adore us. We do not take this ability lightly; no, we honour this ability with true hearts. We do not squander this ability nor put it on show, so to speak. We are aware that not ‘all’ have this gift; just as we are aware that many would humiliate us should we be open about our abilities. Oh yes, we understand the mind of man very well. Indeed, we know the mind of man so well that we are constantly seeking our own company (well, many of our species do this). Those that don’t seek their own company have a particular image placed within their minds that allow them to have the company of others. However, many of us do not have this image placed within our brains and this allows us to prefer the company of our own person, so to speak.

Many humans are also like us. Many have the image of togetherness placed within their brains. This allows them to co-habit quite successfully. Others do not have this and so, like many of us, prefer to be by themselves. Just a preference, is all; just a preference that guarantees variety for one and all.)

Maine Coon    (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Neveshkin_Nikolay /
Image Credit:
Neveshkin_Nikolay /

Tough as nails. Fit and strong. That’s the life for me, hee hee.

(An inner strength strengthens this otherwise formidable personality. Woe betide anyone who underestimates the strength of this feline personality. Many do, and many get burnt, so to speak. You would be wise to allow time to be your guide when it comes to ‘knowing’ this personality; they may not always be so transparent as to allow you to see how very strong they are. This may come as a shock when it eventually becomes apparent, for; in the case of this personality it will have been quite hidden from view. Once known, this personality will be a stalwart and a kindred spirit to those he/she likes. Not to be taken lightly; no dear friend. Know that this personality will have your back at all times; should you be in need. Indeed; a greater friend cannot be found.

To this personality we would say, however; lighten up! Know that your strength is appreciated, however; this is not the only string to your bow now. Is it? Indeed it is not. We would like to see you taking a little more time for yourself. Time to allow yourself to have some fun; is it not? Indeed it is; and well deserved too.)

Oriental   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Jagodka /
Image Credit:
Jagodka /

Famous are we for stealth, courage and glee. Famous we are, in these qualities.

(What a handsome guy is the Oriental.

He is not interested in the mundane; no, not the Oriental.

He is attracted to the rare, unusual, road less taken.

When we find ourselves attracted to the Oriental we can be assured that ours is not an ‘ordinary’ way of life; no, my friends.

When attracted to the Oriental we can be sure that we are amongst those who cherish the ‘finer’ things in life.

This does not always mean that they ‘the finer things’ will always be available to us.

No, this is not always the case.

However, be that as it may, we shall never ‘give up’ the idea of the finer things of life being ours.

In the meantime we can indulge ourselves ‘inwardly’.

Bearing this in mind we can read the finer books; engage in finer topics of conversation; indulge our senses with the finest paintings, artwork, views, vistas, landscapes, indeed all of the finer things that life holds for those of a more (dare I say) gifted mental bent.

And so it is that when we find ourselves attracted to the charming and gifted Oriental we can be sure that the extra-ordinary will appeal to us.)

Peke-Faced Red Persian   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: juliasv /
Image Credit:
juliasv /

Give me a heart, and I’ll give mine to you. I’ve got a heart, and I’ll give it true.

(The Peke-Faced Red cat epitomizes all things of the heart. Those who love and adore this little bundle of love will understand the finer feelings associated with life. They (the Peke-Faced Red lover) will have an appreciation for all things fine. Indeed, they will want to surround themselves with those things of exquisite value; the value of remembrance. By this is meant; they will have fond memories lingering within their hearts. Their surroundings will have this ‘finer sensibility’ portrayed in those moments of splendour; their belongings.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the love of the Peke-Faced Red lover. He/she will not always allow you to see this part of their sensibilities; it is not to be taken lightly! Oh no; the Peke-Faced Red lover will not always allow you into their fine heart. However; should you knock, and the door be opened, you will experience a warmth of love known to but a few.)

Persian (Long Hair)   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: DreamBig /
Image Credit:
DreamBig /

Taking risks; this is life!

So much to do and see.

Taking chances. Having a go. Why sit about when there’s so much that you don’t know?

(The personality of the Persian asks of us to be more than we are. Are we sitting comfortably in our recliners while the world moves about around us? Are we afraid to take chances? Are we ‘going places’ or are we stuck in a rut? Do we want to take chances? Do we want to sit comfortably in our recliners? Do we want to be stuck in the confines of our present thinking?

These are some of the questions we will need to ask of ourselves when we are attracted to the beautiful Persian. He brings with him an influence which, if we allow, will encourage us to be more; do more; ask more; be not afraid to take that risk. Yes, my friends, the beautiful Persian is asking this of you. Be more than you are. Take a chance. Allow that which is rightfully yours to be embraced. And what is rightfully yours? Life, my friend; life in all its wonder and enjoyment; all courtesy of the wonderful Persian energies.)

Pixie-Bob Reflection   (Listen while you read)


What would you like to know about the impeccable Pixie-Bob?

Would you like to know it has a twinkle in its eye and a stride to its step?

Would you like to know that whomsoever enjoys the company of the Pixie-Bob is in for more treats than meet the eye.

Indeed, dear friends. We would like to introduce you to the ‘now’ famous Pixie-Bob; a delight in a box.

Not a four sided box; oh no, dear friends. Not four sides with a top and a bottom. Oh no, dear friends. The box of which we speak is one that holds a myriad forms. It has many sides, many tops and many bottoms.

You would do well, my friends, to understand the gravity of this box. It will hold all your dreams, should you allow. It will succour your dearest intentions; if you will but trust. It will cherish you as a mother cherishes her babe.

Indeed, my friends. Do not take lightly the qualities of the Pixie-Bob. To do so, would be folly, dear hearts.

Indeed, the Pixie-Bob has another quality possessed by few.

And what is that, pray tell?

The quality possessed by few, my friends, is the ability to appreciate love, generosity and warmth of nature in those with whom it dwells. For you see, dear ones; only those with these qualities has the ability to attract the very sincere, the very intelligent, the very warm of heart; Pixie-Bob.

Ragdoll   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Chris_Rinckes /
Image Credit:
Chris_Rinckes /

I am not of good stamina. I need my rest.

It takes a lot of energy to be at my best.

(Indeed, this personality needs all the rest it can get. Not at all in good stamina, the Ragdoll personality will be found at slumber as much as is possible. They, the Ragdoll personality, will be in need of understanding. Some may use words such as ‘lazy’ or ‘bored’. This could not be further from the truth. The Ragdoll personality does not have a choice. No, unfortunately for this personality type the need to ‘shut-down’ comes often. We would be wise to understand this aspect of this personality; would we not? Otherwise, we may wrongly be accusing a very sincere type of character with words which do not belong.)

Russian Blue   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Bartowski /
Image Credit:
Bartowski /

Quick; before it’s too late.

Stalk slow and easy….Got ya!

One thing about a puss like me. I’m good….Yeah…Nothin’ wrong with me!

(Beyond the ordinary walks of life we find the Russian Blue. He is as familiar with difference, as he is with time. He is rapidly becoming a very important fact upon the world stage.

He is ravenous, he is cute, he is a million and one things all wrapped up in a boot.

Will he survive? Indeed, he will.

Will he bring change? Indeed, he will.

Will he know his place in the world? Indeed, he will.

The Russian Blue is a force to be reckoned with; ignore him at your peril.

The Russian Blue has an opinion; better to listen, than not.

The Russian Blue is demonstrative in his attempts to gather those to him, he likes.

Oh yes, my friends. Ignore this little chap at your peril; he will not be quietened.

He will be heard.)

Siamese Cat Reflection   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Nataliya_Ostapenko /
Image Credit:
Nataliya_Ostapenko /

The finer things (in life’s great store) are these I bring to bear

 upon the mediocrity otherwise endured.

A lighter feat of daring; a grander sight to see.

All these and more to wonder,

 when your eyes look at me.

(Are we loved? Yes. And, why are we loved? We are loved because we are loving. Oh yes, my friends, we love all. We may appear aloof. We may appear grand. And yes, dear friends, indeed we are aloof and grand.

However; know this.

We are love. We carry this precious quality within our hearts. We not only carry this precious quality within our hearts; we give this love to those whose favours are ours.

Oh yes, dear friends; know this.

We have an abundance of grace, an abundance of charm, an abundance of wit; and we give these qualities to whomsoever deserves them.

Oh yes, my friends. Did we not say that we are ‘fussy’ to whom we give these qualities?

Oh yes, dear friends. Should you be one in our favour…….)

Tabby Shorthair (American Shorthair) (Domestic Shorthair) Simply; a cat of mixed heritage.   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: PAUL_ATKINSON /
Image Credit:

A little on the stern side…… Yes, this is true.

(Simply: a cat of mixed heritage, and his feelings are somewhat mixed too. He can be an ornery type of guy; never quite the same. His feelings can run very deep then he is as shallow as a bowl of milk. This disposition toward ‘change’ enters all fields of endeavour. Hot and cold springs to mind; never the same is another. Simply put; when one is attracted to the ever changing shorthair we need to ask ourselves why? Is it possible that we too are ever changing our minds; our clothes; our attitudes; our loyalties; our jobs; homes; surrounds; friends, etc., etc. Could it be that we may be in need of a little more stability in our lives? Could it be that we may need to face the fact that we are, a little cross, at times with ourselves for the manner in which we are living?

These are some of the questions that we may need to ask of ourselves when we are attracted to the ever changing Tabby/Domestic/cat of mixed heritage.)

Turkish Angora Reflection  (Please see ‘Angora’)

Turkish Van   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Linn_Currie /
Image Credit:
Linn_Currie /

Picture me upon your knee with two for tea and tea for two, and you for me, and me for you alone…………

(Oh yes, my friends; this little bundle of joy will curl up on your lap, and you will be smitten by its generous nature.

Indeed, ’tis true. We would suggest that you safeguard your heart if you wish to enjoy the presence of this little delight, for; it will certainly steal your heart away.

Yes, this is the personality of those who favour this most elegant breed of cat.

They, those who adore this little smoocher, will have energy to spare, and love to guide them. Indeed, we speak truth, dear hearts.

This little chap and chapess, will delight you with their tales of adventure and prowess.  Oh yes, my friends. Do not be deceived by outward appearances.

This cat, and those who adore them, have great stamina and stealth.  Indeed, this is true.

Both stamina and stealth are required in order to pursue their multi functional love of life. Indeed.  We find many such individuals engaged in relatively adventurous pursuits. Indeed pursuits requiring health, happiness and great order, zeal and zest, if their heart’s content are to be achieved.

You would do well to listen to your heart a little more; those of you who enjoy the company of the Turkish Van; it will not lead you astray.)

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. A brilliant reflection that allows us to envision our circumstances by looking outward, engaging with empathy and recognizing that we are part of a wider community. I especially appreciated “Yes my friends, we would be wise to consider the way in which we firstly; phrase our words, and secondly; the manner in which we deliver them.” This is an excellent thought on how to create a joyous life.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the reflections, Rebecca; they were such a joy in my life.
    The reflection you’ve mentioned (the Bobcat) was one such joy.
    Thank You for your thoughtful comment.

  3. Amazing descriotions on all types..of cats, Carolyn. We haven’t read them all… yet, but there’s a lot of similarities in my purrsonality, of what we already have read…MOL…You did a great work on these reflections and we sure will come back to this page to read it all. Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday from me and my Granny…♪♫♪Meowwww🐾😽💞

    1. Wonderful praise from a delightful feline! Meowwwwwww
      Bless you, dear Binky, and bless Granny, too….
      Kisses and Hugs for a wonderful week to come…
      😘🤗🐾 😘🤗🐾 😘🤗🐾

  4. LOL!!!!
    You are right Cats, Cats, Cats…..
    I’ll read these in bits, as I’m a bit busy. However, you know I adore the Reflections!

    When I refreshed, I was following. Just a WP thing.
    Is .net better?

    I’m so glad you contacted me. I’ve been busy, and like I say, not getting notifications, anymore.
    😀 xoxoxo

    1. I love the reflections too. When I was inspired to publish this post once again I, naturally, read it over. I can say that I loved it, because I ‘received’ the reflections, so to speak. I can’t take credit; if you know what I mean. This means I can enjoy them as a casual observer. They ‘are’ fab. That time in my life was very special.
      Hasten to add: Life is still special – just a different type of special now!!!
      Ooops – getting a bit nostalgic! Hahah 🙂

      1. Nostalgia is allowed, just don’t go to live thee!
        LOL! Your reflections are very special. Interesting that you can now enjoy them as a casual observer.

    1. Hahah… I won’t tell… 🙂
      As you know, Cheryl, I have two dogs, and I am also a cat lover! I’ve had three cats over my lifetime; all very cute. My last cat was a gorgeous little Persian. Wonderful memories!!! 🙂

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