Listen while you read 

There is a story, Dear Ones, we would like to share.

Yesterday, when all the world was still, there came a voice of reason. Many heard the voice, whilst others did not. And why did some hear the voice, whilst others did not? We shall tell you:

Some were meant to hear, whilst others were not. Yes, Dear Brave Hearts; know that all is known; all is preordained. Together we are working toward Love and Perfection becoming the basis for The Earth Fantasy. Those who hear and those who do not are all working toward the same end.

Therefore, Dear Ones, we ask that you take this information within where it will, in time, take root. The result will be a calming of the so-called injustices you see. Yes, Dear Ones, the so-called injustices are a known condition within The Earth Fantasy.

This is not to say we expect you not to see the injustices, nor are we saying not to engage in the battle toward balance. What we are saying, Dear Hearts; is not to take the so-called injustices to heart.

This, at the beginning, is nearly impossible for you; we appreciate. Until you have had many experiences of calming yourself whilst thinking about/engaging within the realm of balancing the injustices, you will find this almost impossible. Yes, Dear Ones; we appreciate. However, with time, and many instances of finding yourself unnerved, imbalanced, regretful and dissatisfied with your behaviour you will find yourself asking for help to remain still, balanced and sure of your ability to garner strength within. This will be your crowning glory, Dear Heart. When you can still the impulse to drama; when you can be aware of the atrocities and remain bound to progress, then, Dear One, you will know of what we speak. A calming of the mind will have occurred, leaving you able to negotiate any condition with balance by your side.

Our dearest has asked that we speculate on some of the so-called injustices you may encounter:

The animals of the earth, Dear Hearts, require balance. Yes, Dear Ones, they, the animals of the Earth have been, in general, demoted to a state of annihilation; with few in the scheme of Earth capable of appreciating the possibilities forthcoming should they continue to be forgotten.

The air, sea and sky require assistance if they are to remain stable. Man’s continuous rebellious nature pollutes his home ad infinitum.

Greed is a constant drain upon the resources of Earth; removing its life blood to satisfy the hunger of mind and body.

Yes, Dear Ones, many imbalances are in need of your thought and action. However, as we have written: Firstly man must address the imbalances within, as indeed many are doing, before he can tackle those imbalances without.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Yes, it is a mess on earth. I am unnerved, imbalanced, regretful and dissatisfied with my behaviour. Although, I do grant myself an amount of grace, as I have come to take the animals of the world into my arms of love. Air, water and soil follow, as without them the animals will be nothing.
    What about people, I ask?
    “People make the choices. Animals and environment suffer the consequences.”
    I do think about that.

    1. As we have said, Dear Heart: It requires self balance. And to what are we referring? We shall tell you, Dear Heart.
      All things external to the self are managed in the same respect. That is, Dear One; we can do for others only that which we can do for ourselves. The external is therefore a reflection. Yes?

      1. Yes, it is a reflection. There is no other conclusion.
        Is there an animal you have not done a reflection on? I’d lie to try. Privately, of course.

    1. Ha Ha Haaaa, Resa! I tried to edit ‘it’, but was inspired to leave as is… Very funny! 🙂

      There are many animals not as yet given a ‘reflection’ as such. However, the ‘whale’ is the one I’m being inspired to offer. I’d love to read it, should you do one; so don’t be shy! 😀

          1. I’m confused…. Haven’t received anything!
            My old email ~ carolyn@abc, no longer exists; but, my icloud address certainly does!
            carolyn page 2009 @ is receiving from other sources… Give it another go… I can’t wait to read it… 🙂

    1. Received, Resa! 🙂
      Yes, Dear Heart, we have received your Reflection that speaks upon the environment and the so-called injustices perpetrated upon the animal kingdom, indeed. We know this is of ‘the heart’, Dear One; your writing conveys much of the sentiments within. We ask that you allow our dearest to post the writing, on your behalf; an amalgamation, as it were.

      1. OMG!!! A Guest Reflection, hosted by you.I would be very, very, honored. You will still read it and be the voice? I hope! Yes, an amalgamation, a collaboration. Very excited!!! xoxoxoxo (oboy!)

          1. Please be the voice! I’m not ready to be the voice. I will be thrilled with an intro as your guest, that it is my first reflection, and that I have requested you be the voice!

  2. As I am an animal…at least I suppose I am 😉 …with a purrfect balance, I think I am a good teacher for Granny, dear Carolyn and I have to say, Granny is a good student 😀 Pawkisses for a balanced day 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank You so much, dear Binky; your ‘balance’ is superb; as are your teachings… 🙂
      I am positive that Granny is a good student; she has been taught very well, I know. I also know that she teaches others, too. Oh yes, Granny is a teacher extraordinaire; and, like you, I am very pleased to know her! 🙂
      Yes indeed, our dearest speaks wisely, Dear One. If it were not for Granny’s words of love many would be bereft of good feelings. We know this is true, Dear Heart.
      Many Blessings, Dear One

    1. Our dearest appreciates your sentiments, Dear Heart. It is not in our dearest’s character to speak about her achievements. However, Dear One, our dearest has achieved a sense of well being that bespeaks of the calm of her mind. Yes, Dear One, our dearest has achieved balance within. When the time is right others will come forward with a view to achieving balance without, in the various arenas we have referred to. In time, our dearest will become the backbone for many who wish to assist in the various processes required to achieve balance without.
      Our dearest welcomes this advent with open arms. We envisage many such alliances. You, Dear Heart, may feel yourself wishing to instigate a beginning within one such arm of the many needed.
      Many Blessings
      Yes indeed, Helen; I have always felt you will, in time, be a forerunner in an arena close to your heart. All in good time, of course..

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