I’ve Been Pebbled! :)

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.

Yes, I’ve been Pebbled. This gorgeous little imp who came into our lives last August has stolen our hearts, and the hearts of all who see her. And she is not shy about flaunting her cuteness. No; she insists on flirting with all.


To remind my readers: Back in August 2017, The C.C. advised there would be an addition to our family in the guise of a Papillon puppy-dog. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. However, within one week she was ours. Her kennel name; ‘Eternal Flame’ didn’t really suit this little bundle of energy and sweetness, so we called her, Miss Fidget.

Now this was not and is not a respectable name for any little self respecting puppy-dog! But, try as we may, her ‘real’ name eluded us!

Then, some time later, in October, they (The C.C.) informed me that whenever I felt bored I could sit and ponder and would be given…  Well, I’ll just quote them here:

“To circumnavigate this boredom we have given our dearest the means to overcome, yes indeed. We have given our dearest the means to explore newness in the form of fantasy; a fantasy that bespeaks of reality. We shall explain:

Our dearest is clairvoyant. That is to say; the future, to some extent, is known to her. However, we shall allow our dearest to know the future of all things. Our dearest only need sit and contemplate and the future shall be given.”


Guess what the first thing was I wanted to know?  You guessed it: It was Miss Fidget’s ‘proper’ name; the one meant just for her. I am very pleased to introduce:

❤  Pebble  ❤

our most recent (and cutest) addition to our family.


And who, with her trusty sidekick, Big Beau; fight a never ending battle for the best morsels of food, the softest turf in the yard, and the hearts of every single human being alike.


Yes, her name is ‘Pebble’ (formerly, & on occasion still: Miss Fidget).


© 2017 Carolyn Page


    1. Hahaaa…. it is very sweet; as is Pebble herself… 🙂
      I love our other two little dogs, Beau pictured with Pebble, and Sweetie our other older dog.
      We had an overnight trip to Sydney during the week leaving the three in the capable hands of Veronica, my daughter. On returning I couldn’t wait to see the three of them. It dawned on me: In 3 months little Pebble has become an integral part of our home. She has a distinct personality, as indeed they all do. However, she is now etched into my heart; just as though she’s always been with us… What an incredible joy they are!
      Lovely to see you, by the way. I must get on over to see what you are ‘cooking up’.. 🙂

    1. Hahaaaa…. My first thought, when Pebble’s name entered my mind was; Pebbles of the Flintstones fame. But no, it was just to be Pebble.
      My man K found it hard not to add the ‘s’, at first. Though now he toggles between Miss Fidget and Pebble without an ‘s’.
      So far so good… 🙂

    1. She is, Resa…
      I’ve just spent the morning washing the three: Sweetie, Beau and Pebble.
      Even though Sweetie and Beau are quite small, Pebble washes down to almost nothing.. hahaaa 🙂

  1. Little Pebble! Adorable! I love papillons. Such nice dogs. Happy and energetic. My mums aunt had one I was always doggy sitting it when I was younger.

  2. She is adorable, Miss A, and she knows it. One of our other dogs, Beau (pictured with Pebble) is also a Papillon. It wasn’t until we purchased Pebble that we found out, via the breeder, that Beau is also a Papillon. We were told, when we adopted him 4 years ago as a rescue, that he was a Jack Russell/Popmeranian cross… Hahaha… seems Beau had the last laugh, and I’d had a little Papillon for 4 years without knowing it. They are so sweet together. Beau is like an older brother; Pebble, like a teasing little sister… So cute!

    1. Lavanya, this little sweetheart is absolutely adorable; even our other two dogs are smitten.
      Yes, her name suits her! She is a little Pebble, through and through. I know you would luv her to bits… 🙂
      Great to see you… 🙂

    1. Never more true words spoken, Maverick. She is the cutest little thing; we all adore her.
      We; well, I am trying not to spoil her too much. Our other two little ones (Beau & Sweetie) are being exceedingly patient with her; Pebble just wants to play and play and play! I’m reminded of Cyndi Lauper’s song ‘Girls just want to have fun’… she certainly fits this bill… haha… 🙂

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