Get Well Soon/Scientific Evidence Needed

Listen while you read  

Well may you say the earth is round; for, Dear Hearts, the world is round. Our dearest is perplexed. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am. I know a statement of this kind generally leads to something, though. Pray tell…

Indeed we will dearest. Indeed we will. You have discovered the true state of our Dear Heart Keith’s thinking. Have you not?

In so far as the conversation we had recently?

Indeed, dearest, this is precisely that to which we refer.

Yes, I have discovered his thought processes, which, I must say have surprised me, yet not; if this makes sense? Last evening I asked Keith, point blank, if he thought I was backwards aging. His response, as it has been for some time, was to evade the question. I pushed a little harder. He told me that he thought I was getting better!

To explain to my readers: During 2013 to the end of 2015 I was extremely ill. I’d spent 8 months confined to my bed; the remainder was a very gradual period of learning to walk again, plus very painfully and slowly getting back to normal living. In December 2015 The C.C. advised I would be capable of an overseas holiday, at the end of the month. I doubted this (I was still very weak) but, as always, I trusted. We set sail for Copenhagen and London; a wonderful trip that brought renewed strength and vigour to me.

Since that time I have not wanted to re-engage in the life we’d lived before September 2013, which was competition dancing. I voiced this to Keith, and we opted for some social dancing, as I became capable. And capable I became; however, I’d lost the love of dancing as we’d danced previously.

Now I am realising, all this time later, Keith believes I am ‘still’ recovering. His rationalisation is: I am not dancing because I am not capable of the physical activity needed to pursue the competition field. There is nought I can say to convince him otherwise; so have opted to let him think as he will.

Keith’s final statement last night was to say he believes I look extremely good; however, I still have a way to go before I am back to where I was previous to the illness. I now know this is his way of rationalising. My love for dance was exceedingly strong. Coupled with his need to evade the question of backwards aging, even though I have informed him that he too will age backwards, his Light Worker of the Negative mentality prevents him from accepting or admitting my changing appearance.

And this, dearest, will be the case for many Light Workers of the Negative; some of the Positive Light Workers, and most of those with whom you come into contact. This is why, dearest, there will be need for scientific study of your anatomy. Yes, dearest, we have advised of this previously, and ask that you take this information within so as when the time arrives you shall be prepared. Yes?

Yes, I can see this will be necessary. Thank You.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. So pleased you do, David.
      I have found it a little frustrating until writing/transcribing this post when it was brought home to me this is the mentality many do and will suffer. Knowing this now, it would be rather foolish of me to expect, or hope, for anything else. Also, it gives reason to know many won’t be blinded, so to speak.
      In essence, David, it has been somewhat a soothing balm. Sort of a lot like you… 🙂

    1. We know of your travail, Dear Heart, and wish you every expediency on your travels.
      Do not expect, as our dearest, to enjoy fresh repartee always. Your partners of the Negative will push all buttons; indeed they will.
      Many Blessings

    1. Yes, Resa, he is gorgeous. I’m used to his negativity; though, until now wasn’t fully aware of his thought processes in this regard!
      Rationalisation without a factual/actual premise is the mind’s folly. There is no point trying to correct such thinking; it lacks reality. On the other hand, K can summarise a condition/situation with great clarity, at times, which leads to some interesting posturing and confusion as to his overall mental agility.
      I do believe our partner/s of the Negative has/have enormous abilities in many avenues. After all, they are to ultimately assist us to reach Love and Perfection – and, for some, to join with us in the rewards thereof.
      Never a dull moment, as they say… 🙂

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