Backwards Aging No: 11

Backwards Aging or Aging Backward

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Hello and welcome to video eleven on Backwards Aging.

Next month will be the last video in the series, Dear Ones. Next year we envisage a new format of which we have spoken.

Yes, Dear Hearts, we shall be asking for your input. Yes, once again we ask you to put forward your questions. We shall delight in answering.

Many Blessings…

©2017  Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Yes, embracing technology is part of the younger spirit. It seems not a paradigm of an aging person. Therefore, backwards aging is a way to step into future, younger.
    I hope I have made sense!

    1. You’ve made perfect sense, Resa.
      I’m sitting here shaking my head in surprise and awe at the peripheral extensions to backwards aging.
      This is only a small thing, but, Thursday saw the opening of 75 extra stores at our local mall. I’m so delighted with it, with an enthusiasm that bespeaks of having the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of shopping in this increased wonderland. I say this because, the past number of years I have refrained from shopping in the larger malls; an age related consequence. Now I feel an excitement I haven’t felt for many years. An excitement that smacks of me being able to join in events and conditions I was slowly retreating from…
      The benefits keep increasing… 🙂

  2. I love your video… You certainly look (at least) a decade younger dear Carolyn… And I mean from the outside. I love what you say about embracing the future from a young perspective. And how many factors might make us age faster. I guess it could be related with psychological negative behaviours… And thoughts: yes… I believe that what we think and how we look at things and approach them could be related with what you say. Hey, on a side note, I am adding a widget from my blog to yours… You are an inspiration: that´s why. Hugs and happy weekend ahead, dear Carolyn! ❤ 🙂

    1. Thank You Dear Aquileana; I feel (at least) a decade younger.
      I have been watching myself backwards aging; however, it has only been recently that I ‘feel’ so much younger; what a joy this is!
      I’m so honoured. Again, Thank You for your thoughtfulness, Aquileana; a ‘widget’; I will pop over and take a look (what a wonderful young woman you are). ❤

    1. And to you, Michael and Pam; a very Happy New Year!
      We, here in Australia, have enjoyed the roll over to 2018 – 4 hours sleep finds me rather bright eyed and bushy tailed despite dancing the night away. Hopefully, a wonderful omen for the year… 🙂

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