Collective Consciousness (That’s Us)

We are a Collective Consciousness

We are a group of merry individuals who are willing to remember. And what do we remember? We remember how wonderful it is to develop and grow. Yes, this we do; we develop and grow. And why do we develop and grow? We do this because this is all that there is to do. Funny, you say! Yes, dear hearts, this is all that there is to do. We are a collective consciousness who agree that to develop and grow is the only way. Our dear Carolyn agrees. Do you not, dear heart.

           Yes, I certainly do.

And why do you agree so wholeheartedly, dear heart?

          Because I know that I am a consciousness and not the physical body that I see. I know that I am here having an illusion in matter in order to defray the state of boredom brought about by being a perfect consciousness. I also know this as a human, because developing and growing is the only thing that keeps me happy and content. It doesn’t matter what the development is; it could be singing or dancing or learning about nutrition however, learning, developing and growing is the only ‘reality’ that sustains me. Have I wandered off course?

A little, dear one, however we know that this is true for you.

Wander through the pages of our website, dear hearts, and find your truth.


© ABC of Spirit Talk – The Collective Consciousness & Carolyn Page

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