Horses (General) Reflection

Animals reflect our behaviour. The animals that we feel a closeness to, encounter often, engage with, attract, and so on; have a role to play in that moment of our lives. They offer an understanding to us of the ‘play’ that is our current experience, and give insight into the intricacies of our lives. Following is the understanding for the grand and elegant Horse Kingdom.

Horses (General)   (Listen while you read) 


Horses, those grand and elegant creatures meant for bringing excellence into the hearts of men.

Horses were, and are, man’s good friends.

They have served man well. Have they not?

Moreover, their behaviour is not foreign to man.

No, dear ones, the horse has mimicked man ad infinitum. And this beauty, this might, is being usurped by the car, and other such machinery. Is it not?

Man has it in his power to allow, or disallow many things. One is to hold on high, or to make rubbish. And this is what we see with the beauteous qualities of the horse. He is mostly forgotten, mostly forgotten.

We say to man: Remember your friends, do not forsake them. Truth is truth is truth is truth.

Numbers are dwindling of those who care for the horse kingdom. This brings great sadness to bear upon the kingdom, which has enabled man to survive in quarters where otherwise he would have perished; there be no doubt.

Read on, dear ones, and remember the love, the grandiosity of the horse family.

We are very fond of saying ‘what grand creatures’ when we look at the very beautifully designed horse. However, many lay forsaken in fields and groves lamenting time past. Are we to share a common goal of excitement and adventure? Or are we going to allow progress to usurp our connection with the horse kingdom?

Not for some! Some remember, and admire, and allow the qualities of the horse kingdom to be held on high. Others are not so caring, and shame is brought upon them by the cruelty they exert upon our once needed friend.

And so it is that when we are attracted to the horse kingdom we are being asked to remember the finer things in life: Friendship; community; love; generosity; comradery; happiness. The list is subject to each individual’s inner most needs.

Yes, my friends, the horse kingdom has much to offer by way of friendship, kinship, and a common love for life.

Carolyn Page –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Makarova_Viktoria /


  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

    Just wanted to tell you about a wonderful book you would love — its “ANGEL HORSES – Divine Messengers of Hope” by Anderson. It’s terrific. Also love the little book “HORSE MIRACLES”. Both of them allow the reader to peek inside the hearts and thoughts of the noble horse.

    1. You are welcome! Loved the story of your bird; it gave me such a laugh.
      I believe that more and more people are beginning to appreciate ‘at least’ the intelligence of animals. This is a beginning; it can only get better… &
      Thanks for the suggested reads; I’ll pass them on. 🙂

      1. Is this the spot to request an insight into the Australian quarter horse? If so, I would love the thoughts & personality traits associated with this sturdy breed.

        1. Hi Catherine,

          Yes, sure is and sure can…. I’ve four requests in front of me (Panther, Polar Bear, Rhodesian Ridgeback & Rhino); that means I should get to it by Thursday of next week. (One per day but not Sundays or holidays!) – I’m having such fun!

          My apologies; I’ve just remembered that I’m having a short holiday next week (2-3 days). That means early the following week I will be able to do that for you.

          Thanks for your request. You can make a request in any comment, anywhere.

          Cheers, for now

  2. Thank you for the resource tips . . . I am being led (pardon the pun), back into the horse world, by way of reading and I am enjoying it sooooooo much.

    1. You may care to let us know if you enjoy the reads suggested above…(should you read them).

      Perhaps you could let us know of your journey back into the ‘horse world’. I’m sure that others would appreciate a few updates! This post is all about raising the collective consciousness in regard to the horse kingdom. I’d be very honoured were you to share your experiences with us. I know that you will succeed in your endeavours; even though it will take some years to fulfill. 😉

  3. I first read this post with a feeling of privilege in regard to sharing the equine experiences that may come. I thought that in a couple years I may have some news! Then, I was repelled and compelled simultaneously to view a documentary on animal cruelty in Rumania. Following this, the panther post came to mind and memories of a passion I held in regard to animal rights. After pondering that for a while the next thoughts that arrived were the “raising of the collective consciousness in the horse kingdom”. I then had an, “Ahh Haa” moment and with a tear I realised that I had a responsibility to this particular realm. This has been a deep seeded passion that has remained dormant for over 35yrs. Now another tear . . . I’m not sure how this is to be and never did I think I would be living a lifelong dream. However, I will follow my heart & see what unfolds. “Magic Happens”. I’m feeling I have a real purpose to my life. Yippeeeeeeeee

    1. Whoa Catherine, you have so much to give this realm; that’s for sure… Firstly though, you may wish to consider the alternatives. You could write a book; go to Romania; launch a new set of bridles (easy on the mouth), or perhaps you could allow time to bring its own rewards. In the meantime, you could start a blog; write down your heart’s desires; begin to ‘reach out’ to others whose interests are similar to yours (there are a number right here in WordPress). Don’t forget us though. Let us know where you’re up to in this your heart’s desire…! 😉

  4. Yes, yes, yes I am the personality type, especially in the past, that wants it all at once. “Right a book” (gulp, not yet!), “Romania” . . .well home town for starters . . .make horsey stuff . . . definitely later on . . .improve the laws . .absolutely in the future!!!
    However, I am as green as grass at present and I will need to work a great deal before any of the above comes to fruition. I feel a surge of polar bear strength, though I will start with the blogging as suggested. This will be a challenge in it self. Lovely to know there are many like minds who share this journey.

    Thank you so

    1. Absolutely; however the Polo Pony would probably be a mix of various breeds. Therefore, if you can let me know the breeds I can certainly do that for you.

      (It needs to be noted that were a dog/cat/horse to have been mothered, fathered by two or more differing types, one must note the characteristics of both or all of the known breeds within this coupling to ascertain the many characteristics which their choice has to offer.)

      The Shetland Pony has been slotted in for Wednesday February 22, 2012…. 😉 Looking forward to it 😉

      1. The equestrian sport of polo includes a cross breed of Thoroughbred horses, Arabian horses & Quarter horses. Sooooooooo that would leave the Thoroughbred to be documented if you would 🙂

  5. This may be a dissonant note, but I have always been grateful that I live in the age of the motor car, thus sparing horses the lives of callousness and too often cruelty which they so often endured when they were used as our beasts of burden – and still are in so many places.
    The book Black Beauty seared my consciousness as a child…and I am always so thankful for groups like WSPA which help animals all over the world….

    1. Not dissonant, Valerie; truth is truth…! There are always the pros and the cons to all things. And yes, I agree; groups such as WSPA are so needed in our world. Just having this conversation is helping. One never knows who will read and be touched…!

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